Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Update on design wall

So, this has been on my design wall while I work on other things.
Notice anything different? 
I turned the border to have the rust towards the quilt.  I like it better.
I still need to cut a thin inner border and then add the outside border, quilt it and be ready for the teacher baby gift.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Design Wall Monday

So, not really much of a change.
DD told me last night she wanted a black inner border, so it's a good thing I had not progressed on this.  I do like the rust corners. It won't take much time to do, just doing it.
I was sidetracked a bit too much this past week.
This coming week is probably not much better.
If you want to see other design wall look at Judy's site.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quilting it is done

So, I tried a couple of new things.
The eagle embroidery has a airflow (circles) quilted around it.
I also tried a new tool to help with stitch in the ditch, but I tried to use it to cross hatch.  Not perfect, but I'm ok with it for my first time. 
Around the leaves and stems I echoed it.  I learned that I need to have a plan first instead of just quilting along the outside.  But, again, for the first time playing with this, I am ok with it. 
Now to figure out the binding and get it on so I have something to work on during the Saturday event.

applique wall hanging

So, here is the applique wall hanging.  I found a green backing and the batting is a scrap of batting.  It is loaded and I'm about ready to start quilting it.

Backing done

I've not had the energy this weekend to do what I wanted. :(
But, I was doing applique and when I find out where I put the container, I will share.
This is the backing for the star quilt.  8+ yards of fabric.
Now to get the batting cut and then load this monster.
I'm trying to figure out if I want to quilt the applique one first or not.
My plan is to get some binding ready for the horseback event next weekend.  I think we will be there all day, so I have to have something to do.
I'll make some scarves, maybe do some knitting to practice and then bind some of the quilts I have done.  If I can get this monster quilted, that would be an awesome day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cleaning and preparing

So, I wanted to figure out the backing on this quilt.
Problem was I had threads from un-sewing the last quilt all over the floor.
I needed to vacuum.
Problem was I couldn't get the vacuum over to where the thread was.
Problem was I had fabric from other projects still out of the cabinet. 
I could fix that, put the fabric away.
Problem was I needed to get into the cabinet and the doors were blocked.
I could fix that, I just had to move the things away from the doors.
Problem was the sewing machine was sitting there and needed to be put up since my other one was going into the repair shop for it's annual exam.
Problem was the sewing machine spot had other things there.
I had to move them and put them away.
Problem was there was thread and dust around the machine area.
I could fix that.
Problem was I had other things that were sitting on the side of the machine area.
I could fix that.
So, no sewing done, but lots of picking up and actual cleaning.
I finally got enough picked up off the floor to allow me to vacuum most of my room.
When that was done I could pull the star quilt out and make sure it would fit and measure the backing so I could rip it to size.  This is the only time I rip fabric, to straighten for backings.
I didn't get it sewn together.
All 3 pieces are ready to be stitched, trimmed, pressed and then loaded.
I still need to cut the batting.
DS hung up my pin cushion shelf, so I got that box out of the room too, and the pin cushions on the shelf.
Overall, it was a productive night.

Monday, March 17, 2014

So, why is it you always need an additional bobbin to finish a quilt?  This is how much space I had to go when I ran out of bobbin.  :(
This quilt did not like me, even though I liked it.  I did the first pass and the stitch quality was BAD.  I had to rip it all out.  It takes so much longer to rip out than to put it in.  LOL
I just did loops because of the raw edge applique.  I was not sure how it was going to go with stitching an all over design on this quilt.  There were some turned over edges, but that is to be expected. 
This was the last of the 7 quilts for Tammy.  I am meeting her tomorrow, so I am thrilled that I finished it today and will be able to deliver all her quilts to her at one time.
I must say it has been some week. 
I had 7 quilts for a friend to get done and 1 for my small quilt group donation quilt, and 1 of my own.  I quilted 9 quilts this week. 
Only one gave me problems. 
When something goes wrong with threading, watch out.  The last quilt was a problem quilt.  I can not believe I had to rip out stitches, but I did get it quilted and ready to deliver tomorrow.  Woo Hoo.
I am now going to clean my baby and get it ready for the big star quilt that has been waiting for backing fabric. 
First, I need to sew the backing pieces together to make sure it is large enough. 
I really want this one done. 
I have no idea where it will end up, but it is a big quilt.
It feels good to be quilting again.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

6th quilt completed

I really love this one!
Did my famous swirls in light green.

Quilting another quilt

I love the colors of this quilt.  I started to quilt daisies on it and then the swirls just jumped out of the machine.  I'm using an Aurofil thread that my machine does not like.  So many thread breaks.
I do hope to get this done tonight and load the last of Tammy's quilts.  I would love to have it done to deliver all of her quilts to her on the 18th.

Well, I did use some backing fabric for a quilt someone else made.  But, I had to buy backing fabric for my big star quilt.  That was not quilted this week, so I can't count it.  That leaves me with a negative usage for the month.  :(

Total Change in stash          96.94
Total Fabric Used:               16.44
Fabric Added:                        0.00
Fabric Used this month        (7.00)
Usage to 200 yards            103.6

Visit Judy for more stash reports.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finished quilting

I put modified feathers on the wall hanging I tested for a quilt magazine.  I can't show you that photo, but I like the effects of it.
I will decide what to bind it in and then get the label done and I'll have another finish.
It's not a UFO, but it some fabric usage.  Not much, but some.

finally finished

The quilt with roses on it is finished.  I'm tired.  I truly know I need a consistent amount of sleep at the same time each day. Vacation messes with my system.  LOL

slow day

One more pass and I'll have this quilt finished.  As I was quilting along, I decided I needed to work on something for myself.  I still have 2 BOM quilts for Tammy to finish, but if I do my small quilt, I just might be able to get one of those done before the weekend is up.  I really feel the need to finish something of my own.  LOL
Only problem, I can't show you that project.  I also am cutting the pieces for the border on the baby quilt UFO that I'm working on. I've moved some of the pieces so the corners are a little more even. I'll have a couple hst left over that can be used in another project.

It's national quilting day!

Here I thought it was tomorrow, and I am a day late. 
Slept in this morning because we had friends over last night and didn't get to bed until 1 am.  LOL 
We had loads of fun, but I decided I deserved to sleep in.
Now, I'm late in quilting, because it is National Quilting Day! 
I found this site for what to do on national quilting day.
What are you working on?
I do have a quilt loaded on the long arm that I'm quilting for Tammy. 
Remember the one I did roses on?  Well, it was the wrong quilt that needed roses.  LOL 
Oh well, it turned out OK, so I'm not concerned. 
This is the one, I hope, that was supposed to have roses on.  I'm using the same variegated thread that I used on the Woodland Oaks quilt.  I think I have 3 more passes to do and it is done.
I have two more quilts to finish for Tammy. 
I might load one or I might add in one of my own.  I'd really like to get some finishes this month and use some fabric.
I am also working on cleaning up this room.  It is a never ending battle.
I have some baby clothing to cut into 2.5" squares too.  That is another never ending battle.  My wrists done like doing that much cutting, so I have to take it a few pieces at a time.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Quilt finish

The quilt for the small group is done.  This is for a donation for allowing us to use the club house.
I found a pattern in the fabric and tried to duplicate it.  I like the design and will use it again.
 Judy made the top and I quilted it and bound it on the mini vacation during spring break.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sewing machine maintenance

I'm normally fairly good about cleaning out the bobbin area.  But....I don't know when the last time was that this thing was cleaned.  I'm amazed it was still sewing, but it was and had a great stitch.
I went to change the bobbin and noticed I needed to clean and decided to look.  See what I found.
 When I took the bobbin casing out there was another mess, but now it is much cleaner.  It is now time to take this baby in for a complete cleaning at Gromes.

Design Wall

It's been awhile since I had anything new on my design wall.  The star quilt still needs the backing made so I can get it quilted, but this baby quilt is one that uses leftovers from a previous baby quilt.  I don't have enough of the HST to finish off the border, but I think I will do an offset border to frame it out.  I just don't know what color yet.  Once I figure it out, then it should be done quickly.
Check out the other design walls this week.  Visit Judy's site.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Finished the girl baby quilt

I finished another one of the baby quilts for Tammy.
I took the fabric and created a quilting pattern.  :)
Don't look at the messy room.

See the paisley type of leaf design?  I like it.  I just need to figure out some of the transition lines better.

Baby boy quilt

I really need a better way of taking quilt photos.
This is Quilt # 3 of 7 for Tammy.
I did my fall back quilting design of swirls.

Stash Report

February was not a good month.  I've done some things in March, but have not finished anything. :(
I am doing more long arm things right now.
I also had to buy a backing fabric for my star quilt, so that hurt my numbers even more. 
It will get better soon.

Visit Judy for more stash reports.

Total Change in stash          92.94
Total Fabric Used:               13.44
Fabric Added:                      11.00
Fabric Used this month         0.00
Usage to 200 yards            107.6

Vet quilt quilted

Tammy's Vet quilt is done.  Tried a couple new things here, and I hope she likes it.
I've loaded the next quilt.  It is a baby quilt, so that should be fairly easy to finish today, and maybe even load the second baby quilt.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another quilt

I've loaded the second of six quilts.  This is a vet quilt and I know I'll do stars on it, but I think I might do something a little more custom to it.  Of course, that might change once I actually start and the quilt talks to me.
DD finished the make up work she had to get done today.  YEAH!!!
One more day like today and she will have made up all the work she missed.

Timing is everything

Well, why is it I always run out of bobbin thread just before the end of the pass?  Seems this time I actually have half the pass to go, so it's better than 1 inch.  LOL

Where the scissors are is where the bobbin thread ran out.  The good news is I was be able to finish this tonight!  One down, five more of Tammy's quilts to go.


This is a memory quilt for a lady named Rose.  So, I am quilting loops and roses on it.  I'm having fun with this one. 

Small quilt group

I had my small quilt group today, but only stayed half a day because DD needed help in getting caught up before next week.  We want to have a nice spring break without lots of work needing to be done.
I did get 2 of my blocks for the quilt class made.  Now I need to take the blocks out to the shop for them to display for the class sign ups.
Both are pinwheels.
Basic pinwheel

Modified pinwheel that has a border around the pinwheel.
I'm using my purple and green scraps.
One of these days I might add this to my blog so I can make sure the directions are OK.
I didn't get photos of what everyone else was working on, but here is Lana's project at the far end of the room.
You can see Judy and her project on the table to the right.  She probably doesn't even know she is in a photo.  :(
I am now loading one of Tammy's quilts on the long arm.  Almost ready to change the thread and start quilting on it.
DD is sitting here working on her homework, so life is good.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I just wanted to share that I now have a quilt that I quilted for Tammy that was published in TQPM.

Baby Bunting was designed by Tammy.  You should check it out.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stash report

So, not much usage in the Month of February.  Everything has stayed the same.  I've been so ill this month that I've not had any energy.  I have so many that are almost to the top stage that when I do start quilting again, I will be able to finish a few quickly.

Thought I do have some to quilt for others, and they will come first and won't be using any stash.

Visit Judy for more stash reports.

Total Change in stash        103.94
Total Fabric Used:               12.44
Fabric Added:                        0.00
Fabric Used this month         0.00
Usage to 200 yards              96.06