Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Design Wall Monday

 I'm linking to Small Quilts Doll Quilt's Design Wall Monday

QOV quilted

QOV #22 is quilted.
I think I have 2 more here that need done.

postcard from Alesai

What a fun postcard.
Thank you

T-shirt pillow

Ended up using an older body pillow and it fit exactly right.
DD got rid of a pillow and I didn't have to make a pillow form and stuff it.
That is a win win.
I have another one to work on later today once I've washed it.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Motivational Monday

22-28 July 2018

1. Work on Postcard swaps
My embroidery machine died and I'm expecting the new one here next week.
I'll finish these up at that time.
Beach (3)
Jungle (3)
Asian (3)
Thread Painting (3)

A bag of wires.
The new phones have a different power cord.
I ended up needing a place for them to reside, so the photo on the right is all of them neatly wound together.
This bag had material and scrapbook items.
The Scrapbook items stayed in there and the rest of the items are put away. 

This mess is the corner of my studio.
It has so many things in it that I'm worn out thinking about what I need to do with them.
Besides the extra bedroom, this is the place I need to work on next.
That fabric container needs to all be put away.
To my defense, there is a large slider door curtain that I took down that needs to be put back up. LOL
I ordered curtains twice and they both came in the wrong color, so I now need to hunt for new curtains.
I need to unstitch the slider door curtain, but am waiting to see if the set I ordered from somewhere other than JCPenney will work.

Lots of extra things in here. Some files for DD's CUTCO experience, some clothing, hair items, etc.
This was a mixture of lots of different things.
Most went in the give away pile.

3. 20 minute challenge on baby clothing quilt
This is taking me longer than I wanted to get into this challenge, but I'm going to still try.

4. T-shirt pillow inserts
Might be using pillows that are body pillows for this.
Trying to work it out.

5. Irish Stars Pillow Shams

6. Quilt QOV
The backing is sewn together, batting cut and is ready to be loaded.

7. Backing for Bulls eye
Just used muslin, so it was easy to get ready.
Got it quilted.

8. Fix CIL
Ripped out all the messed up stitching and then filled it in again.

29 July - 4 August 2018

1. Work on Postcard swaps
Beach (3)
Jungle (3)
Asian (3)
Thread Painting (3)


3. 20 minute challenge on baby clothing quilt

4. Finish T-shirt pillow

5. Irish Stars Pillow Shams

6. Bind Bulls eye

7. Quilt another QOV

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Long Arm

Finished quilting the QOV.

Finally got the stitching taken out of the CIL and got it stitched up.
Now to find the box to mail them back.

New Braunfels Quilt Show

Lana texted me on Friday and asked if I wanted to go to the New Braunfels Quilt Show.
Got ready and left in half an hour.
We had fun.
I bought a new ruler and book, though I don't really need it.
It does a pattern with the moon
I only bough a FQ of a burgundy color (that's DD's school color)
Those 3 patterns were only a $1 each.
We went crazy on the hair items.
Both DD and I loved how they felt in our hair, so that is for two of us.
It was a fun day.

Stash report

quilt paint create links to all our stash reports

No changes this week.
Nothing in and nothing out.
I have a purpose for most of it, so that is a good thing.

Used this Week:                                            00.56 yards
Used year to Date:                                      117.63 yards
Total out of stash this Month (July)                -23.19 yards
Added this Week:                                            0.00 yards
Added Year to Date:                                      46.00 yards
Goal:                                                          200.00 yards
Yards to goal:                                                82.37 yards

Net Used in quilts 2018:                              95.88 yards 
A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:                  373
Perimeter in inches                               4690

Number of UFOs finished this year:            21
UFO Yardage Used                                75.66
Amount of yardage used in UFOs              79%

Number of Bobbins Used this week          3

Number of Bobbins Used this year          947
Number of Spools Used this week            0
Number of Spools Used this year            25

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.

Days of Stitching                                      75%
Number of Days this week                       2/7
Number of Days this year                       163/216

Days Organizing                                       91%
Number of Days this week                       7/7
Number of Days this year                        196/216

20 minute challenge                               25%
Number of Days this week                     2/7
Number of days this year                      7/28

The new challenge is to work on the baby clothing quilt.
I have two of them to make and need to be working on them so I can get them done.
I have this much done and have sorted some of the other pieces so I can finish up with the remaining clothing and add some to this.
I don't want it to get too big.

Postcards I received

I love the detail work on this from Nancie

Jeanette always does such wonderful hand work.
This is her Blue work interpretation.

Lynda sent this for the Beach.

I love all the postcards I've received.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

August Challenges

I joined in on quite a number of Challenges to help me focus on my UFOs and such.
I love the accountability and will keep reporting.
I'm putting them all in one post because it's easier to keep track of. 
This is the current status of the projects I've NOT completed.
This has been a rather strange year with health and motivation issues, but I've accomplished some things.
Each month I update the list and show what I've accomplished the month before.
Then, it comes off the list as DONE.
I do feel behind, but am going to just work on things until they are done.
I really need to focus on the pillows and finish them off.

 Elm Street OMG -
May - Complete at least one of the T-shirt Pillows
See July below
June - Irish Stars pillow covers
July - T-shirt pillows

This made into the body pillow.

August - Work on Baby Clothing quilt

February 1. Ann's 2006 NYE project
March  - 8. Jo's Club Teal & Brown
April - Copper & Teal Quilt
May 12. Tie One On
June - 6. Embroidery Blocks
This has come up more than once.
I have used a few, which is shown below.
I have many more to use up.
July - Under the Sea
August Chicken Makings

June - Sparkling Sampler
July - Tammy BOM
August - Hummingbirds
April - Map of Texas
May - Ann's Mystery Star (NYE?)
I can't find this in the bin, so I'm thinking it is the NYE Mystery that was drawn by stashbusters.
June - Mira Red Hat Purse
July - Miscellaneous panels
August - Christmas Squares from Carol

Scrap Attack - Going through my scrap drawers
March color is green.
That drawer is still being worked on. Lots of greens stuck in there.
May Color is Christmas
As sad as it is, I did not get anything done with my Christmas drawer. :(
But, there is always another month.
June Color is yellow.
As sad as it is, I did not get anything done with my Yellow drawer. :(
July Color is Novelty
As sad as it is, I did not get anything done with my Novelty drawer. :(
August Color is Orange

Color Challenge - 
May Color is Green.
Didn't really quilt much this month, so I didn't make anything with green.
June Color is Purple
July - Red
August - Orange

February #53 - Fall Panel 1
April #79 - Hummingbird blocks
May # 7 - Bread & Butter Stars
May #39 - Embroidery Blocks
There are many of these, so they will not easily be used up.
I used one to make a pincushion out of for a tutorial I needed to do for 12 Days of Christmas.
June #9 - 30's bulls eye blocks
The top is done, but it needs a backing and quilted.

June #92 - Miscellaneous HST
They will never be used up, but it's fun trying.
This pincushion is tiny, but uses some of the bonus HST I have laying around.
I even did a tutorial on how to make it.
July - Blue & Beige Rail Fence
Decided to make pillow covers out of them.
These will go to the Connections shelter.
July #61 - is completed
July #83 - Lisa Pillows

August #1 ApocketfulofMystery BOM (K-Z blocks)
August #129 Sparkling Sampler
August #101 Orphan Blocks

Thursday, July 26, 2018

New postcard

This came from Miriam in Ireland.
I love how she framed it.
That is applique too.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Winners of the pincushions

Quilting Babcia and Melody Lutz have won the pincushions. I could not get an email for Melody, so please contact me with your mailing address.

I sent an email to quilting babcia, 

If I don't hear back from them by Saturday, I will draw again.


The second winner is now Dawn F. I've sent an email and hope she responds to me with her address. Congratulations Dawn.

12 days of Christmas

It's the last day of the Christmas in July Hop.

 This is my second year participating in the Hop.

Thanks for Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict for getting us all together.
Sarah is having a quilt along during the blog hop, so check that out too.

Checkout Susan's Yuletide Fir, Brandy's stocking tutorial and Jean has two ways to make a wine bag and  Don't forget to get the next installment from Sarah.

There are many giveaways if you following what they ask you to do. 
Most of us are drawing in the next day or two.

Only one more day to go. There will me many drawings at the end of the hop, so make sure to visit everyone.

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