Friday, May 26, 2017

Finished or Not Friday

Let;s see, I've had loads of finishes this week.
Check out the rest of the blog for them.
The true finish is the 3 band quilts for former band directors.
They were instrumental in DD's music career.
We loved the program and would love to stay in it, but on to bigger things.
Mr Wheeler and his musical quilt. 
Mr Serrato and his music quilt - you can't see the print on it.  LOL
He was her band director for two years. 
He taught her some jazz and buffalo brass experiences.
Mr Petrisky and his quilt.
He was the head director and her band director the last year.

These 3 men helped DD grow in all that was musical, and we have missed them.
It was great to catch up for a few minutes.
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