Friday, January 19, 2018

My Hands Hurt

Ok, so I started working on the table runner and almost got it done before arriving to see DD.
Then, I worked on it while DD and I worked on her resume.
It's Done.
This is my Fall leftover blocks from Gypsy Wife.
Not exactly a beautiful table runner, but I can see using it in Spring time.
This was my APQ (All People Quilt) UFO for January.
Done & off my list!
That's a win win for me.

Then the big quilt 87 x 86.
I worked on the binding with DD and then when she went to a meeting and DH had not come back from Cabela's. 
I continued to work on it on the ride home.
I then sat down and watched TV with DH and finished it.
My hands are killing me. :(
I know better than to do this much in one day, but you know how it goes.
But, that is two UFOs done and that is a GREAT feeling.
Oh, all of these were done with scraps or stash.

This morning I sorted more of my blue scraps and working on Imperfect Squares and the T-shirt quilt.

Those will be top priority for tomorrow and Sunday.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday progress

I am again staying at home all day.
That is a good thing.

Loaded Winter Solstice.
I'll be using brown thread to quilt it.

If I can get it done today, I can bind it on the way to San Marcos tomorrow.

DD had ordered a book that she already has and we need to take her to old one and mail the new one back.
The fun of college life.

I also did a WITB and found treasures - photos, cards, playing cards, glasses, etc.
It never ceases to amaze me what I toss into a box, bag, container.

I'm working on the right side of my desk and have emptied the organizer I had there that was becoming a big big mess.

Cold Days

I finished the snowflake postcards and mailed them this morning. 
The imperfect squares are being sewn together.
This will have the sashing around and then I'll see if I want to add a border to it for a little larger size. 
Framing on much of the T-shirts has been done.
Only problem, running out of material and there isn't a place I've found that has this fabric anymore.
So, I'll have to find something that is close.
None will be touching, so I'll be able to substitute.

I also sorted some more of the blue scraps and cleaned on my desktop.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Let's Bee Social

Finally started to piece my imperfect squares baby quilt.
I found a block from Mary K. Tucker, who has passed on.
The black has little bubbles in it.
I had to piece another imperfect square to be able to have this lay out.
This is an old UFO 
The T-shirt quilt is coming along.
I will move it to the other design wall because it is more accessible and this is a large quilt. 
Winter Solstice is being loaded.
For some reason I'm having procrastination problems about loading this quilt. 
The blue sorting continues
Two containers to sort through 
The drawers are looking nice.
I'm linking up to Let's Bee Social.
Join us and see what everyone else is up to.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Snow day progress

Bordering the T-shirts.
I like that gray with the black shirts. 
Making post cards for DD and her friends.
Need to get these done tomorrow and in the mail. 
Back of the postcards for the year long birthday swap.
There are 12 cards for the year, so I'm making the backings now.
I have a design for the birthday front, but I'm not 100% happy with it, so I'll refine as I go.

I've also made progress on the test quilt for Tammy.
I can't show you the photos yet for that.

I also took a nap in the middle of the day.
I feel much better now.
It takes me a day to recover from doing too much sometimes.

Baby It's Cold Outside

Texas has cold weather that can be snow in some places and ice at my home.
Last night I took the trash out and the rain felt like ice pellets. 
This is my view.
I'm staying inside, maybe in my PJs all day. 
I have borders on a few of the blocks.
I'm beginning to wonder if I really like the shadow effects of the pattern with this gray border.
I like the gray border, which I ended up making narrower.
I'll have to audition it and let the person it's going to decide. 
Table runner is not the way I wanted it, but it is the way I cut it.
Who knows, but is in a row and I need to find backing and batting and get it quilted.

I also want to load Winter Solstice from last year and get that quilted.

So, the Texas Snow Day will be a Texas Sew Day for me.

I'm linking to Fiber Tuesday.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Organization Challenge

My sewing thread drawer is all organized by color.
It lasted almost a year last time I did this and if I had not found extra thread in Mom's stuff, it would have been OK.
I think I should have most colors of what I need and if I don't I need to improvise.

So, what to work on this week?

My flat surfaces around my desk and sewing machine are bothering me.
I have too much stuff around me.
Flat surfaces seem to be magnets for "stuff"
My desk seems to have exploded.
Time to figure out where everything should go.
I know I have too many pens and pencils .... 
Sewing machine has bins to hold stuff while I'm sewing.
Time to empty them and figure out if there is a better way. 
The embroidery machine and oils and threads are very useful, but is there a better way to handle them all?

Let us know what you are working on this week.