Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Stash Report for 2018

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Used this Week:                                               0.00 yards
Used year to Date:                                       188.38 yards
Total out of stash this Month (December)      28.75 yards
Added this Week:                                             0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                                        63.00 yards
Goal:                                                             200.00 yards
Yards to goal:                                                  17.13 yards

Net Used in quilts 2017:                                 244.21 yards 
A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:                    1305
Perimeter in inches                                  12366
Number of UFOs finished this year:              48
UFO Yardage Used                                161.69
Amount of yardage used in UFOs              66%
Number of Spools Used this week            0
Number of Spools Used this year            14

It's the same as last week.
I took the time and cleaned and organized.
I also got a bit of a bug and ended up sleeping a day away.
Feeling better, so I think I'll see about loading a quilt on the long arm.
Maybe I can quilt it today and bind it tomorrow to start the New Year off right.
It's cold here, and we had thought we would go out to eat this afternoon, but it is going to freeze.
Thinking we will stay home and enjoy the warmth.
Wishing you a happy 2018

Saturday, December 30, 2017


I don't have a quilting business.
I have a long arm to work on my own quilts, charity quilts and sometimes when friends ask me to quilt one for them.
I will invite friends over to quilt their own quilts on my long arm.
So, I had a friend have a friend that needed a quilt quilted.
I never really had a great conversation with the quilter, just my friend.
The quilt came.
It had some problems with friendly borders.
The backing was pieced interestingly.
I loaded and quilted it to the best of my ability.
I send it back.
No response.
Finally asked and was told she is unstitching it.
That is a difficult job because of the pattern I used.
She wanted the backing centered vertically.
Not something I would do, because I don't really know how to make that happen.
Guess I should look up how to make that work.
So, she is unhappy and I'm sad because she is unhappy.
Just proves to me why I do not want to work on other people's quilts.
I think it is a lessons learned that unless I can talk to the person with the quilt, I won't be quilting it for anyone.

Off to work on my Stashbuster's UFO numbers and do some filing.

Stashbuster Random Numbers

They gave us the random numbers for January early.
So it all begins! :)

Small number = #2 
My #2 is Alphabet Panel

I have the panel partially cut out and the side pieces picked and partially cut.
This will be a fun project.

Other number = #79 
My #79 is Imperfect Squares
This one was at the bottom of the UFO cabinet.
Had to take all of one compartment out.
But, it is an older UFO, so that is a good one to actually work on.
I don't know how many squares I'll need to make, but they normally go fairly quickly and I should be able to use some scraps if I need more.
I put them up on the wall and it looks like I need one more block before assembling it.
I'm thinking to put sashing between it.

I might be able to get these going. 

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I enjoyed working with it on my Sparkling Sampler, but I'm not done with that one.
I left the pieces home I needed to work on during the last trip.
Pairing it with the Scrap Attack Challenge would allow me to participate in both and not start two new projects.

So, I think I'll do that.
What a great idea!
I get to play along with both, and that will be lots of fun.
This wall of scraps can be used in 2018 working on the RSC at soscrappy and the Scrap Attack Challenge.

Wish me Luck

Friday, December 29, 2017

6 & 6

This is a new challenge that I might as well join in on.
6 & 6 Challenge
6 UFOs and 6 New projects
I don't know that I'll be able to finish all the quilts on the challenge list, but I do hope I can make progress on the 3 each month.

1. Clemens T-shirt Quilt
2. Future Heirlooms Star
3.Hawaiian Applique Pillow (hand quilted)
5. Harry Potter -A
6.Harry Potter - J

I pulled them and put them in a tote to store where they are easy to get to.
The UFO cabinet is full, so this helps.
I really would like to get about 55 UFOs done this year.
If I can limit myself to the 6 new starts, then it is possible.

Thanks for doing this challenge

Thursday, December 28, 2017


I've done a few WITB, but forgot to take photos

I bought a Serger at an estate sale a few years ago.
It has sat in a box waiting to be used.
I need to read the manual on how to thread and make a pillowcase or something to try it out.
But, the first step is to set it up.
I'll move it forward when I want to use it so the trash bag (or whatever it is called) is off the table.
I am not sure if I'll actually use it much, but I know there have been times I could use it.
Part of my clean up -- find a place for everything.

My 2018 Focus Word

My 2018 Focus word is

I think it just means I'm going to figure out a place for everything I have.
I also need to order my parent's estate.

I'm thinking I'm going to pick one area/spot/item to work on weekly.
That gives me 52 possibilities to add in some order to my life.

I'm not sure what all of them will be, but I'm beginning to make my list
If you happen to want to share along with me that would be wonderful.
We can encourage each other.
This is my crazy family that I need to help with order and peace in 2018.

What are your focus words for 2018?

Cleaning up Blog and 2017 summary

I'm not going to be quilting to the point of finishing anything, so I thought I'd clean up the blog and get rid of 2017 items and add in the 2018 items.

One Monthly Goal (OMG)

I finished something each month for this.
I like the idea that I get to pick what I want to work on at the beginning of the month.
This seems to work the best for me.

January - Quilty Fun
February - HST Quilt
March - Music Quilt
May - Gray Strip and Star quilt (EH)
April - gypsy Wife
June - Blue Star and Strip quilt (AF)
July/August - Simply Woven JMS
September - Western Sunset
October - Spring Jelly Roll
November - Door Christmas Countdown
December - Irish Star Quilt

Quilts Quilted for others in 2017

Tammy's Baby quilt
Lana Football quilt
T-shirt Quilt
QOV #10
HST Wedding Quilt
Tammy Purple Quilt
T-shirt quilt
CIL Quilt #1
CIL Quilt #2
QOV #11
QOV #12
Tammy Embroidery Quilt
Tammy orange and teal
CIL #3
CIL #4
CIL #5
QOV #13
QOV #14
CIL #6
Sandy's Halloween Quilt
QOV #15
QOV #16
QOV #17
CIL #7
Tammy Wall hanging
Tammy Wall hanging
Tammy Wall hanging
Tammy Wall hanging
Tammy Wall hanging
CIL #8
Lana RWB
Wendy Memory Quilt
Tracy Fink's quilt
Jan's quilt

My Quilts that I've finished

Teal Test Quilt
Test Quilt
Patriotic Star and crumb quilt
Quilty Fun
Jo's Club Blue
FROG Quilt 
Cat Swap Blocks 
P Music Quilt
S Music Quilt
Scooby baby quilt
Gray stars & strips GS Quilt
Test Quilt
Purple Stars & Strips GS quilt
W Music Quilt
Modern Maze
ABC Building Blocks
Gypsy Wife
Blue Stars and Strips GS quilt
Heart test quilt
Tammy donation quilt
Simply Woven
Test Quilt Squares Chasing Squares
Day Lilly
Western Sunset
Orange Fall Table Runner
Orange square fall table runner
Spring Jelly Roll
Advent Calendar
African large top
Applique Table runner

Blocks that I made in 2017

I only count them if they are in a finished object.
It doesn't have to be a quilt, but it must be done done.

January................. 111
February............... 450
March................... 30
April ..................... 20
May ...................... 223
June...................... 34
July....................... 28
August................... 72
September............. 68
October.................. 57
November ..............39
December .............203

UFOs completed in 2017
I am happy with what I completed this year.
I had a balance between new starts and finishes, so that makes me happy.
I am still way over the number of UFOs anyone should have.
66% of my fabric usage was from UFO finishes.

I'll be focusing on them again this year.
(01) Teal Test Quilt
(02) Patriotic Star & crumb Quilt

(03) Quilty Fun 
(04) Baxter T-shirt Quilt
(05) Jo's Club Blue Pillow
(06) HST Wedding Quilt 
(07) HST Table Topper/Pillow 

(08) Headphone pouch 
(09) Embroidery - Postcard 
(10) Animal Applique Pillow
(11) Applique turtles toy 
(12) Heart Ornament
(13) Frog & flowers baby quilt 
(14) Cat Swap Blocks 

(15) Mr P Quilt 
(16) 2017 Band T-shirt Quilt 

(17) Embroidered Baby Quilt 
(18) Band pillows - 3 
(19) Esther's Stars & Stripes Gray (#125) 
(20) Mackenzie's Stars & Stripes Purple(#125) 
(21) Modern Maze
(22) ABC Building Blocks

(23) Ashley's's Stars & Stripes Purple(#125) 
(24) GS star pillows (#125) 
(25) Bonus hst block for quiltie fun

(26) Apron (not part of the UFO Challenge) 

(27) Purple & Brown pillow
(28) Simply Woven

(29) heating pad 
(30) simply woven organic mug rug
(31) Day Lily
(32) 10 minute table runner from orange fall UFO
(33) Western Sunset
(34) Orange Fall Table runner

(35) Christmas Sweatshirt/T-shirt
(36) Christmas HST -- candle mats/mug rugs - 4 Green, 5 red
(37) Chicken purse
(38) Chicken microwave bowl cover, Chicken coasters and mug rug

(39) Spring Jelly Roll
(40) Christmas Alphabet squares - advent calendar 

(41) Fancy Fox Mug Rug

2017 Goals were:
1. I will improve my health
2. I will become more organized
3. I will downsize
4. I will improve my expertise
5. I will decrease my fabric stash
For the full post, check this link out.

I talk about the summary of everything at this post if you want to read lots more.

I did OK on my goals for 2017

I will continue to link up to different blogs, but my main goals for the year are:
Improve my health
Reduce my stash
Use more of my scraps
Downsize my possessions
Organize the things that are kept
Add order to my life

Tossing Challenge
Tossing 2017 items in 2017
Tossed 2609
January -- 105  
February -- 37
March --51
April --40
May -- 30
June --250
July --350
August --450
September -- 350
October -- 326
November --420
December --200

I don't think I'll keep track of what I toss this year.

My December accomplishments were:
Christmas Coasters
Thread holders
Pop It containers
Tracey Fink's red, white & black
OMG - Jan's quilt
Get It Done #2 - Fancy Fox
4 Stockings

Stashbusters #'s game
This yahoo group is meant to help us use up our stash and finish UFOs.
They pick a small and large number each month and you can choose to work on them or not.
Making progress is a good thing.

These are the ones I did not finish.
#21 Car organizer
#47 Double Wedding Ring 
#4 Ann's 2009 Mystery
#2 APocketful of Mysteries BOM
#5 Ann's Mystery Star
#40 Copper & Teal
#56 Fall Panel 1
#10 Baby clothing - Boy (I'm working on this one)
#48 Dragon Fly baby quilt
#6 Pixie Garden
#2 Ashley embroidered art block
#70 Future heirlooms test block
#8 Ashley's FQs 
#17 Bread and Butter Flag (I'm working on these)

These are the ones I actually finished.
Jan #11 Baxter's T-shirt Quilt
Jan #83 Jo's Club Blue
#3 Animal Applique
#69 FROG quilt
#7 Turtle Toy
#12 Basic Building Blocks
#46 Day Lily
#35 Christmas Sweatshirt/T-shirt

It's a fun process and I hope to do better in 2018.
I finished 8 of 24, many that I would not have been working on if not for this challenge.

So, what UFOs are still on the list from 2017?
A Pocketful of Mysteries BOM
Ann’s Mystery Star
Applique Pixie Garden
Ashley FQs
Ashley’s Art block (use it in the t-shirt quilt)
Baby clothing quilt – boy
Baby clothing quilt –girl
Blue and beige misc
Bow Ties
Bread & Butter Flag
Buffalo panels (used a few, but more left)
Bug Jar Quilt
Bull’s-eye – 30’s
Car Organizer
Cherry Apron
Chicken makings
Children’s book – Woodsy Wonders
Chili Powder quilt
Christmas - Nature gift
Christmas Diagonal
Christmas Panel – Winter’s Evening
Christmas panels (3)
Christmas squares (from Carol)
Christmas Stockings (1)
Christmas Tree Ornament - Crazy patchwork
Christmas tree skirt – blue
Coaster squares
Color guard pillow
Copper and teal quilt
Courthouse step panels
Cozy Days Quilt
Cozy kitten mystery blocks
Crazy heart paper pieced
Daisy Banner
Double Wedding Ring
Dragon fly baby quilt
Elvis Quilt
Embroidery blocks
Equessense T-shirt Quilt
Extra 4 patches and 9 patches
Fall border
Fall Panel
Fall Panels
Fall Quilt
Fall Square Quilt
Fall Yellow & Brown top
Fancy Fox
Feathered Star pieces
Fish Bowl
Floral & Blue square in a square
Flower Shop Quilt
Fluffy Pillow
Framed 4 patch (from Carol)
Future Heirlooms
Gypsy Wife 2
Halloween quilt
Hawaiian appliqué
Hawaiian appliqué (quiltsmart)
Hawaiian Quilt – fabrics from vacation
Heart ornaments
Heart Struck Runner
Home in the Middle
Hooty Patooty Owl
Horse Barn
Hummingbird blocks
Imperfect Squares (29)
Jo’s Club red
Jo’s club retreat teal and brown
John Deere pillow
Leader /Ender 2.5”, 1.5”, 1” scrappy
Liberty blocks
Madam Mim
Map of Texas – Lone Star State
Midnight Snowflake Wall Hanging
Mini Scrap baskets
Mira - Red Hat purse
Misc Fall Blocks (Gypsy Rose) Green & Brown woven border
Misc panels
Miscellaneous Pieces
Modern Maze
Monkey ‘N Round
Mount Rushmore
Noel Wall Hanging
Office going away squares
Orphan blocks
Paper pieced block
Pat Sloan I love to quilt BOM
Patches for Randy’s quilt
Patriotic GMFG
Patriotic panel (Lorena gave me)
Pink & Green Quilt Panel
Pink & Purple 9 patches
Pink & Purple QAYG for bag
Pink Horse Quilt
Pixie Garden
Pretty in Pink
Purple Triangle in a Square (leftovers from 54-40 or fight)
QBS Mystery Quilt 2006
Quilt Smart butterflies
Quilter wall hanging panel
Red and Black pinwheels odd sized (4)
Rob Peter
Row By Row
Sampler Society BDB 2014
Sea Quilt
Shirting Half Square Triangle or Quarter Square Triangle quilt
Shy Little Kitten panel
Spring Jelly Roll
Stars & stripes
String blocks
Sun kissed table runner #2
Sunset/ Dragon leftovers
Teal and blue BDB
Tie One On
Tie Quilt
Tinker Bell
Tree – genealogy
Triple Irish Chain
T-shirt quilt – random from Carol
T-shirt quilt - Randy’s
T-shirt Yarn
Under the Sea Quilt
Western Courthouse Steps
Whimsy Playground
Wool ornaments
Yellow and Blue Birthday Blocks
Yo yos
140 still not done, but I organized them differently and have more on the 2018 list.

Now, the blog is set up for 2018.
I'll still post, but I doubt there will be anything else finished this year.

One Monthly Goal

Everyone has seen this before.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I cleaned today

The floor is vacuumed and looks much better. 
I could use to steam clean it, but I think that will wait until the weather is warmer.
It's 35 degrees here and I can't open the windows.

Notice I still need to work on the counters and things, but I am making progress.
DD with her scarf and hat.
Your can't see the cute pompom on the hat.
I had to make the scarf an infinity one that is fairly short.
We could only find one of this skein of yarn.
here is another hat, you can see the pompom on it.
I made this scarf half the wide of DD's and it is long enough for the girl it is going to.

I have one more scarf to crochet and I'll be done with that project.
They will go back for a January gift to the college friends of DD.
It is going to be cold and windy in January, so I hope they come in handy for them.
Too bad I don't know how to make gloves.

I'll be working on that scarf tomorrow between my cleaning sprees.

I have to take breaks or I get too worn out to continue.
It feels good to do this.

Let's Bee Social

Not much sewing happening around here.
I received 2 rolls of batting Christmas and have half a roll left under the long arm.
So, the kiddos put one roll under for me.
Now, that is great, but everything under the long arm does not fit anymore.
See the batting on the back of the long arm?
I now need to figure out where to store that and use it up.
I have use for it in 2018, but not right now.
I also need to make the backing for Quilting is Happiness.
I have the 2 bread and butter designs up on the design wall.
One is ready to quilt, but I might as well wait until the second one is done.
I need to cut another star to use as a leader ender. 
It's rainy out and this photo didn't come out great, but you can see the messes.
My cutting and pressing station need to be brought out of Santa mode and into quilting mode again.
I'm doing more cleaning than quilting so I can start the new year off right. 
Irish Stars is still on the wall.
I keep bouncing between what size to make it.
I don't want it this size, because I don't need one that large.
I could make it into 3 lap sized quilts with only a few leftovers that could be a pillow.
I'm still debating with myself on what to do.
So, I saw some yarn that was interesting and bought some.
Well, bought too much.
So, when I'm down stairs watching TV with DH, I am crocheting hats and scarfs.
Don't need them often in Texas, so they need to be done quickly.

Bottom line, I'm cleaning, crocheting and prepping for quilting.
My word of the year is order.

I'm linking up to Let's Bee Social.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Motivational Monday

11-18 December 2017

1. Quilt Irish Stars & 3. Bind Irish Stars
quilted on Monday bound on Wednesday

2. Quilt Tracey's quilt
Done and ready to mail.

4. Postcards

I also made mitten postcards, but can't find a photo of them

19 - 25 December 2017

1. Clean up Studio to start year off right

2. Bread & Butter mini quilts (2)

3. Mending done


After Christmas

My quilty gifts for Christmas were
Kids putting the batting that DH bought me under the long arm.
It is a chore because I have too much stuff under the long arm.
Now, I need to put it all back, but cleaning is in order before that. 
We had two coupons for 60% off, so DH got me a second roll and is graciously storing it in his office. 
I'm collecting gold or brown batiks.
DH got me a half yard of some.
He expected a kit, but has not received it yet.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

We played card games and watched movies all afternoon and night.

Our lightly decorated Christmas Tree. 
2018 Family Photo in our Christmas PJs.
Very much like last year.
I need to get more imaginative.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. 
Kiddos opening one present. 

The things the kiddos want.
A back to the phone case.
As long as he is happy.  
I solemnly swear I am up to no good hat. 
Our Christmas tree with the hunt cards on them.
We have a tradition that I send them on a treasure hunt for a special gift.
It's so much fun.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year