Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blue Stars and Strips done

Not a great photo, but the quilt top is done.
I now need a backing.
I thought I had ordered one, but....


The color for the month of June is


Have you joined in with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge?
These are all my blocks being made with the Sampler Society yahoo group.
We are making the sparkling sampler and it is working out to 2 blocks a month.

Midweek Makers

Midweek Makers have lots of inspiration.
I'm trying to get caught up on the solstice challenge.
The new block came out and I'm 2 behind already.

Let's Be Social

Let's Be Social has us check in every Wednesday.

Last night was supposed to a sewing experience at a quilt shop.
Oops, we got there in the pouring rain and it had been moved to Wednesday evening.
So, we went out to eat at a salad bar.
So, we try again tonight.

Looks like one more strip and I'll be ready to get this one together and quilted. 
Then, I am getting caught up on the BOW for Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge.

I think it should be a sewing day today.
I do need to do something in the house - dust all the things that came down from the walls.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Winter Solstice Block 
Here are all the ones we have done.
I have 2 more to catch up and then there are 2 more until we start the layout.

Sparkling Sampler

I'm caught up just in time for the next blocks.
Feels good to be caught up.
Block J is done. 
Not the one in the upper left, but all the other are my blocks and the RSC colors.
May was green.

Now to work on the Winter Solstice blocks.

Monday, May 29, 2017


This one quilted up without a problem.
Since I was using a wide back, I thought I'd be fine. 
I was wrong. 
This did not want to lay flat.
It did not want to be quilted.
I didn't load the batting the right way.
I ran out of backing and had to unload it and sew some to the end.
It is quilted, it is not square.
I did the organic with some "waves" in there to go with the ships on the fabric.

I am now done with the quilts that need to be quilted.
I can now work on my BOM/W and the Blue Stars and Strips.

CIL #2

Second one done.
I did an organic quilting with a star spread through it. 

design wall

This is one of the June UFO #'s
I have a plan.
I'm not following the plan that was started.
The blue stars and stripes is coming along.
Hope to have it in a top by the end of the week.

Check out the other design walls.

Covered in Love #1

I tried to make the flower like the flower in the fabric. 
Another close up of the quilting.
I used a neon yellow thread


Finished my May OMG
The Gray stars and stripes worked up nicely.

I think my June OMG will be the blue one.
This is the last of the three and I'd like to focus on getting it done too.
So very close.

Motivational Monday

22-28 May 2017
Blue Stars and Stripes into top
Made some progress on this, but not quite there yet.

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Sparkling Sampler Block J

Sparkling Sampler Block H

Bind Music quilt - S
Quilt & bind Music quilt - W
Quilt & bind Purple quilt

Basic Building Blocks

Modern Maze

Gypsy Wife

29 May - 3 June 2017
Blue Stars and Stripes into top
Start Test Quilt
Start Test CIJ pillow
Color Therapy Post Card
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Sparkling Sampler Block J
Quilt QOV #11
Quilt QOV #12
Quilt QOL #1
Quilt QOL #2

Gypsy Wife

I have so many orphan blocks and folks talked about this pattern.
I didn't have the right sized blocks for the pattern, so I started out on my own
I can't say I loved making it, but it has sort of grown on me.
It is done.
This used almost 50 orphan blocks of different sizes.
I am not sure that I made a dent in the orphan block stash, but it has 50 less blocks and lots of extra pieces.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Stash Report

Used this Week:                                               28.54 yards
Used year to Date:                                         100.75 yards
Total out of stash this Month (May)                    37.13 yards
Added this Week:                                              6.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                                        18.00 yards
Goal:                                                            200.00 yards
Yards to goal:                                                 99.25 yards

Net Used in quilts 2017:                                 115.59 yards 
A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:                    792
Perimeter in inches                                  5146
Number of UFOs finished this year:        23
UFO Yardage Used                                   99.86
Amount of yardage used in UFOs              86%
Number of Spools Used this week           0
Number of Spools Used this year            4

I had a great week with getting quilts quilted and bound one after another.
My hands are complaining, but my heart is singing.
I've even had to change my goal to 200 yards used, since I just barely went over the 100 mark.

Sparkling Sampler Block H

Block H
The color this month is Green.
I still need one more green block

Here they are all together

Basic Building Block Quilt

Another UFO quilted and bound.
Feels good to get things done.
I have one more of my own to quilt and bind.
I have 4 charity quilts to get quilted.
Then, I'm all caught up.

I do need to continue to piece the blue stars and stripes, a test quilt and a test wall hanging.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Finished or Not Friday

Let;s see, I've had loads of finishes this week.
Check out the rest of the blog for them.
The true finish is the 3 band quilts for former band directors.
They were instrumental in DD's music career.
We loved the program and would love to stay in it, but on to bigger things.
Mr Wheeler and his musical quilt. 
Mr Serrato and his music quilt - you can't see the print on it.  LOL
He was her band director for two years. 
He taught her some jazz and buffalo brass experiences.
Mr Petrisky and his quilt.
He was the head director and her band director the last year.

These 3 men helped DD grow in all that was musical, and we have missed them.
It was great to catch up for a few minutes.
I'm linking to Finished or Not Friday

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Modern Maze

Modern Maze is quilted and bound.
I did a big meander and some flowers thrown in.

Another UFO

band quilt

Last Band quilt is finished.

Stashbuster June #'s

June numbers mean the month is almost over. 
How can that be?
Well, I got the quilts I had to get done finished.
I finished another two of the girl scout quilts and none of the numbers.
June numbers are:
A Pocketful of Mystery BOM
Basically this was to have hourglass blocks around it.
Might need to find more material for it. 


Happiness is Quilting

Remember the Happiness is Quilting Quilt along?
The May block is
Check out the directions.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Midweek Makers & Let's Be Social

Well, I'm working on the stars and stripes.
I am also quilting the last music quilt.
My hands hurt from all the binding, but I'm making progress.
Check out the other Midweek Makers and Let's be Social

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Second Music Quilt is finished

It is bound and in the dryer,
I need to load the third one.

The purple starts and stripes is ready to bind.

Heart and Angel Quilt

A little while ago I asked for help making hearts for a quilt for my Mom.
I was embroidering angels to go into the quilt with her.
That's what the other quilt is like.
But, I am now without my embroidery machine. :(
It broke yesterday.
Seems since I took it to be cleaned by this one service center, I've had nothing but trouble.
Hoping my normal place can figure out what is wrong with it.
It's too big to be transporting too often.
So, if anyone else is willing to make some hearts, there is still time.
It's probably going to be a month before I get it back.

Motivational Monday

Blue Stars and Stripes into top
I'm working on this one, but it didn't get done this week.

Quilt Test Quilt
It is done, but I can't show you a photo, but here is the back.

Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Sparkling Sampler

Quilt Music quilt - S
Here is the music quilt ready to trim and bind.
Quilt Music quilt - W

Finished binding Gray Stars and Stripes

Pillows for gifts

22-28 May 2017
Blue Stars and Stripes into top
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Winter Solstice
Sparkling Sampler Block J
Sparkling Sampler Block H
Bind Music quilt - S
Quilt Music quilt - W
Quilt Purple quilt

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Also make a list Monday has so many great posts.