Organization Tasks

This year is my year of Order!
In doing that, I'm going to give myself a task each week that I'm home to work on an area.
1/1/18 - Find a box for 2017 files and file all leftover paper.
1/8/18 Thread Drawer
1/15/18 Flat Surfaces around desk
1/22/18 Flat surfaces
1/29/18 Cutting table and Pressing Table
10/21/18 Clean off Flat Surfaces
10/28/18 Go through your bookshelf
11/5/18 Manage your thread drawer(s)
11/12/18 Look Up
11/19/18 Do something you didn't finish
11/26/18 Put away your fabric piles
12/2/18 Clean off a surface that is out of control
12/9/18 Filing of paper, fabric, patterns, etc
12/15/18 dust and vacuum studio
12/31/18 Finish something that has been hanging around a long time.
1/5/19 Filing
1/14/19 Put Fabric away
1/15/19 PM Choose one bothersome area to clean up or reorganize
4/19 Paperwork

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