Monday, April 29, 2013

Design Wall Monday

OK, the horse quilt is not complete, but putting it back up on the design wall is way too much for me.  So, I have not started the rush for teacher quilts.  DD does not want them for ALL her teachers, but there are few special ones.  So, I'm using this UFO set of blocks.  I do have 6 more I could add, but I'm thinking I will leave them at this and maybe use the other 6 for another quilt with a different setting.
I will be strip piecing 6 different colors of patriotic fabrics to go between these stars.  The top row will be horizontal and the next row vertical, so the strips will form a border around the block.
now to pull the fabric for the strips.  I really need to figure out how much so I know if I have the right amount.  It might end up scrappy, depending on how much yardage I have.

Check out all the other design walls.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Judy has us do a stash report weekly. So, here is mine for the week.

Well, it has not been a good health week.  I did make more microwave pot holders, and have more to do.

I needed border fabric for the horse quilt and some backing fabric, so I ended up adding more to my stash.  :(  Seems I never get ahead.  Maybe if I would stop getting sick I would.

Used this Week: 0.32 yards
Used year to Date: 63.57 yards
Added this Week: 12 yards
Added Year to Date: 36 yards
Net Used for 2013: 27.57 yards

May is a busy school month, so I hope I feel good enough to sew.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Change in Plans

Well, I guess God is telling me not to go to the maintenance class this weekend.  Between the cough not getting any better and DH getting more difficult to deal with and my mouth getting the better of me, I decided we needed to cancel the trip.  Apparently I'm not supposed to get that class this weekend.  Now it won't be until September.  :(  But, I do believe it is for the best.

Maybe I will try and get one of these 2 quilts quilted.  I'll play with the tension too.

I didn't go to the applique class today because of how I am feeling.  No one needs to feel this way.  I'll wear my mask tonight with the Girl Scouts.  Don't want to cancel another meeting.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Double wedding ring start

I didn't do so bad on this first one.  I want the top ring to be scrappy green and the bottom one to be scrappy blue.  The centers will be white on white, and will end up being scrappy.  I don't have enough of one of them, but plenty of different pieces.
The corner blue will be consistent and the corner green will be consistent.  I will have to work at how to make sure they are alternating. 
I need to work on the tips of the inside, got one exactly right and the other not so much.

My UFO work is slow.  I have the borders ready for the horse quilt, but need to sew them on.

Whatcha up to?

Well, I'm really trying to get over this horrible cold.  :(
What a mess.  Went in to see the doctor today and I don't have any bronchitis, so that is good news.  Given the tessalon pearls, which  are helping.  Doesn't stop it, but helps.  Mucinex is helping too, but boy am I tired.  I napped all afternoon and now want to get something done.
I am working on the double wedding ring quilt.  Never done this before.  Made some false starts and can't even find the material from that one, so I'm starting something new.  I've had these templates for awhile now.

I can't post a photo right now.  Dont' know what's going on with blogger at this point.  LOL

Off I go to get these borders on this horse quilt.  It's time!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Let's visit other's and see what they have on their design wall  I'm still working on the horse quilt.  I'm so tired from coughing that I've not tried to work on it.

Alphabet blocks arrived :)

Lynne's blocks arrived today!
I just love them.  They are so full of spring!
See the little mug rug she added?  I love them all! 
When I add them to my 4, what do you think?  My flash didn't work very well, but I like them together.  Lynne's florals and mine play nicely together.  :)
Thanks Lynne! 
Ok, last night it was so hot upstairs that I couldn't sleep.  I turned the a/c on.  DH had the heat on.  WHY?  Anyway, I turned the a/c on and waited for it to cool off.  This is what I played with.  I have all these hst that have been used for a number of UFOs, and needed a long term project to use as a leader/ender type project.
So, here is the one I keep by the machine to make sure I have the hst turned the right way.  LOL
My last one was ocean waves.
I also have a project going that is using 1", 1.5", 2" and 2.5" hst.  All bonus hst, so that is a lovely use of my leftovers.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Last post of the day

DH helped the church put a ramp in for my Mom.  She is in a walker and it is getting difficult for Dad to carry it down the stairs.  So, now she has a ramp.  I guess we need to figure out how to weatherproof it.  They did an awesome job!

 I thought I was caught up with the Sampler Society blocks, but, I was wrong.
This is the Prickly Pear Cactus block.  Appropriate for Texas, right?  I Like it.

These are the 4 blocks already done in this flower names block sampler.  I'm thinking right now that the pansy will be in the middle.  I think I should have put white for the corners to make it coordinate more.  Who knows, maybe I'll go back and do that.  It would only be 6 pieces.  Time will tell.

I decided not to work on the horse quilt because of how I'm feeling.  I was afraid to cut and not have measured right.

Lynne's BOM Double Friendship star

DD wanted the horse quilt to have some red in the border.  I think she is right.  It looks too drab right now.  so, I will be purring the smaller gold inner border and then I went and bought some of the Texas Wildflower fabric that went with this panel for the outer border.  It should be a beautiful quilt.  I think it is larger than I though it was going to be.
Only problem is now I've added abut 12 yards of fabric to my stash.  It is all backings or borders, but still....  I'm still in the postive for the month, but not by much.  LOL

This double friendship star block is a fun one to make.  I love the way the second star peeks out from behind the first one.

Judy has us do a stash report weekly. So, here is mine for the week.

OK, with Dad goign to surgery and life just taking over, I doubt I will have much of a use until after the long arm maintenance class next weekend. 

I did finish some BOMs, but they don't count until they go into a quilt and the quilt is finished (that's my rule to not count until it is done done.)  I hope to make one that is going to someone else, and it would count, but it isn't done yet.

I counted the half a yard for the yoyos, but I'm not sure exactly how accurate that one is, but it is close.

I finished 2 tops, so when I actually get to quilting on the long arm, I have 3 quilts ready to go.  That week should be a great week.
Used this Week: 0.5 yards

Used year to Date: 63.25 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 24 yards

Net Used for 2013: 39.25 yards

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Pocektful of Mysteries BOM

D = Double Friendship Star

to continue with my floral and green theme with the consistent background, this one looks like spring.  :)

My blocks Antique Tiles, Basket weave, Contrary Wife and Double Friendship Star.

I wonder how I'll put these together?  They are 9" blocks and there will be one for each letter of the alphabet.

Now to make the one for Lynne.  I sent her the A-C blocks and can't wait to see what she has made for me.

Caught up

I thought i had 3 blocks to finish, but I only had 2 that still need done.

Dutch Rose

The 3 of the sampler society Blocks.  I tried to add the purple from the pansy in this block to help coordinate them.

One Block done

My Sampler Society yahoo group is doing blocks with flower names.  I'm behind on all of them.  LOL

Bird of Paradise.  Paper pieced.  I don't like taking paper off, but I love the points.

The 2 blocks I have done in this series.  Pansy and Bird of Paradise.  I think there are 2 others I need to do to be caught up.

Center is done

Horse center is done.  I like the way it turned out.  I do think I might add some more gold around the outside and decide on the border fabric.  I'm not sure that I"m going to do anything but plain borders.
As I'm working on this, I am doing one of my Sampler Society Blocks.
I think this one is called bird of paradise.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Do you ever have a vision and then you wonder if that vision is going to work?  Well, that is where I got stuck on this one.  When I measure the open space, I should have 2 inches on either side of that middle block on the bottom.  It doesn't look like it, but maybe it is just the way the blocks are on the design wall??
I will make more of the 2" strips from fabrics in the quilt and a couple of others that coordinate.  I like the way the middle is, and if I can get the top and bottom row close to the middle in width, then we will be OK

I think I am going to add a thin border around it and then maybe add two rows of checkerboard blocks to the quilt.  Not sure on that yer.  Might depend on how DD wants things to go.  She is 13 and has a definite opinion.  LOL

DIP top together

Well, I finally got the tessellation quilt top together.  I now need to find the backing and get it ready to quilt.

I'm not happy with the size of this quilt.  With all the pieces, the size shrunk.  LOL  So, the purpose I had for this quilt would need a larger quilt.  So, now I need another quilt for that purpose.
This might not get quilted until after the long arm maintenance class. 


I can't say that I like yoyos.  I wanted something to work on when DH was in the hospital 5 years ago.  I took along the yoyos and worked on them while I waited in the hospital.  I didn't like them then and putting them together did not endear me to them either.  I can not say that I liked any of the process, but it was one of my UFOs and I wanted to get it on the table.  It could be bigger, but I don't think so.  LOL  I might give it away.  Time will tell.

Good news report

Well, after some stressful weeks, my good news is my Dad's surgery went well and he is at home and not wanting to take pain pills.  Woo Hoo, I pray it stays this way and he takes it easy a few more days to make sure things are well healed.
On the weather front, we are getting rain, so that is a GREAT thing.  Sure could use a steady rainfall to help with our drought.
I hope to sew more today.  Would really be nice to get a couple of these quick quilts together in case West, TX needs quilts to be sent.
I finished my 3 appliques for the month.  This one has an unfinished part because it goes over into the adjacent block.  Strange to leave it undone.  LOL
Now I need to prepare for the next class next week.  No sunshine today, so my window won't work well for transferring to the black fabric.
I bought more floss to wind and use to outline some of the areas.  The dark leaves need some contrast to help them stand out.  Now to figure out what color my sashing is going to be.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

UFO Plan

Well, Judy always has these great questions.  Her latest is what is your UFO plan.

My plan has been , and continues to be, to work on more UFOs in the year than starting new projects. 
I make sure that when a new quilt is needed, I look in the UFO pile first to see if I can use something there.

I have joined 2 UFO challenges. 
        One requires you to make a list and then a number if pulled each month and you work on that UFO.  So far this year, I've finished those, or at least the first of the set.  Sometimes it seems my one UFO grows to more than one.  :(
         The second is to list 10 UFOs to work on during the year.  The ones I picked there are ones I really want to finish this year.  I've not done as well on that listing.  I think the challenge makes me focus more.

I don't want to say I won't start anything new.  If I want to do something new, then this is supposed to be fun and I should be able to do that.  I am trying to finish the things I start.

 I will limit my block exchanges to a few special groups.
         I have started applique BOM and sometimes think I am overdoing it there.  But, I'm keeping up, so maybe that is OK.
         I did join a swap that I'm not sure I really like.  I am planning on putting it together and see if it works for me.  No more swaps this year.

Monday, April 15, 2013

UFO Listing

Judy of Patchwork Times wants to do an UFO listing, so here it is.

Even though this is on my side bar, I wanted to go ahead and post it.  I started the year off with 134 UFOs.  :(  Actually it would be 135 because I forgot to list the IPOD cover that DS wanted and I'd started and only needed to add the elastic.  This is my listing.
The blank spots are items that are done this year.
At the bottom of the list is the listing of completed UFOs.  Notice that some numbers are there more than once.  The UFO morphed into 2 or more items.
There are some that are special lists.  Liz has a listing that she picks a number each month and that is the UFO you work on.  Fun, but not always the one I want to do.  LOL
So, I am making progress, but I really would love to get more of these done.  The last couple of months have not been kind to that.
I don't have any photos of them in their stages because when I moved here, I found them all and packaged them and put them in the cabinets under the window seat.  :( 

I don't want to go in and pull them all out and photograph them.  I'll show what they are when I start work on them.


1.   4 patches black/bright (77)
2.   9 patch strips
3.   9 patches brights/white (84)
4.   ABC Quilt
5.   Angels and Trees
6.   Appliqué block of the month
7.   Batik Tulip Quilt
8.   Bee Quilt
9.   Beginner/Ender hst – 1.5"
10. Beginner/Ender hst – 2.5”
11. Beginner/Ender hst – 3.5”
12. Birthday runaways Star blocks – 2007 (16)

14. Blue and beige misc
15. Bright and Black BDB 2009 (birthday runaways) (20) (2010 is bright and black also)
16. Bright Pinwheels
17. Brown rail fence top
18. Cajun quilt
19. Calendar for Mom and Dad
20. Cat swap blocks (12)
21. Cherry apron quilt
22. Chicken blocks (14)
23. Chicken makings
24. Chicken strips leftover from making a purse
25. Children's book Quilt
26. Children's book
27. Christmas Alphabet Quilt
28. Christmas animal panels (7)
29. Christmas block swap (14)
30. Christmas block swap Calico kitten (12)
31. Christmas rectangles
32. Christmas skirt -- blue
33. Christmas sweatshirt project
34. Christmas Wall Hanging
35. Coaster squares
36. Coffee quilt
37. Copper and teal quilt
38. Corn Bags
39. Cozy kitten mystery blocks
40. Crazy heart paper pieced
41. Cross Quilt (2)
42. Dino pre-quilted
43. Dino pre-quilted
44. Disappearing 9 patches
45. Eagle embroidery (4)
46. Eagle Round Robin
47. Embroidery blocks (30, 28)
48. Eric Carle quilt
49. Fall dress
50. Fall Quilt
51. Feathered Star pieces
52. Flower garden top
53. Future Heirlooms (can’t get in touch with her)
54. Green & floral (15) 6.5” squares
55. Green and Brown blocks
56. Halloween quilt
57. Hawaiian appliqué

59. Hummingbird blocks
60. Imperfect Squares (29)
61. Insect swap
62. Jo’s club retreat teal and brown
63. LBT (mystery) (SFQ)
64. Liberty blocks
65. Love of Patchwork wall hanging
66. Madam Mim
67. Marge 2012 NYE Mystery
68. Marianne’s star
69. Mini Scrap baskets
70. Minkee pillows
71. Misc 12” blocks (12)
72. Misc blocks (20)
73. Misc 12.5” blocks (19)
74. Misc 4.5” blocks (49)
75. Misc 6.5” blocks (20)
76. Misc 7” blocks (6 whole, 2 half)
77. Miscellaneous Cross Stitch outs
78. Odd sized blocks
79. Office going away squares
80. Patriotic GMFG
81. Pet beds
82. Pheasant blocks (7)
83. Pink and Green quilt
84. Prayers and Squares tops (6)
85. Purple 54/40 or fight blocks (pieces for 30?)
86. Purple and green 9 patches (7)
87. Purse
88. QBS Mystery Quilt
89. Quilter wall hanging
90. Race Track quilt
91. Rectangles and squares sampler
92. Red and Black blocks (5)
93. Red Hat purse - Mira
94. Red, white, blue stars blocks (BDB) (19)

96. Road Quilt
97. RWB blocks (12)
98. Sewing room valances finished
99. SFQ BOM (blues and yellows) (15)
100.Signature Tulip Siggy Pots
101.Stockings (4)
102.Teal and blue BDB
103.Teal Mystery Quilt
104.Tessellating Pinwheels
105.thanksgiving wall hanging
106.Tie Quilt
107.Trip Around Texas
108.Triple Irish Chain

110.Tropical 2006 Birthday blocks (2)

112.Tropical Landscape (Leslee) wall hanging
113.T-shirt quilt – Ashley’s
114.T-shirt quilt - Randy’s
115.Tulip Signature swap
116.Valentine Bear Cross Stitch outs
117.Wall hangings (3)
118.Yellow and Blue Birthday Blocks

120.Yo Yos red and black table runner
121.Red and black yo yos

123.Teal quilt for Ashley – strips
124.Sunset quilt for Jon

126.LIZ UFO #2 Red and Black tablecloth
127.Liz UFO #3 Palm Tree Landscape
128.Liz UFO #4 Batik 9” – 9-patches (45)
129.Liz UFO #5 Bug Jar Quilt

131.Liz UFO #7 Circular Bulls eyes (6)
132.Liz UFO #8 Horse Panel quilt
133.Lorena Disappearing 9 patches (Purple and black)

Completed in 2013

134. Jo's Club purple
122.Aug 12 Precious Moments 4 patches
109.Troll pillowcase
135. 2012 NYE Mystery
58.Hawaiian turtle appliqué
130.Liz UFO #6a Christmas 6 inch squares
130.Liz UFO #6b Christmas 6 inch squares
130.Liz UFO #6c Christmas 6 inch squares
119.Yellow and Green BOM blocks
111.Tropical Blocks (BDB)Liz #10 UFO
Ipod Cover
95.Road Quilt
136. Double Knit quilt
125.Liz UFO#1 4 patches flowers/white (53)
78.2 Odd sized blocks made into applique pillows
13.Black and White Blocks (BOM) (35)

How embarrassing!

Pansy Block

My sampler society yahoo group is doing a sampler of blocks with flower names to them.  This is the pansy block.  I have another block to do to catch up with the ones already done.

Prayers, please

My Dad is having back problems.  I am now very worried.  He is taking medications he is NOT supposed to take.  I think he has taken one pill that shouldn't be taken with the other meds.  :(
Please keep us in your prayers.

design wall Monday

UFO being worked on.  I love this panel, but I don't like the different sizes.  There has to be something else added in the mix.  I think I am going to do a checkerboard with the colors already used, and maybe some extra purples.
So, now that I think I know what I want to do, I need to figure out where I want them to go and how much larger I want the quilt.
It feels good to have something different on my design wall!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How do you sew a quilt together

I've been asked over and over again about how I sew a quilt top together that has lots of rows without getting confused.
I don't like adding the rows together without the chain piecing between them.

Notice in the picture below that the row are sewn together and the columns are connected by a thread. I'm sewing the next piece to the next row. 
 Keep on adding the next piece.  I normally keep the pieces on the design wall or floor in the order they need to be in.
 Keep on sewing the next piece to the next row.
Don't cut the threads, that keeps the unit all together so you don't get confused. 
Keep adding the next piece in the column to the next row.

See how the rows are sewn together by adding the column piece? 
After you have all the pieces sewn together, then start pinning the intersections together for the first two rows.
 Then you sew the rows together one row at a time.  I normally pin to make sure I have the intersection interlocked.
When you sew the rows together you get it looking like this.  I normally iron between each row to make sure things go together.  I found a piece that was turned around.
When I get this completed, I'll post another photo.
Right now, I need to stop for the night. 

I'm getting it off the design wall

OK, I am working on it and doing other things. I have 2 more columns to go.  It has taken time, but my design wall WILL be empty soon.  Woo Hoo!!!!
 Yard work was being done by DD and DH.  This is a view from my studio window.  I forgot how much the trees are growing.
So, it has been a good weekend for sewing.  My folks have had us come over to bring food, but no ER trips, so that is a good thing.  Tomorrow starts the doctor appointment routines.  I'm not sure exactly how much time I'll have to sew, but I am praying my Dad will be feeling better soon.

Stash report

Judy has us do a stash report weekly. So, here is mine for the week.

Not a good usage week, but next week should have some finishes.  I've been sewing, so that is a great thing!  Now to just finish something!  LOL

Used this Week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: 62.75 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 24 yards
Net Used for 2013: 38.75 yards

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Taxes done and some relaxation

What better way to celebrate getting the taxes done?
Sewing of course.

Remember this one that has been on my design wall for eternity?
I am sewing it all together by the column and then will do the rows.  It feels good to be this far off the design wall!  Woo Hoo  This is one of my DIPs (Dreams in Process)

DD got up this morning and didnt' like the lavender on the corner blocks, so we searched my stash and this is the final result.  The fabric is purple and blues in like a peacock feather.  Not perfect, but she is happy.  I am using it as the leader/ender for the tessellation quilt.  I really want to get the other one done!  LOL

I got to sew!!!

Last night I took time to sew while DH was out doing yard work.  Yes, it felt good.

I wish I'd put a small inner border on this one, but this was the UFO from last month that became a second one.  LOL  So, I will quilt it and have it ready to bind for some of the many doctor appointments with Dad, DH, and myself this coming week.

The current UFO.  I had the smaller courthouse steps done, but then didn't like the way they were looking and added to one (see it on the left center?)  DD wants some more purple and yellow (gold) in it.  I know the right courthouse step block will be exactly like the one on the left, but I'm still debating on the others.  Do I make them like that, because I like it better.  Having the light blue on the outside is not working for me.  I really don't like working with panels, but she loved this panel for a long time now.  Maybe smaller courthouse steps?  Maybe checkerboards?  Maybe pinwheels?  Maybe flying geese?  I'm not exactly sure yet, but I'm playing with it.  I do need to put the purple borders around the 4 smaller panel pieces.  But, DD and I decided the purple was the wrong type of purple, so I need to take it off and find what I'm needing again.  Time will tell.  I need it done this month, so I'd better get busy.

The tessellation was the leader ender for all my sewing.  It was lots of small snowballs, so finally I am done snowballing.  So, now I can take the columns off and start sewing it together as it's own project.  I need to find another leader/ender project.

I'm finishing up our taxes today and almost have them done.  My breaks are on the computer and sewing.  I should be able to get something finished while doing the taxes too.

Maybe I'll load the floral 4 patch and get that done.  I don't know where it is going yet.

I truly want to get my BOM done this weekend too.  Maybe that is incentive to get the taxes done.  I can't start on them until the taxes are complete and filed.  hum mm, maybe that isnt' want I want to say.  LOL

Need to figure out what my folks want for dinner, because Dad has been doing most of the cooking lately and he is not up to much of anything.  Praying we find out if he can get the cement in the spine to help with the pain and healing.  We will know more on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crazy week

I really don't like April.  It seems there are always things that happen that are not happy during April.  :(  This year my Dad has hurt himself.  He is the strong one of my parents and he has fallen for the first time and now his back is hurting so much that he can't hardly breathe.  So, lots of sitting with him and going to ER and doctors.  I did finish this one.  Some of my curves need help, so I'll probably outline them with embroidery thread.

I've started on Whimsical garden #4 or is it #3?  I'm not sure which is which, but the next one is in process.  I just prepped the Pixie Garden and will have it with me too.
I'm ready to actually sew.
I was so out of it on my birthday that I slept most of the day.  I  feel better today, so that is better. 
Another doctor appointment for Dad today, so I should be able to work on the next Whimsical Garden.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday fabric Report

Judy has us do a stash report weekly. So, here is mine for the week.

Just got back from camping, so no sewing this weekend.  :(  Beautiful camping weather, but I am tired. Those 6th & 8th grade girls wear me out.

Used this Week: 13.58 yards

Used year to Date: 62.75 yards

Added this Week: 0 yards

Added Year to Date: 24 yards

Net Used for 2013: 38.75 yards

That one quilt was a BIG quilt.  I wish I had others that close to being done.  Now to finish 2 UFOs for a challenge I'm in.

Friday, April 5, 2013

applique day

I didn't feel so good today.  Started off with a sore throat and headache.  Not doing great.  Went back to bed until the phone rang.  Camping tomorrow whether I feel great or not.
So, instead of running around, I did my applique.  We had to take the car in to wash it, and worked on this.

This is the home of Home in the Middle applique.  Love the colors

this is one of the appliques from Hawaii.  I was working on this when I didn't have anything else to do.  Since I have not prepared whimsical garden all the way, I finish this applique up.  I still need to frame it and then quilt it, but it is at that stage to find the right border fabrics.

I hope to prep the whimsical Garden to see if I can have it with me this weekend.  I'll be driving, so I won't get any of that time in.  Maybe while the girls are busy doing something else, who knows, but I should be prepared, right?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I finished something!!!

This has been a Girl Scout week.  Tonight is the night that they pre-cook things to take on the trip.
I started to make the microwave bowl potholders last night and I got so tired that I didn't finish them!
We have 2 sizes of bowls.  I went for the size in between the two and this is what I got.  DH likes them.  Now to use them and see how they work.  :)
I really want to sew, but camping comes on Saturday.  maybe if we get everything done tonight I can sew tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Design Wall

OK, with jury duty yesterday and binding that huge quilt, I didn't get my act together enough to get the design wall photo up.  Of course, it looks very much like all the other ones.  I have made progress on sewing the corners on.  If you look REAL closely, you will see that from the right hand side, I have 2 columns that still need done, and then about 4 blocks at the bottom of the 3rd column.  So, I am making progress.  That last column is only a few corners because it is really the border and I'm only finishing up the tessellation.  :)

If I get to sew this week, I will have this one all snowballed and ready to sew it together.  I say if because it is Girl Scout camping planning.  The girls are doing most everything, but I need to have a list for me that will allow me to help them in the steps.

Monday, April 1, 2013

UFO #8

Liz chose UFO #8
This is my horse panel quilt that is for DD.

I pulled it out and have some courthouse steps and the horse panels.  We shall see what happens.

Black and White & red all over is done!!!!

Finally, after a day of jury duty, I came home and didn't feel like doing anything.  So, sat and watched TV with DH and bound this quilt 4+ hours of binding.  Yuck!  But it is done and it is BIG!!!  over 13 yards of fabric in this baby.