Sunday, July 16, 2023

Stash Report 16 July 2023

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I have been working on memory quilts for others.
This means that even though I am sewing most days, I do not have the yardage to report.
For someone who loves seeing progress in numbers, this is difficult.
I still have projects for others:
1. T-shirt Quilt for Amy (in process)
2. T-shirt Quilt for Jennifer (needs binding)
3. Heart Quilt for Jennifer
4. Chinese Coins Quilt for Jennifer
5. Memory Quilt for Donna
6. Memory Teddy Bears for Donna
DONE 7. Purple Habitat for Humanity
DONE 8. Orange Habitat for Humanity 
DONE 9. Batik Habitat for Humanity 
10. Scrappy Habitat for Humanity (this one needs to be unsewn before it can be finished)
DONE 11. Binding on Covered In Love Quilt
I forgot to take a photo.
12. Crayon Rolls
10 more made.
I think I have 24ish to go.
13. Test blocks (2)

Used this Week (since the last report):
0.00 yards

Total Used Year to Date:
Donated fabric
80.52 yards
5.00 yards
Net Stash used in July
1.44 yards

Added this Week:
0.00 yards

Added Year to Date:
20.00 yards

New Goal:
200.00 yards

Yards to the goal:
133.48 yards

A couple of other fun facts are:
Prairie Moon is doing a 350-block challenge:

Total Number of equivalent blocks:
Perimeter in inches:
Numer of UFOs completed
UFO Yardage Used
Percentage of yardage used in UFOs:

Number of Bobbins Used this Week:
Number of Bobbins Used this Year:
Number of Spools Used this Week:
Number of Spools Used this Year:

July Accountability

  I need to focus on accountability. 

I doubt I get everything even moved forward by much.

My DH was just diagnosed with cancer, and we are in the stage of trying to figure out what type, what stage, the plan of action, and how to cope with the diagnosis. So, any prayers you would like to send our way would be greatly appreciated.

So, my plans for July are:

1. Finish Amy's T-shirt Quilt

I have one of four columns done. 
I need to work on making more of the strips.

2. Crayon Rolls

I have 24 more to make for my friend Tammy.

They are all cut out, marked, and need to be sewn.

I thought our trip would allow me to do them all, but I was not feeling great, so I only did ten on the trip.

3. Rob's T-shirt Quilt

It is quilted and now needs binding applied.

4. Habitat for Humanity Quilts
I stitched most of these while driving to and from Coushatta in Kinder, LA.
DONE a. Binding batik
DONE b. Binding String quilt
DONE c. Quilt & Bind Purple
DONE d. Quilt & Bind Orange
DONE e. Quilt & Bind Batik
f. Unstitch Scrappy Quilt

DONE 5. Bind Covered in Love
I did not get a photo of this quilt bound for some reason.

6. Work on Arrowheads

7. Sew a couple of test blocks for an LQS (Stitched in Schertz)
The bats were first. 😀
Now to get to the haunted house.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

What went on last week?

I had five Habitat for Humanity quilts to quilt for the New Braunfels Guild.
They are all quilted and ready to bind.
I had fun quilting these quilts


I ran out of a spool of thread while quilting this one.
I finished the binding on one last night.

I also had a Covered in Love Quilt for so long that I'm sure they wonder if it is ever coming home.
It is quilted and bound. 
I even found a box last night and can get it ready to mail.

I had an easy week planned, but DH was in the ER and then admitted.
I spent two days at the hospital while they figured out what was going on.

I had a go bag with things to work on.
One of those things was the turtles I got in Hawaii.
I have one more turtle to go.


Sunday, July 2, 2023

2023 Challenges

2023 Challenges

All People Quilt 2023 Challenge

January 1. Arrowheads

April 4. Driesbach T-shirt Quilt 

July 7. Baby Clothing Quilt

May 8. Wedding Quilt, Bailee & Ethan

9. Ashley's high school T-shirt Quilt

12. Off-Kilter quilt

APQ Completed

DONE 2. Leach Pillows







DONE January 3. Baby items for Ashley

DONE February 6. Pumpkin Table Topper

DONE 10. Thanksgiving table topper

DONE 11. Squared-up test quilt
Since it is a test quilt, I can't show a photo yet.
When I'm allowed, I will share this wonderful quilt.

5. Memory Hexagon pillows
I received word that the person these were for that she doesn't want them anymore.


#29 Christmas Panel - Winters Eve
#52 Fall Panel #1
I am so overwhelmed that I'm not even looking to see what March and April's numbers were.
I know neither of these will be finished this month, but maybe later in the year.
#8 Double Wedding Ring
#28 Bow Ties
#10 Artic Wolf
36 Carol Fray Brick
#18 Bear - Jennifer

Stashbuster DONE
#7 Baby items for Ashley
#12 Bloom
Started quilting it in BIG flowers

Rob's T-shirt Quilt

OMG Done
 DONE January/February/March - Baby items for Ashley
You can see the baby item- diaper clutch above.
DONE April - Leach T-shirt Leftovers
You can see the Tote bags and body pillows above.
The T-shirts are all used and delivered!
DONE June - Radio Waves Baby Quilt
DONE May - Rob's Memory Quilt

July Accountability

    I need to focus on accountability.

So, my plans for July are:

1. Finish Amy's T-shirt Quilt

I have one of four columns done. 
I need to work on making more of the strips.

2. Crayon Rolls

I have 34 more to make for my friend Tammy.

They are all cut out and need to be marked and sewn.

We are headed out on a vacation where I get to sew, so I will finish these.

3. Rob's T-shirt Quilt

4. Habitat for Humanity Quilts
a. Binding
b. Binding
c. Quilt & Bind Purple
d. Quilt & Bind Orange
e. Quilt & Bind Batik
f. Unstitch Scrappy Quilt

5. Bind Covered in Love

6. Work on Arrowheads