Friday, August 31, 2018

Last Vacation Day

Lots of Pillows

My trash basket is overflowing, twice.
I used the extra bed as a design wall. 
This is where it is. 
I ran out of kona black, so when I get home, I'll finish it from the bolt of kona black that I have. :)
Trash Bin was overflowing.
I trimmed a lot. 
I made more pillows from orphan blocks and orphan embroidered blocks. 

Overall, 5 pieced blocks and 13 embroidered blocks.
I'm happy with the things I accomplished here.
I'll go hunting with DH in November - what that really means is I will sew while he hunts.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Design Wall Monday

 I'm linking to Small Quilts Doll Quilt's Design Wall Monday.
Internet went down on Sunday and just back up this evening.
Been in Conroe, TX since Saturday and have been working on lots of blocks and pillows. This is the BOM I was needing to do the K-Z blocks and I got them done and it's all together now.
When I get home, I'll be having a quilting marathon and then a finishing marathon.

Motivational Monday

19-25 August 2018

1. Work on Postcards 
Thread Painting (3)
Little Red Schoolhouse
DD Birthday


Mohawk Flag

This is a fairly new bag that had sheets and fabric in it.
I've used some of the fabric now and everything else is put away.
This was under something else, and I'd like to get that area cleared, so on to the next one.
It was mostly Girl Scout things.
Kept the important papers.
Trashed the things not needed.
Gave away the things I no longer use.
This was an odd assortment of stuff.
Most was easy to put away to give away, so that is good.
It is empty.
I started this weeks ago, but during phone calls filed the receipts and put things away.
It is now out of the way.
I did find a purse that I need to go through, but that is for another day.
It feels more open now.
I have no idea what is in here, but it looks very much like DD's.
It had fabric and DD's stuff.
Lots of Mom and Dad's stuff too.
Most of it found a home.
These pieces need to be put up on the wall and I don't have the time to do that now, so they will wait until we return home.
If I don't add more stuff to it, that should be easy.
I wonder what the next box will hold.
It is kinda embarrassing to show everyone how much junk is around this house.
But, there is hope.
I have kept all the boxes that can be reused and they are piled in the extra bedroom.
Soon it will be time to get rid of most of them, but they have come in handy when a smaller or larger box was needed when things were consolidated.
I need to get the leftover fabric put back into place before the trip.

3. T-shirt Pillow
This was before it was put into a body pillow.
It has been delivered.

4. Bind Squirrel Quilt
I think I'm waiting on this while I'm in the car.

5. Pack for mini vacation
I need to figure out what I'm really bringing and cut the pieces.

6. Hummingbird Quilt

26 August - 1 September 2018
It's vacation week with sewing in there.

1. Hummingbird Quilt

2. Bind Squirrel Quilt

3. Work on the projects I packed for vacation.

4. Make two banners


Well, it has been an interesting vacation.
The place is not as well set up as it was the last time we came here.
It was not as clean as it should have been.
The A/C is not working as well as it should.
The WIFI went down and it took them 2.5 days to fix it.
But, all that being said, it has been a great quilting week.
My machine set up on the dining room table.
All the extra bags under the table out of the way.
The collapsible containers under the bar holding all the items which I brought to work on.
Wayyyyyy too much to finish, but it is a good thing I had it.
Some of the items have instructions on the internet and I didn't have access to them. 
Computer set up at the bar with my diffuser connected. 
Cutting table is a bit low, but I'm not doing long term cutting.
See the design wall over there in the hall?
It makes me walk around to get things up and down from the wall. :) 
APocketfulofMysteries (APFOM) Block of the Month.
I had A-J done a few years ago.
I finished K-Z and found 4 additional blocks already made, so I used them in the corners.
This is the final arrangement in Alpha order, except for the 4 corners.
Decided on brown sashing and lime green corner stones
I have the scrappy binding made from leftover pieces used in the quilt.
This is the trimmed off pieces from quilting for 1 day.  
Hummingbird quilt is into top format.
It is a very simple setting, because I only had 9 blocks.
I also made the binding out the blue I used to frame the blocks. 
This is the Irish star pillow sham that I am making 2 of.
I need to quilt it and that is better done on the long arm.
I need to make a second one of these.
Then comes the pillows because of the lack of internet to work on something else. 
This is actually a pocket in the center.
I love this fabric. 
I had some snowflake embroidery that I made pillows from.  
I think I like the one with mostly blue.
I'm only using the fabrics I brought with me, so I'm doing what I can. 
My green monkey hanging from the curtains.
Next were making two banners.
I did the embroidery at home and brought them with me.
That is all purple fabrics. 

Both of these are names that would not normally find anything spelled correctly.
I like the way they came out, even with the LONG name. :) 
I need to put a tie on one end and button on the other.
This is for DD's dorm curtains to allow them to keep them open without causing problems with the things in front of them.
I forgot the hair band and the button, so I'll finish it at home. 
This is a little shamrock bear pillow case. 
The Flamingo Pillow. 
The Yellow Finch Pillow. 

Redwork flowers into a pillow.  
More Redwork. 
Snowman redwork pillow.

This is all I've been up to since Saturday evening.
DH has been doing the cooking and feeding me well.
We've been out a couple of times.
I think he gets cabin fever a bit quicker than I do.
I hope the internet stays up and I can update a little at a time instead of all at once.