Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a wonderful day full of food, friends and thankfulness.

having Fun

Finished quilting Lana's quilt, but couldn't find the camera.

Then, I put borders on the memory quilt and loaded it to be quilted.
binding is ready to hand sew down.I need to track the time on this one.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Motivational Monday

13-19 November 2017

1.Work on Irish Stars quilt-a-long
78 of 81 done 25 patches - 96%
36 of 81 stars - 44%

2. Stabilize baby clothing

3. Wendy's quilt into pinwheels

4. Two winter solstice blocks

5. Thread catcher

6. 3 Sparkling Sampler blocks

7. Coasters

20-27 November 2017

1.Work on Irish Stars quilt-a-long
78 of 81 done 25 patches - 96%

36 of 81 stars - 44%

2. Wendy's quilt borders

3. Coasters

4. Quilt Lana's Quilt

5. African Quilt

6. Table runner quilted and bound

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Sparkling Sampler "Pieced" blocks are done.
I still have a couple of blocks cut out.
I'm not sure I'm going to get much done tomorrow. 

Triactic Postcards are done, but I don't have the envelopes to mail them in or the right postage.
So, I'll mail when we return on Saturday. 
Sparkling Sampler Block A are done in  pink. 
Fancy Fox is done.
I had trouble understanding the pattern, and think it was all my brain.
So, I adjusted it and it will become a mug rug for DD's dresser.
Made a few more coasters.
I have many more of these to make.


I had to clean out the little machine
Look what a mess it was.
I don't use this machine much, so it needed it bad.
Fixed the block 
Another set of coasters 
10  stars and 10 25 patches. 
Started block F of the sparkling sampler.
I think there are 4 pink stars.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Quilting is Happiness top.
Another to quilt when I get home. 
Didn't get so many stars done, but got a few more 25 patches finished.
One more is almost done.

Tomorrow's plans are to keep making stars and 25 patches.
I also need to make a few postcards.

Fun Day

Sparkling Sampler Block L 
Another set of coasters 
Sparkling Sampler Block K 
Pop Up Container Closed 
Pop UP container Opened.
I'll use it for my trims off on the table.
I'm going to hook up to Elm Street Bag It Challenge.