Saturday, September 28, 2013

I quilted

I can't show you a photo, but I quilted a quilt!!!!
I'm excited to have done it again.  My eyes are tired, I'm still sleep deprived from our Kerrville Football Game last night.  Have scheduled a PT session for DD this mornign was crazy, but....that is life at times in our household.
It felt good to quilt again.  I have another baby quilt to quilt for my friend, and it is a darling pink and green quilt.  I think my favorite pink variegated thread is in order.  I can show a photo of that one when it is donel.
Now off to plan for our GS meeting tomorrow.  Not really plan, but get everything together.

Long time ago

Well, it appears that it has been almost a month since I've done anything.  That is highly unusual. :(  I have been stressed a depressed with my parents health and behaviors.  I need to determine how to make sure I am working to handle my own health and not allow things to become personal.  I am so tired from it all.  :(

Today I've wanted to sew, but DD has needed more encouragement than normal.  But, she is working in my studio, and maybe I can do both.  I have 3 quilts to quilt for others, and I really want that finished today.  I might need to say by Monday.

I have 2 quilts started that I need to determine how to finish.  It's 5 pm and I've not accomplished anything.

I also have a girl scout meeting to plan and I want to do some quilting tomorrow.

Hope to have something to show in the near future.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Well, my design wall is EXACTLY like it was last week.  My Dad went into the hospital on Friday with chest pains.  He had a massive heart attack and we have been dealing with all the stuff before and after that.  He is still in the hospital and is no longer in pain, but things do not look very hopeful.  He could surprise us, if that is God's plan.
Keep us in your prayers and I hope to sew again soon.