Friday, May 31, 2019

guild mini mystery

8 flying geese for a guild challenge.

Finished UFOs

I took these quilts with me to bind.
While we were on vacation, they were used in the hotel rooms.
The Patriotic one fit great on the sofa bed that DD was sleeping on.
We made it up and left it there for the week we were in Las Vegas. 
The Cozy Kitten Sampler Mystery was used on our bed.

During the trip, they were definitely a great addition to the stay.

I'm glad I got them done on the trip to Las Vegas and could enjoy them.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cotton Boll Quilting Annual "hotel" sale

Thought I'd share for anyone in the local area. There are so many fabrics. It's a great business too.

The rain held off and Day 1 is underway!
Here until 7 on Thursday
Friday - 9 - 5
Saturday - 9 - 2
Hope to see you here!
thank you

Cotton Boll Quilting is having it's Annual "Hotel" Sale May 30 - June 1, 2019

Location: Fairfield Inn, 5008 Corridor Loop Rd, Schertz, TX 78154  (I-35 and FM 3009 Behind the Bill Miller in Schertz TX)

100’s of Bolts! 1000’s of yds of Quilt Shop-Quality Screenprints & Batiks!
Major Brands including Quilting Treasures, Free Spirit, Hoffman, Northcott, Moda and more!

Most Fabrics will be $4.99 (Red Dot) or $6.99 (Green dot)/yard.  There maybe a few wide back fabrics each day.  Price $8.99/yard. 
Minimum cut is 1 yard unless there is less yardage on the bolt.
thank you!!  Hope to see you there!

This sale is for the Fairfield Inn location only.  Cotton Boll Quilting will be closed Wed, 29 May, to prepare fabric for transport to Hotel.  Our Main location will be closed to walk in shopping during sale.  As always, the website is open 24/7.
            Hours: Thursday, May 30th  10 - 7 pm   Note time change
                       Friday, May 31st  9-5 pm    
                       Saturday, June 1st  9-2 pm

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Harry Loves Alice BOM #4

This is my Block #4 for Harry Loves Alice.
Check out the BOM that Tammy has going on.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

what a day

Started off going well, doing swirls on the Cozy Kitten Sampler UFO.
Can you see how much is left?
Hardly any when the bobbin ran out. 😪

Filled the bobbin and finished it up before the Chiropractor.
My hips out of alignment - again.
Adjustment went well, and can only hope we can keep it that way on the trip.
Sitting always causes some issues.

Off to have lunch with Lisa.
Good service, good food.
Fun time.

Picked DD up at another place and went to get her hair cut.
First, stop by Piccadilly Popcorn for fun things on the trip.
DD and DH love certain things from this shop.

Head to New Braunfels for the hair appointment.
Get there early, so go into Target.
Found swimsuits that DD loved, not enough time to try them on.
Go get her hair cut.
Love it.
She is happy to try something new.

Go back to Target and buy a swimsuit and a couple of other things.

Decide to see if DH wants to meet us at Golden Corral for dinner.
Yep, we meet at 6 and have a good dinner.
The food was better than normal.

Drop by Walmart to get some hair clips and check on Capri pants for us for the trip.
Do a little shopping and come on home.

Walk in and DD says there is a warning on the air-conditioner thermostat.
Yikes, temp is 2 degrees warmer than the setting. 
Really, normally this happens when we return home from a vacation.
So, I'm tired and still need to stay up for the repair man to come out.

Good news is I have a quilt class tomorrow - all day.

Then, on Saturday I have the guild meeting.
Then, I have to really hurry and make sure everything is done and ready to load the car on Saturday evening.
We are leaving at 5 am on Sunday morning.

I think I am going to sleep on the first leg of the trip.

I still need to unload the UFO and get 2 trimmed and get binding on them.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Patriotic UFO

Just realized that is not a very good photo.  :(
But, it is quilted with just loops.
Now for trimming and binding.

Finished the binding on the cross stitched bears.
It is being washed, so photo after wash.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Motivational Monday

5-11 May 2019

1. Cozy Kitten UFO into a top

2. Guild charity quilts
All quilted, until next meeting, which is Saturday.

3. Mug Rug
I've come up with an idea, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to implement it this next week.

4. Pillowcase

5. Baby clothing quilt stabilized
Working through it.

6. Pink and black pincushion

7. Table-runner

A couple of boxes that had lavender in them and pincushion makings.
I need to find another container that fits in the cabinet for them.
One bag of paperwork has been filed.
I'm working to put away all the things that get left out. 
some are not in a box or bag, but don't belong where they are.
I pulled out all the items under my cutting table (well, one side, one shelf)
It made a mess.
I had put them into the collapsible storage boxes, but still, a mess. 
Many of the boxes and bags had HST of different sizes.
I am constantly pressing and trimming them, especially on vacations.
It makes for wonder bonus triangles, but the organization was lacking.
I have made so many quilts from these types of extras, so it is a good use of my time and energy.
Plus, they are so pretty.
Here is the bottom shelf with the HST and some bow tie pieces and some QST pieces.
Yes, the top shelf needs to be gone through, but not this month.
There are lots of purse makings in there, plus I'm not sure what.
There is a big difference, but I also got the batting out and have made a big mess.
That now needs to be cleaned up.

9. Bear cross stitch baby quilt

Equipment embroidery UFO

12-18 May 2019

1. Mug Rug

2. Baby clothing quilt stabilized


4. Bind Cross Stitched bears UFO

5. Bind Equipment embroidery UFO

6. Favorite Desserts Post card

7. Pillow for truck

8. Batting for CIL

9. Quilt Patriotic UFO

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Cross Stitched Bears

It is quilted.
I don't know if I have time to get the binding on it.
Might end up in the car with me unless I'm taking it to appointments this week.

Sunday Stash Report

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there.

quilt paint create links to all our stash reports   

Used this Week:
4.87 yards

Used year to Date:
105.74 yards

Stash used in May
Added this Week:
1.07 yards
0.00 yards

Added Year to Date:
21.25 yards

New Goal:
200.00 yards

Yards to goal:
94.26 yards

Net Used in quilts 2019
 89.72 yards

A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge:

Number of equivalent blocks:                        578
Perimeter in inches                                     5462

Number of UFOs finished this year:                19
UFO Yardage Used                                    58.54
Amount of yardage used in UFOs                       65%

Number of Bobbins Used this week             9

Number of Bobbins Used this year             85
Number of Spools Used this week                2
Number of Spools Used this year                 9

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.

Days of Stitching                                      98%
Number of Days this week                      7/7
Number of Days this year                       129/131

Days Organizing                                       98%
Number of Days this week                      7/7
Number of Days this year                       129/131

Last Charity quilt

This was the last of the 4 guild charity quilts I needed to quilt.
Remember Frozen?
I did snowflakes around the quilt.
Used a bit more thread, but quilted fairly quickly.

Since I used blue thread, I'll quilt the cross stitched bear quilt next.

I really need to get some batting sewn together so I have some frankenbatts ready to go.

Friday, May 10, 2019


The last Quilts of Valor (QOV) I have.
I have batting for one more.

Pizza Quilt

Another guild charity quilt.
this has pizza in the center.

Now I'm loading the brown QOV.
It is so pretty, and I don't have to change thread.
I'll need to change the needle and get the quilt loaded.

First, I think we need to run an errand.

Embroidery equipment baby quilt

This is the one I had 3 embroidery test out pieces of equipment items.
I quilted it in brown thread (same as the previous 2 quilts)
I wrote airplane, heavy equipment, dump trucks and dirt, dirt dirt.
Heavy equipment 
Dirt, dirt, dirt.

Still not a "pretty" quilt, but it is ready for trimming and binding.
Binding is already made, so.....

Guild Charity Quilt #2 for May

I had to do swirls because my favorite pink swirly fabric was in here.
It's amazing how often I recognize fabric that someone else donated.


I just finished making a couple of postcards to mail out today .
then, I had to come up with another was to display all my postcards when I rearranged my embroidery thread. 
It took up the wall space I was using to display the cards.
So, without much wall space in the room, I thought to string them on the curtain.
The top two rows are my birthday postcards (except for the center mug rug).
They are all so unique and beautiful.
Thank you all from Post Card Mail Art (PCMA) group for making my birthday month (April) so wonderful.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


I've spent the day fighting a headache.
I'm sure it is weather related, but yikes it is not nice.
Anyway, I was bit slow, but being a turtle gets results.
UFO Majhongg is in top form
I didn't have enough fabric for the backing and I wish the light green had a bit more contrast, but it is from times past.
I took a blue wide back leftover piece and made a backing for this.
It is ready to quilt, along with all the other ones. 
First of 4 guild charity quilts.

Another UFO

This was a March UFO # Mahjongg
Why I didn't work on it as I cut it, who knows.
The directions are good, except they are not in color and color placement is important - no critical.
Love the focus fabric.
I just need to sew the rows together and then the borders.
I think I have enough fabric from the front to make a back for it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bear embroidery UFO

This UFO had 9 stitched out bears embroidery
It is small, but DS loves it. 
Might just save it for him.
Very low contrast, and from the stash. 
Binding already cut.
I put away everything that was in here yesterday.
This is from this morning.
These 3 machinery embroidery stitch outs were in the same bag as the bears.
Not sure why, because they would not go together at ll.
anyway, what do you do with 3 6" squares?
Make a strip quilt.
Why the brown? Dirt. LOL
I will quilt something in those spaces.
Binding is from the 3 colorful pieces.


This is from the bear embroidery bag.
I'm sure it is another test embroidery.
I made a pincushion, so if I get matched with someone with an 'A' name I've got one done.
This is the pink and black pincushion I just made.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Our guild is making pillowcases for vets.
Pillowcase #1 with the extra piece
Pillowcase #2 with the extra piece.
I just didn't find anything that seemed to work.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Sampler UFO from Cozy Kitten yahoo group

The top is complete.
I have the backing to make and it goes into the quilts to be quilted.
It feels good to get it to the top stage since I started it in 2004.

Motivational Monday

29 April - 5 May 2019

1. Test Quilt
These are the colors, since I can't show the quilt.
Love that print.

Top and backing are ready to quilt. YEA!

This is ALL I have worked on all week long.

2. Quilt CILs

3. Quilt QOV

4. Guild charity quilts

5. Mug Rug

6. Pink and black pincushion

7. Baby clothing quilt stabilized

Been working on a bag that seems to be never ending because I don't have homes for some of the items.
Working on those places to make sure I don't touch them again. 

5 May 2019

1. Cozy Kitten UFO into a top

2. Guild charity quilts

3. Mug Rug

4. Pillowcase

5. Baby clothing quilt stabilized

6. Pink and black pincushion

7. Table-runner


9. Bear cross stitch baby quilt

Design Wall Monday

I'm linking to Small Quilts Doll Quilt's Design Wall Monday and Monday Makings

This table runner just came off the design wall to be completed.
I need to get a photo of it on my piano. 
Cozy Kitten Yahoo group mystery is needing borders and then quilting.
Cross Stitched bears are together with some bear fabric and an older print.
It needs some borders too.

The test quilt is ready for quilting.