Sunday, July 5, 2020

June accomplishments

I try to keep a record here of what I accomplished at the end of each month.

Blue Bonnet Composition cover
Flamingo Pillow
Light Speed Composition cover
Light Speed "Shenandoah" quilt
July bandanna
Secret Sister table topper
Secret Sister Table Topper
Post Cards

(17) Bluebonnets composition cover
(18) Light Speed composition cover
(19) Light Speed "Shenandoah" quilt
(20) Cat embroider postcards

Sunday Stash Report #27

quilt paint create links to all our stash reports.

Used this Week:
3.62 yards

Used year to Date:
116.65 yards
Net Stash used in June
Net Stash used in July
14.15 yards
2.54 yards

Added this Week:
0.00 yards

Added Year to Date:
30.81 yards

New Goal:
200.00 yards

Yards to the goal:
91.97 yards

Net Used in 2020
108.03 yards

Three different postcards.
Scrappy from cut off pieces of pineapples
Cats using the same cut off pieces as a border.
Seashore landscape PCs.

Three small quilts collected from the donation table at the Hill Country Mod Quilt Group

These are the leftover blocks from the Houston class with Charlotte Angotti.
I did micro loops around the stars and practiced my outline stitching with a ruler.

A couple of other fun facts are:
Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge:

Total Number of equivalent blocks:
Perimeter in inches:
Number of UFOs finished this year:
UFO Yardage Used:
Percentage of yardage used in UFOs:

Number of Bobbins Used this week:
Number of Bobbins Used this year:
Number of Spools Used this week:

Number of Spools Used this year:                

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.

Days of Stitching:

Number of Days this week:

Number of Days this year:

Days Organizing:

Number of Days this week:

Number of Days this year:

Quilting is more fun than Housework has us working on scraps.

The postcards above are all from tiny scraps.
I'm still cutting 1.5" strips from my string bins.
Now, I seem to have lot of smalllllll scraps.
I'll need to find a project for them.

Gyleen Fitzgerald has some fun things happening on Facebook. 

One of them is a COVID Woven class.
I have the outside edge being worked on, I'm about half done.
I'll post a photo of it when that is done.

I'm also working on some pineapple blocks, which are on the right-hand side.
I have 36 of them done.
I'm caught up on June's 30 and ahead on July by one. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Marianne Urban

I posted here about Marianne passing away.

Jean is making five quilts for the family.
Four are masculine and one feminine.
If you would like to make some blocks for the quilt, she is requesting 9" finished churn dash blocks.
This is the one feminine one I finished and will be working on the four masculine blocks.
If you are interested in making them, let me know and I'll get you Jean's address.

Marianne will be missed.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Design Wall Monday

Woven and pineapples

T-shirt quilt

I'm linking to 
Small Quilts and Doll Quilts Design Wall Monday and Monday Makings.


I needed to make a few postcards.
This is from UFO stitch outs of cats from years ago.
The border is from the leftover pineapple cuts. 
Love using my scraps.
My seashore landscapes

Masks, useful or not

This is a video about the wearing of masks and how it helps.

Here are a few I made this weekend at the request of my DD and DH.

I like the 3D masks because they are not touching my mouth.
They also fit the side of my face better.

I say let's keep on making them and help those around us.