Friday, December 31, 2010

NYE mystery

This is Ann's NYE Mystery.  It is for  DD's room.  It is hanging on her wall, but I need to quilt it and  bind it. 

What a great way to spend NYE.  Quick and easy.

Thanks, Ann!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday stash report - last of 2010

Judy is the one to motivate us, and I so appreciate it. Been quilting, but have not updated much.
My stash report for the week is:
Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(111.24)  made my goal, but not by much!
Fabric Added This Week -- .25 yards    It was a gift
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 45.25 yards
Fabric Used This Week -- 15.66 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 132.22 yards
Fabric Used this month -- 15.66 yards
Net fabric used year to date: -111.24 yards

Merry Christmas to all

We had everyone over for dinner yesterday. It is so wonderful to have family around. Spent a day playing Mexican Dominoes, eating, laughing and enjoying each other.

I've not been doing lots of quilting lately. That is mainly due to family commitments. I have been cutting apart baby clothing to make 2 quilts out of the fabric, and that is taking lots of time.  The boys clothing is all cut, except for the sweaters.  Thinking I need to stabilize and then cut and sew immediately.  We shall see how this works.  I'm still working on the girls clothing.  Seems she has more fabric, so I'm not sure how the Mom wants to handle the sizing of the quilts.

This Christmas tree wall hanging was going to a teacher, but didn't get done in time.  So, I am ahead of the game for next year.  These are fun to make.  I hope to try a different tree wall hanging for next year.

I quilted this one on my DSM because the backing was just not the right size.  It was for a friend down the street.  Used gold thread and outlined the boxes and embellished some of the clothing.
Put together a gingerbread house.  Only problem, the roof didn't want to stay put.  LOL  Took us forever to get it to stay in place, but we prevailed!  DD enjoyed this project and all the baking we did Christmas eve.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stash report - finally

I've not done a stash report since summer.  Life took a strange turn and I had nothing much to report.  I've now started to quilt again, so I thought I'd do my 21 Nov 10 stash report a bit late.
Judy is the one to motivate us, and I so appreciate it.

My stash report for the week is:

Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(4.52) yards to go
Fabric Added This Week -- 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 45 yards
Fabric Used This Week -- 4.55 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 120.34 yards
Fabric Used this month -- 16.45 yards
Net fabric used year to date: -95.48 yards

I have a number of quilts needing to be quilted, so I hope this goes up much more the rest of the year.  It still appears that I'll meet my goal of 100 yards of my stash gone in 2010. 

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful family, fun filled Thanksgiving.
I have been stitching out embroidery designs and quilting QOVs.  No photos right now, because I need to get the camera. 
I have so much to do around the house with family and friends coming for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.  DH will be doing the mail dishes and I'll do the sides.  DD will do some baking for it today.
When the kids go back to school, we will have 3 weeks before Christmas vacation.  I need all those teacher Christmas gifts finished.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Small Sewing Group

It was a good day. I was only going for part of the day and DS convinced me to stay for all of my therapy. So, I stayed until I had to go to my GS Service Unit Team Meeting.

A sideways version of a green and yellow alphabet quilt.  I need to quilt this one and get it delivered soon.  I have one more that should be done quickly.

Lana was working on this one with a new ruler that is a twist and turn method.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Wanda was busy with her twist and turn pattern

a fun mantel piece

2 table runners that I can't get the photo to stay turned the right way.

This is a piece from her MIL's stash that she set with some wonderful floral fabric.  What a fun piece for her daughter.

I was trying to get some of the necessary items prepared to finish.  These are for the Wilford Hall String quilts that I'm making for the high risk pregnancy ward for Moms who don't take their babies home with them. 

one boy one girl

I also started working on the Christmas tree Wall Hangings for gifts this year.  I need to focus and make lots of half square triangles for these items.  I have all the other pieces ready to sew.  I would love to just continue to sew and get some of these items completed.

I am also loading a Quilts of Valor quilt to be quilted.  I have a few of these I need to complete this month.  They give me such pleasure to quilt for others.  I think all of them are going back to allow the other folks to finish them.  Check out the site for how you could help too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's been a long time

This is the little Wilford Hall Medical Center Quilts for those Moms that don't get to bring their babies home.  I'm using the String blocks from Heartstrings to do the center and then border with a kid friendly print

These are for one of my few Birthday block swaps.  Fall colors are so pretty.  I enjoy the contrast on the dark one too. 

This baby quilt was another UFO that a friend gifted me with.  I did use up 4 of the leftover blocks from Carolina Crossroads.  I love this one.  It was a gift for DD's Math teacher that delivered in October.

This is not a quilty one, but is for DD's Science teacher that is on bed rest and due in late November.

 I quilted these for my friend Tammy.  They were used to raise money for her school.
DD as Venus for Halloween.  Notice the bag I got from Houston Market. 

These are the projects for Jo's Club.  I still have one more to put the top together.  I then need to work on the current one.  Of course, these need to be quilted and bound too.

I embroidered these for teachers at DD's school  I actually made 8 more than this, but didn't take the photo.  Aren't they pretty?  The striped towels were difficult to find the right thread for.  Then, I ran out of 3 different spools of yellow.  :)  It was a fun time, since it was the first time I had the machine on since August. 

So, I have been doing a few things, but not as many as normal.  I hope to change that and post more often.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Veterans Day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wilford Hall Quilts

I finished the binding on two Wilford Hall baby quilts. These are for those Mom's that do not get to take their babies home. They are tiny, but are there to comfort during this horrible time.

this is the back and front of a quilt that was made with orphan blocks donated by Barbara.
This is a heartstrings quilt that is made from donated blocks.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

First of 8 baby quilts

Finished this today and delivered it tonight.  :)
DD's picked out all the colors.  I think she did a great job.  I almost didn't get it done.  But, it is done and only 7 more to go.  LOL  Everyone is pregnant around me.  YIKES!

I've been so busy with the school activities that this is the first sewing I've done since I got home late July.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long time not posting

Well, I was not doing much quilting.  I can't believe it has been a month since I posted.  But I've painted my DD's room, I've gone to visit a quilting friend, I've had my husband in town from Los Angeles and life took over.  I have done some things, and hope I can remember them.  These little pincushions were for a swap, but didn't get mailed in time, so I'll figure out something else to use them for.  These were made from bonus hst.  Finished size is half an inch.  What was I thinking????
My big project was a scrappy quilt for my DH.  I've been working on this one for over a year now.  It is one of my UFOs.  I was stalled on it and overwhelmed, but worked on it while I was vacationing in San Pedro.  I quilted it when I got home and just finished up the binding yesterday.  DH says it is now on his bed in Los Angeles.  I'll be with him every night because of the quilt.  :)

I visited a friend in Medina and this is one of her quilts.  She wanted hearts and stars meandered around the quilt.  Got it done this week.
When I got back to the school, we found out that a dear teacher has breast cancer and is going to start chemo and radiation soon.  One of the people there had these two tops ready and I quilted them with large meandering.  They will be tied with prayers.  This is a prayer quilt.  Front and back.

This is a quilt Vicki made for Jessica.  It is so pretty. I enjoyed quilting it

Tammy made this quilt for a wedding gift.  I quilted hearts all over it.  Got it mailed off earlier this week, so hope it is to her in time to finish for the wedding.  Very pretty fabric.
This is another piece made by Tammy.  It is a Christmas wall hanging.  I had fun trying new things on it.  I did loops and outlined the squares.  I need to get more control over my long arm to made it more accurate.

Friday, July 23, 2010

summary from vacation

This is the panel for the dolphins I wanted to make DD a quilt with.  But, DD was NOT thrilled with the colors.  Yikes, she always loved bright colors.  Now it is BLUE and only blue.  LOL  So, I'll just have to work on that blue dolphin quilt.  How boring.  LOL

This is the blue dolphin fabric I found.  I am trying to figure out how to do tiny snails trails to go around the center block, and then something creative for the rest of the other panel.  I don't know that the fabric to the far left is going to work in this quilt, but I can hope.  I'll be using the black for much of the background.
One of JoMarie's friends gave me most of this fabric.  I'll use it in scrappy quilts.  The crushed walnuts are being used in pincushions.

I thought this was a fun pattern.  Hopefully I'll get to work on it this year.  I needed COC, WOW, white backgrounds.  I was running very low on them.  I also had not brought any with me, so I needed some for DH's quilt.  The Christmas panels were also given to me by one of JoMarie's friends.  Nice friends.  :)
These are more scraps from Barbara.  I found the cupcake pattern on the quilt shop run I went with JoAnn, Terry, Sabrina and Linda.  It is so cute.  The color/color hst are more that I cut while in San Pedro.
These are the books I found at all the different shops I went to.  Aren't they fun.  Most were 40% off.
This is a kit that I kept walking past in the Quilting Bee in Orange, CA.  I just had to have this kit.  It has applique on it, but I want to try it.  I hope I get to it this year too.
These came from the 40% off store that is closing.  i love Kincaid, so I will have to figure out what to do with these 2 panels.  Maybe a Christmas quilt.  I thought I could do something in the blue dolphin room that reminds DD of her horseback riding too.  LOL 
  This is a mixture of given fabrics and bought ones.  The ones on the right hand side are what I got to go with the bright dolphin fabric.  Oh well, they will be used.
These are all the trimmed hst that I've been working on all summer.  The other color/color one should have been in the photo, but it was packed elsewhere at the time.  LOL  I still have a cake pan sized box to finish trimming.  There are lots of usable pieces here.  I'll just need to figure out a pattern to use and it will be fun, because they are already made.  I am making pincushions out of the smallest ones (1" unfinished).
these are the trimmings from all those trimmed hst.  LOL  I think it is enough for a pet bed.  DD better get busy with what she is working on.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wow, Tabitha has an idea for 2010.  I think I will try this out.  Of course, I'm not at home, so that makes things a bit interesting.  But, I can try and remember the things I've accomplished so far this year.  So, does a quilt finished count as one item???  I'm thinking that might be a start if it went out of the house.  All the thing I gave to scouts to get the year finished will help too.

My quilting day with JoMarie

JoMarie and her friends are wonderful to work around.  I had loads of fun quilting with them.

These are two of the store samples JoMarie made.  Aren't they fun? They are awesome in work and one didn't even have batik in it.  :)
I love this red, white and black quilt.

A fun sampler they were all working on. The label for this one was an amazing embroidery.

She was making pillowcases for a birthday party. Lots of them.
All those triangles.
She finished this one and I love stars.  The colors are not true in this photo.  It was more blue.
My bonus pieces from the yellow and lavender quilt.  I didn't bring along the other fabric to finish this one, so I'll wait until I get home.  This will become another one of the baby quilts for Wilford Hall's high risk pregnancy unit.