Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stashbuster January Numbers

They drew the numbers early for Stashbuster's Numbers game
The low number is #3, which is Ann's 2009 NYE Mystery
There are many of the pieces done on this one, and all the fabric included.
I made one of these before, but had started to make it larger. 
The high number is #39, which is Crazy Stars.
This is a really strange process, because it is whatever way you want to cut.
I do better with things that are absolute.  LOL
So, I think I cut pieces for a number of these and only did one.
I'll see how many I can make and what I can make out of it.
2016 UFO finishes are off to a start.

So, I thought it was #39 for the high number, but it was not. :(  
Someone must have not had anything higher than #39 and they chose that one.
Well, I have a #51, so it is the Fall Table runner.
I love these colors and can't wait to finish this one.
It should not take lots of time, so that is good.

I might just do #39 and get it over with. LOL
We shall see.

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