Tuesday, November 20, 2012

String quilts

I've been trying to get these string quilts completed and ready for donation.  I have a couple of places they muight go, but am waiting on one organization that gives to families at Christmas.
These were leftover from the other quilts and are randomly put together.

yellow strings

Red strings

blue strings 
these all matches, so they went together like the little one before

I know I had a pink one too, but have no idea where that photo is.  LOL

Other finishes

I hate throwing anything away.  LOL

speedy strip for a donation quilt

I'm having trouble uploading all the string quilts I've finished, so I will try again later.


I took an applique class with my friend Lorena.  After doing the practice piece, which isn't something you can use to make anything with....I pulled the Hawaiian applique I bought on vacation this summer.  I finished the applique part and need to figure out how to hand quilt it.  I enjoyed working with the batik. It does not fray as easily.  :)