Thursday, December 31, 2015

Center is done

The center of the test quilt is done.  Can't show you, but now only the outside mitered border to do.
I've been playing with other things too, so it is taking longer than it should.


I received a couple of packages today. From the Quiltbug I got my folded wreath pattern
I can't wait to try this one/
I also have an applique pressing sheet.

I am testing batting for The Warm Company and am really excited to do that.
I have the bee quilt I can try it out on or maybe even the test quilt I'm working on that I can't show you.

Year long 2015 Prairie Moon Organization Challenge

January 1: Organize your oldest UFO Changed to organize my UFOs
January 8: Work on organizing your magazines or books
January 15: Change your rotary cutter blade(s) or change your sewing machine needle
January 22: Organize your marking pens and pencils
January 29: Clean out and organize one drawer
February 5: Clean off your cutting table or main work area
February 12: Learn to use a new tool
February 19: Put away stray fabric and other items
February 26: Deal with the paper clutter
March 5: Go back and pick a task from a previous week that you're not finished with and work on it again.
March 12: Organize your thread
March 19: Clean out one drawer
March 26: Work on your one UFO that is closest to finished
April 2: Eradicate a pile
April 9: Choose one small area that needs attention and work on it.
April 16: Organize your ruler collection
April 25: Clean up the area around your sewing machine
April 30: Choose 10 things to deal with
May 7: Clean your sewing machine (or have it serviced)
May 15: Put together a travel sewing kit
May 21: Clean out a storage area
May 28: Clean out a fabric bin
June 4: Revisit a previous task and work on it again.
June 11: Clean out one drawer
June 18: Work on organizing your magazines or books
June 25: Make a list
July 2: Organize your UFOs
July 9: Fix something that's broken
July 16: Clean off your cutting table or main work surface
July 23: Deal with the scrap pile
July 30: eradicate a pile
Aug 6: Clean up and back up your computer files
Aug 13: Choose 10 things to deal with
Aug 21: choose one thing you've discovered needs more work, and work on it.
Aug 27: Organize your finished quilts
Sep 3: Clean out and organize one drawer
Sep 10: Clean out and reorganize a fabric storage area
Sep 17: Organize your hand sewing supplies
Sep 24: Pick a UFO to concentrate on
Sep 31: Revisit a previous task and work on it again
Oct 9: Organize your needles
Oct 16: Work on organizing boos and magazines and patterns
Oct 21: Clean out a drawer
Oct 29: Choose 3 things you've been putting off doing and do them.
Nov 5: Clean your sewing machine and the area around it
Nov 13: Make a list
Nov 19: Put away stray fabric/organize a fabric bin
Nov 28: Clean out a drawer
Dec 3: Try to finish a UFO
Dec 10: Clean up the floor in your sewing area
Dec 17: Finish up any last minute Christmas gifts
Dec 23: Do something for yourself

Final Countdown:
Dec 29: Take a good hard look at your fabric stash
Dec 30: Organize ALL our UFOs
Dec 31: Get out of your quilt box

Prairie Moon

Get out of your quilt box

I think the one thing I am going to do is find a quilt guild to go to.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bee Quilt

The Bee Quilt is a small baby sized quilt made from leftovers.
I'll quilt it in the new year.

I also finished both of the main blocks on the test quilt.
Now to do the setting for it.

December To do List Summary

horse panel pillow
Mini Wall Hanging
Special Reach
Christmas Bears
Pink test quilt
Go through UFOs and make sure the list is correct
Quilt Diva pincushions (2)

Prairie Moon Block Challenge

We were challenged to make 365 blocks.  I finished at 1103

April .... ....... 56
May ............. 89
June ........... 128
July .............. 52
August.......... 22

Stashbuster January Numbers

They drew the numbers early for Stashbuster's Numbers game
The low number is #3, which is Ann's 2009 NYE Mystery
There are many of the pieces done on this one, and all the fabric included.
I made one of these before, but had started to make it larger. 
The high number is #39, which is Crazy Stars.
This is a really strange process, because it is whatever way you want to cut.
I do better with things that are absolute.  LOL
So, I think I cut pieces for a number of these and only did one.
I'll see how many I can make and what I can make out of it.
2016 UFO finishes are off to a start.

So, I thought it was #39 for the high number, but it was not. :(  
Someone must have not had anything higher than #39 and they chose that one.
Well, I have a #51, so it is the Fall Table runner.
I love these colors and can't wait to finish this one.
It should not take lots of time, so that is good.

I might just do #39 and get it over with. LOL
We shall see.

2015 UFO Finishes

(1)   Stocking -
(2)   Stocking -
(3)   Stocking -
(4)   Stocking -
(5)   Stocking -
(6)   Stocking -
(7)   Postage Stamp Quilt (needs quilting)
(8)   Applique My Whimsical Garden Pillow #1
(9)   Applique My Whimsical Garden Pillow #2
(10)  Applique My Whimsical Garden Pillow #3
(11)  Applique My Whimsical Garden Pillow #4
(12)  SS#1 Bug Jar Quilt
(13)  Butterfly Needlepoint pillow
(14)  Clifford Pillow
(15)  Misc 12” blocks (used 3 blocks for History table runner)
(16)  Scooby Do Pillow
(17)  Accented Chevrons
(18)  Quilt Sunset/Dragon Quilt
(19)  Coaster squares
(20)  Chicken blocks (14)
(21)  ABC Quilt
(22)  Pineapple Blossom<
(23)  Sampler Christmas Quilt
(24)  Minkee Pillow
(25)  Batik 9 patch beauty
(26)  Applique Owls (by window)
(27)  Bee Quilt
(28)  Monkey n round
(29)  Quilt Tulip Trio
(30)  Color Guard pillows
(31)  Band T-shirt Quilt
(32)  Purple Quilt<
(33)  Animal Panel Christmas quilt
(34)  Black & Bright
(35)  Dolphin pillow
(36)  Texas Badges Quilt
(37)  Embroidered Name block ornaments (5)
(38)  Christmas Tree Wall Hanging #1
(39)  Road Quilt
(40) Christmas Tree Wall Hanging #2
(41) Christmas Tree Wall Hanging #3
(42) Christmas Tree Wall Hanging #4
(43)  Christmas block swap Calico kitten (2) Trees
(44)  Oh Henry
(45)  Monkey 'N Round
(46)  Angels
(47)  Zippered pouch (2)
(48)  6" 9 patch blocks large
(49)  6" 9 patch blocks small
(50)  Green Floral
(51)  9 patch floral
(52)   Horse Panel Pillow
(53)  Red, Black and White Quilt
(54)  Special Reach
(55)  Christmas Bears
(56)  Harley
(57)  Quilt Diva Pin Cushions
(58)  Rice bags

2015 A Lovely Year of Finishes

2015 is the last year of a Lovely Year of Finishes.

January - charm quilt 

February - Christmas Sampler 

March - Batik 9 patch 

April - Tulip Trio 

May - Color guard Pillows 

June - Cowboy badges quilt 

July - Baby Road Quilt 

August/September - Oh Henry 

October - Angels 

November - 9 patches 

December - Harley 

My 2016 Quilts I quilted

Postage Stamp
My Whimsical Garden Pillows
Bug Jar
Test Table runner
Sunset/Dragon Quilt
ABC quilt
Pineapple Blossom
Christmas Sampler
Super Hero Quilt
Wilder T-shirt quilt
Batik 9-patch
Monkey 'n Around
Tulip Trio
Band T-shirt quilt
Purple Quilt
Animal Panel
Testing rainbow table runner
Bright and Black
Texas Cowboy Crests
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
 Road Quilt
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Music quilt
Oh Henry
Christmas Tree Table runner
Monkey 'N Round
Margarita Sunrise
Margarita Sunrise table topper
PP Test Quilt (W)
6" block large
6" block small
Green Floral
small 9 patch floral
Red, Black and White
Horse pillow panel
mini Christmas wall hanging
Special Reach
Christmas Bears
Pink test quilt

2016 Quilts quilted

Postage Stamp
My Whimsical Garden #1
Bug Jar
History Tablerunner
Test Tablerunner
Sunset/Dragon Quilt
Chicken Quilt
ABC Quilt
Tulip Trio
Tammy friend patriotic quilt
Pineapple Blossom
Christmas Sampler
Tammy T-shirt quilt
Super Hero Quilt
Wilder T-shirt quilt
Batik 9-patch
Patriotic Woodland Oaks quilt
Tracy Fink's quilt
Tammy BOM quilt
Love quilt<
Tammy Love Quilt
Monkey 'n Around
Lana's Blue & Yellow quilt
Tammy's T-shirt quilt
Band T-shirt quilt
Purple Quilt
Animal Panel
Testing rainbow table runner
Bright and Black
Texas Cowboy Crests
Faith's T-shirt quilt
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Road Quilt
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Music quilt
Samm's purple quilt
Oh Henry
Christmas Tree Table runner
Monkey 'N Round
Girl Scout gold project
Margarita Sunrise
Margarita Sunrise table topper
PP test quilt
6" block large
6" block small
Green Floral
small 9 patch floral
Red, Black and White
Horse pillow panel<
mini Christmas wall hanging
Special Reach
Christmas Bears
Pink Test Quilt

One step closer

Just to be accountable, I'm two steps closer to getting the second block together on the test quilt.

Pat Sloan Challenge

The next UFO that is on my list to complete.

So, Pat Sloan is doing another UFO Challenge.

Prairie Moon Final Countdown

Our challenge is to 
Organize ALL our UFOs
I've got this one nailed.
I did that at the beginning of the week.
This is a window seat that has all my UFOs housed in it.
I even have my list in excel with the door that the UFO is behind.
These are the questions to ask.
·         Do I still like it and want to finish it?
·         Do I wish I'd never started it?
·         Would I rather have bamboo shoots driven under my fingernails than take another stitch in it?
·         If I opted to make it smaller just to call it done, would that be a good option for it? Mug Rug, potholder, table mat, etc.
·         Should I just get rid of it?
·         Should I quit now, put the extra fabric back into my stash, and use the finished parts in another project, if possible?
·         If I do like it and want to finish it, what's the holdup? What is stopping me from finishing it?
I've asked and answered all of them and have a plan for finishing around 50 in 2016.
I might get fewer that that done, but it is a plan.
Make a list.
The top ones are located under my pressing table and are for challenges I joined.
The ones in black are the UFOs not yet planned to be worked on.
I'll pull from this when I need something to work on or if they are numbers drawn by Stashbusters.

                Located in the green bag
                Hummingbird blocks
                Jo’s club retreat teal and brown
                Maze or Mahjongg
                Charm Square tote Bag (2)
                Under the Sea Quilt
                Sun Kissed table Runner #1
                Located in plaid bag
                Western Sunset
                Pieced Tulips
                Zippered Pouches
                Spring Jelly Roll
                Map of Texas – Lone Star State
                Sea Quilt
                2016 Band T-shirt Quilt
                Hawaiian appliqué (pressing table)
                Christmas squares – 26 alphabet squares
                Mount Rushmore
                Race Track quilt – Patriotic (under cutting table)
                T-shirt quilt – Ashley’s(in extra bedroom)
                Located in black pillow bag
                Ashley’s Art block
                Buffalo Tote
                Casserole Cover
                Chinese Coin strips
                Christmas tree – applique
                Eric Carle Quilt
                Girl Scout drawn patriotic wall hanging to be donated.
                Olivia Baby Quilt
                String quilt
                Sun kissed table runner #2
                Tulip Trio pillow
                Wall hangings – patriotic panel
                Located in Red and Black Bag
                Misc Fall Blocks
                Pink & white strip quilt
                Cat swap blocks (12) Tulips & Cats (2 packages)
                Purple Triangle in a Square (leftovers from 54-40 or fight)
                QBS Mystery Quilt
                Purple and green 9 patches (7)  
                Misc dark squares
                Misc Patriotic
                Green & Brown woven border
                Batman pillow
                Christmas hst
                Christmas panels (3)
                In windows seat cabinet
                2017 Band T-shirt Quilt (will do this in 2017) upper cabinet
                America the Beautiful
                Ann’s 2006 NYE Mystery Quilt
                Dolphin pillow
                Ann’s snowball
                Applique Pixie Garden (by window)
                Applique turtles (window)
                Baby clothing quilt – boy 
                Baby clothing quilt –girl
                Basket block
                Batik & Black QST (left from Batik 9 patches)
                Black embroidered butterfly
                Blue and beige misc
                Bread & Butter Flag
                Bright Bee quilt
                Bright Pinwheels
                Bug Jar Quilt
                Bull’s-eye – 30’s
                Chicken makings
                Chicken strips leftover from making a purse (couldn’t find)
                Children’s book - Tidings
                Children’s book – Woodsy Wonders
                Children’s book Maisy
                Christmas -  Nature gift
                Christmas Diagonal
                Christmas Panel – Winter’s Evening
                Christmas squares (from Carol)
                Christmas Stockings (1)
                Christmas sweatshirt project
                Christmas tree skirt -- blue
                Coaster squares (table)
                Color guard pillow (under pressing table in bag)
                Color Wash from Carol
                Copper and teal quilt
                Courthouse step panels
                Cozy Days Quilt (under pressing table in cardboard box)
                Cozy kitten mystery blocks
                Crazy heart paper pieced
                Crazy stars
                Daisy Banner
                Double Wedding Ring (near fabric drawers)
                Elvis Quilt
                Embroidery blocks
                Fall border
                Fall orange quilt
                Fall panel
                Fall Panels
                Fall Quilt
                Fall Square Quilt
                Fall Table runner
                Fall Yellow & Brown top
                Fancy Fox
                Feathered Star pieces
                Floral & Blue square in a square
                Flower quilt (hand quilting)
                Flower Shop Quilt
                Framed 4 patch (from Carol)
                Frog & flowers baby quilt
                Future Heirlooms (can’t get in touch with her)
                Gypsy Wife
                Halloween quilt
                Heart ornaments
                Heart Struck Runner
                Home in the Middle (Window)
                Horse Barn
                Imperfect Squares (29)
                Jo’s Club blue (by window)
                Jo’s Club red (by window)
                John Deere pillow
                Keri Bag
                Kim’s Pillow
                Leader /Ender 2.5”, 1.5”, 1” scrappy (on curtain)
                Liberty blocks
                Madam Mim
                Midnight Snowflake Wall Hanging
                Mini Scrap baskets
                Mira - Red Hat purse
                Misc panels
                Monkey ‘N Round
                Office going away squares
                Paper pieced block
                Patches for Randy’s quilt
                Patriotic GMFG
                Patriotic panel (Lorena gave me)
                Patriotic stars
                Pink & Green Quilt Panel
                Pink & Purple 9 patches
                Pink & Purple QAYG for bag
                Pink Horse Quilt
                Pretty in Pink
                Purple and brown Baby Quilt
                Quilt Smart butterflies
                Quilter wall hanging panel
                Quilters Dream animal applique
                Red and Black pinwheels odd sized (4)
                Row By Row (by table)
                Run around bag
                Sampler Society BDB (window) 2014
                Shirting Half Square Triangle or Quarter Square Triangle quilt
                Shy Little Kitten panel
                Simply Woven
                Special Reach pillows
                Sunset/ Dragon leftovers
                Teal and blue BDB
                Tie Quilt
                Tinker Bell
                Tree - genealogy
                Triple Irish Chain
                T-shirt Yarn
                T-shirt quilt – random from Carol
                T-shirt quilt - Randy’s(in extra bedroom)
                Western Courthouse Steps
                Whimsy Playground
                Wool ornaments
                Yellow and Blue Birthday Blocks
                Yo yos
I've got this one done!

I don't have any quilts waiting to be quilted, so I'm good there.

164 listed UFOs for 2016.

Fabric usage

I was wondering how I'd been in using my FABRIC over the years.

I started tracking in 2006

       Year       used      bought
2006    15.03 2.50
2007 211.30 37.00
2008 196.36 48.06
2009 106.53 63.25
2010 154.40 45.25
2011 180.75 11.75
2012 267.32 47.00
2013 148.67 51.75
2014 236.30 33.00
2015 355.12 30.75

1,871.78 yards of fabric used.
   370.31 yards of fabric bought
1,501.47 net decrease in my fabric stash

So, I've had my ups and downs in buying fabric.  If I could focus on 2011 and only buy a few yards each year, I'd be good.  I think I bought mostly backing fabrics this year.

I'll have to try and figure out the piecing of fabric backing again.  I used to do it, but have decided I didn't like quilting through them.

Just some interesting information for me to know that I really have used some fabric in the last 10 years.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I can't show photos of what I'm working on right now because it is a test quilt.
It is made with the same block colored differently.
The method is different from what I normally do.
It is a good method, just different.
So, I'm finding I am having procrastination problems.
I have the first block done.
I have the second block all cut out.
I have the first step done.
I have the second step ready to do.
If I keep accountable and post what I'm working on, maybe I will focus and get it done.
I would like the flimsy done before NYE.
Guess I'd better get busy.

I'm also looking at patterns for the band T-shirt quilt.

Prairie Moon Final Countdown

Take a good hard look at your fabric stash

I have a fairly good organization going, but there is always room for improvement.
This is my string bin.
It sits right next to the sewing machine.
I've not made any string blocks this year, and that is why it is so overflowing.
My plan for 2016 is to incorporate string blocks into the UFOs I'm working on.
That will help with the string mess.
I don't know of any other way to store these.
A bigger container would be too awkward in the space I have.
My main fabric is stored in these two cabinets.
I color coded them and fold to fit the cabinet.
Each fold is about a yard of fabric, so there is plenty in there.
I went through this last year and I did thin most of it, so most is what I will use.
I will go through and straighten it for this challenge.
If I can consolidate some of the stacks, I will rearrange to fit the size of the stack. 
My batiks are overflowing because of finishing some of the UFOs and needing to put the fabric back on the shelf.
This side needs to be rearranged.
The fleece and minkee are on top of the cabinet and could be arranged so I know what is there.
I have the t-shrit material that I'm making into t-shirt yarn under the long arm.
My bolts of fabric are under the long arm too.
I need to remember they are there when I need them.
I don't really have any other place in the studio to store them. 
Scraps, scraps, scraps.
When I use a color, I make sure to fold and put it back in the drawer.
When I add to the drawer, I'm not so good.
It would be nice to go through and see if I can get these organized so things fit.
I've been using them in my UFOs, but when the UFO gets done, there are always strings and scraps to put away. 
I do have some pre-cuts in the top drawers.
I don't really like them, but it is a good place to store when you have leftovers.
I go to them when I need a certain size and color for projects.
I know my 6.5 inch squares are overflowing.
Guess I should plan something with them and reduce that drawer.

I think that is all the fabric storage I have.

I'll work on things for 15-20 minutes a day to get it in better shape.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Design Wall Monday

This is the annual band T-shirt for the auction.
Even though we are not in that band anymore, it will be fun to support them.
I already have the shirts, so why not? 
In cleaning out my UFOs, I found this little doll quilt.
I want to put another border of the black and white around it.
They strips are already made from some other quilt.
I just need to cut and sew together.
If I can quilt it quickly, that will be one more UFO for 2015 and one not on my 2016 list.
That will make me happy.

This is the last link up for the year.

2015 UFO listing

This is the listing left from the year.
I did a number of them, but ended up making more than one item out of each UFO.
That's sometimes discouraging, but I'm trying to focus on the process and not the list itself.
Now to update for 2016.

2. Alphabet BOM (by the window – apocketfulofmysteries)
3. America the Beautiful
5. Ann’s 2006 NYE Mystery Quilt
6. Ann’s 2009 NYE Mystery Quilt
9. Applique Pixie Garden (by window)
10. Applique Turtles (by window)
11. Applique turtles (window)

13. Ashley’s Art block
14. Baby clothing quilt – boy
15. Baby clothing quilt – girl
16. Basket block
18. Beginner/Ender hst long term project (2.5” used, curtain)
19. Black embroidered butterfly
20. Blue and beige misc
21. Bright Pinwheels
22. Bull’s-eye – 30’s
23. Casserole Cover
24. Cat swap blocks (12)
25. Charm Square tote Bag
26. Chicken makings
27. Chicken strips leftover from making a purse (couldn’t find)
28. Children’s book - Tidings
29. Children’s book – Woodsy Wonders
30. Chinese Coin strips
31. Christmas - Nature gift
34. Christmas Panel
35. Christmas skirt -- blue
36. Christmas squares (from Carol)
37. Christmas panels (3)
38. Christmas squares – 26 alphabet squares
39. Christmas sweatshirt project
40. Christmas tree – applique (by window)
41. Coaster squares
42. Cozy Days Quilt (under cutting table in cardboard box)
44. Color Wash from Carol
45. Copper and teal quilt
46. Cozy kitten mystery blocks
47. Crazy heart paper pieced
48. Crazy stars
49. Dino pre-quilted
51. Dolphin panel
52. Double Wedding Ring (near fabric drawers)
53. Elvis Quilt
54. Embroidery blocks
55. Eric Carle Quilt
56. Fall dress
57. Fall Quilt
58. Fall Yellow & Brown top
59. Feathered Star pieces
61. Flower quilt (hand quilting)
62. Framed 4 patch (from Carol)
63. Frog baby quilt
64. Future Heirlooms (can’t get in touch with her)
65. Girl Scout drawn patriotic wall hanging to be donated.
66. Halloween quilt
67. Hawaiian appliqué (pressing table)
68. Heart blocks
69. Heart ornaments
70. Heart Struck Runner
71. Home in the Middle (Window)

73. Hummingbird blocks
74. Imperfect Squares (29)
75. Insect swap
76. Jo’s club retreat teal and brown (green bag under cutting table)
77. John Deere pillow
78. Landscape
79. Leader /Ender 2.5”, 1.5”, 1” scrappy
80. Liberty blocks
81. Madam Mim
82. Map of Texas – the Lone Star State Quilt
83. Maze or Mahjongg (under pressing table)
84. Midnight Snowflake Wall Hanging
85. Mini Scrap baskets
86. Misc 12” blocks
87. Misc 4.5” blocks

89. Misc 7” blocks
90. Misc 9” blocks
91. Misc Cross Stitch outs
92. Misc Fall Blocks
93. Misc Odd sized blocks
94. Misc panels
95. Mount Rushmore
97. Office going away squares
98. Olivia Baby Quilt
99. Paper pieced block
100.Patches for Randy’s quilt
101.Patriotic GMFG
102.Patriotic panel
103.Patriotic panel (Lorena gave me)
104.Pink & Green pieces
105.Pink & Green Quilt Panel
106.Pink & Purple 9 patches
107.Pink & white strips
108.Pink Horse Quilt
110.Pretty in Pink
112.Purple and brown Baby Quilt
113.Purple and green 9 patches (7)
114.QBS Mystery Quilt
115.Quilter wall hanging panel
116.Race Track quilt - Patriotic
117.Red and Black pinwheels odd sized (4)
118.Red Hat purse - Mira
120.Run around bag
121.RWB flag wall hanging
122.Sampler Society BDB (window)
123.Sampler Society birthday block (by window)
124.Sea Quilt
125.Shirting Half Square Triangle or Quarter Square Triangle quilt
126.Shy Little Kitten panel
127.Snowflake Memory quilt
128.Stockings (1)
129.String quilt (in string container)
130.Sun kissed table runner #2
131.Teal and blue BDB
133.Texas Panel leftovers
134.Thanksgiving wall hanging
135.Tie Quilt
136.Trip Around Texas
137.Triple Irish Chain
138.T-shirt quilt – Ashley’s(in extra bedroom)
139.T-shirt quilt - Randy’s(in extra bedroom)
140.T-shirt quilt – random from Carol
141.Under the Sea Quilt
142.Wall hangings - patriotic
143.Western Courthouse Steps
144.Western Sunset
145.Whimsy Playground
146.Yellow and Blue Birthday Blocks
147.Yo yos
148.Batik & Black QST (left from Batik 9 patches)
149.Zippered pouches from Carol