Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wildflower Shop Hop

 My DH needed a road trip, he graciously took me on the Wildflowers All Around Shop Hop.

It took all day to get to four shops, but what a day it was.

I was looking for some backing fabrics and found the two I needed.
Then, that purple panel and 2 yards of fabric just jumped into my arms. 
The cork fabric is planned for a couple of projects.
It will be used next month.
The world fabric and the ombre are for two bags
They will be used this month.
The pretty turquoise is another one that just had to come home with me.
I found a neat book for items from Annies.
It would cost more than the $10 if I bought it off the website.
The black is cork for another bag
The pop-up container is for a friend.
The tracing wheel is something I wanted to try.
A pressing cloth for applique
Tweezers because mine is not working as well.
The True Grips for my rulers that move.

I spent more than I wanted. 
I think about 8 yards of fabric doesn't have an immediate use.
I'll do my best to use it quickly.

My stash usage won't be terribly impacted because I finished..

The Map quilt.
I bound it last night.
Midnight Stargazer

Since DH drove, I bound it while traveling to the four quilt shops.
I have the rainbow bargello about half bound too.
So, by the time I finish those bindings and get the fourth one done, my fabric purchases will not impact my fabric usage.
I was hoping to show more usage, but....fabric has to be bought sometimes.

Map quilt

Not a great photo, because I can't turn the lights on or use the flash.
It's too late and I don't wish to wake my DH.
If I remember, I'll take one later.
It is finished and ready.
First of Four.


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Trimmed and Binding

Quilts are trimmed and ready for binding.

The binding is made for two of the quilts
I used leftover binding for two of them.
The third binding needs pressing.

All need the binding attached.
My husband is driving me on the Bluebonnet Shop Hop tomorrow.
I think we will probably do it in two days instead of one.
I'll be able to bind as long as my hands hold out.


Monday, April 19, 2021

Third UFO Quilted

I did swirls on the bargello.
I used different bobbins on the back, so it is rainbowish too.


Second UFO Quilted


Monday Design Wall


I'm linking to

One more border and this top is done.

A Little Bit Taller Tree is on the wall waiting to be paper pieced.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

First UFO Quilted

The first graduation quilt is quilted.

I think it is pretty.
This is for someone doing graduate work in England. 
She wants to travel, so it seems perfect.