Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunday stash report - a little late and early

Judy is the one to motivate us, and I so appreciate it. Been quilting, but have not updated much.

My stash report for the week is:

Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(62.14)
Fabric Added This Week -- 0.00 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 0.00 yards
Fabric Used This Week --  13.26 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 62.14 yards
Fabric Used this month -- 32.26 yards
Net fabric used year to date: (62.14) yards

Not much quilting going on, but I've been able to use some for backings for Angel Cover Ministries .
I need to start piecing, because I have lots of quilts to finish before the end of May.

It feels good

 I've not done much piecing, but I have quilted 4 quilts for Angel Cover Ministries .
They had these donated and their machine is not large enough to be able to quilt them.  It felt great to quilt again.

I quilted this one for Sandy down the street.  The sheep and clouds are so cute.

I quilted clouds and they puff out some.  Cute.

Tomorrow is my Jo Morton's class.  I hope I have all the things cut for it.  I get to go on a retreat with the Jo's club in April.  What a fun time.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

DD's first quilt

DD is working on her Quilting Interest Project for Girl Scouts.  She needs to finish this quilt and she will have this one earned.  :)  She used some of the string blocks to put together this baby quilt top for the Wilford Hall Maternity Ward.

Angel Cover Ministries

DD and I went down to Angel Cover Ministries to see what we could do to help.  This ministry touches many children that are fighting their own battles.  She uses the help of others to make a difference in lives of children in the area.  Sylvia is a wonderful person to visit with.  DD and i so enjoyed our time there.  We came home with bears and lions to stuff and 4 quilts to finish quilting for them.

DD is talking about using this venue as a way to work on her Girl Scout Silver award.  That makes me proud.