Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Another BOM

My friend, Tammy, has a project coming up.
Need another BOM?  Try this out.
I'll be doing it with red, gray, black and white FQ bundle.

Monday, January 16, 2017

T-shirt quilt progress

I'm thrilled that I have made good progress on the T-shirt quilt.
The center is together.
I see one thing I might fix, but I might not either.
Time will tell.
It is 102" long.
I'm sure I'll end up adding at least a top border to it, so it will be at least 104" long.
So, I'm thinking the side panels will need to be around 25" each to balance it out.

I'm just happy I'm making progress.
A couple more days and the backing fabric will be here.

I think I'm going to have to fix that one spot and maybe end up taking out two inches of green to make it feel more balanced.
 We shall see tomorrow.

Monday Goals

OK, so I am accountable....
1. Finish Patriotic Top
I'm really close. I'm getting the side borders ready to sew on.
I'm using them as the leader/ender for the T-shirt quilt.
2. Quilt Test Quilt
Can't show the front, but this is backing.
3. T-shirt Quilt to top stage
4. What's in the Box for at least 5 days
This was the one from today.
5. Pat Sloan Winter Solstice Block
Have to wait to see what it is on Wednesday.
These are the 4 already out.
6. Sparkling Sampler Block 
7. Work on a flat surface
I never know what will be set on this banister.
It just seems to collect anything and everything.
I've actually taken about 10 things off of it already today before I thought to take a photo.

Pat Sloan BOW

Pat Sloan is doing a block of the week and I am using my floral scraps and this light green background.
So different from my normal black or white backgrounds.
Cobblestone block
I had to piece two of the pieces to get them big enough, but I think it is OK.
My 4 blocks together.

Design Wall Monday

My curtains are about the same.  
One new block for the Sparkling Sampler.
Hope to have one more of Pat Sloan's block done today. 
T-shirt quilt is coming together.
I need to put the bottom part together and make the same size as the top part.
I need to put a green border around the middle and then square up the top & bottom pieces to that size. 
Patriotic sampler is coming together.
Working on the crumb blocks to get the corner pieces together.
In between putting away the remaining Christmas pieces and cleaning house, I'll be sewing on these four projects.

Check out the Patchwork Times links on Design Walls.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Busy weekend

Not much sewing going on.
I did do some cutting and did get the test quilt to the top stage.
DD had a competition and in one of the winners (they call them finalists)
She will be playing her piece in February.
I'm so proud of my trumpet player.
Way to GO!!!

Today was Girl Scouts and YOSA, so we were busy.

I also took down some more of my Christmas decorations.

I picked my next WITB
It is a combination of lots of things, so I will go through it tomorrow.
I don't know of any quilting things to expect, but you never know in these types of boxes.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so I think I will be doing laundry, cleaning up Christmas mess and hopefully quilting some.
I am so close on the patriotic quilt.
Need to sew more of those crumbs together to finish is off.
I'm slowly working on the T-shirt quilt, so that will be a priority too.
I finally have all the HST for the wedding quilt squared up and will place them on the design wall when the T-shirt quilt is off.
I want to quilt the test quilt.
I have another test quilt ready to start, so that will be on the list too.

Stash Report

Used this Week:                                          0.00 yards
Used year to Date:                                      5.92 yards
Total out of stash this Month (January)      3.92 yards
Added this Week:                                        2.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                                    2.00 yards
Goal:                                                        100.00 yards
Yards to goal:                                             96.08 yards

Net Used in quilts 2017:                              3.92 yards 
A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:                 45
Perimeter in inches                                 240
Number of UFOs finished this year:        1
UFO Yardage Used                                    5.92
Amount of yardage used in UFOs              100%

Had to get some border fabric for another test quilt.
Nothing worked that was in my stash.

It will be out again as soon as I quilt that quilt.top.