Monday, April 28, 2014


I hate it when my computer is having troubles.  I was off line all weekend. :(
so, I finished quilting this red quilt for Lana. 
I'm working on the band T-shirt quilt and have added the stabilizer to the back of all the shirts.  I couldn't get my design off the computer to allow me to fix that.  So, I have to get it printed off and then be able use either just the front or both front and back.  I'll have to play around with it. 
So, while I was playing around with the stabilizer, I decided I needed to work on that baby clothing quilt again.  This is the bag with all the cut 2.5" squares.  I still have loads to cut.  But, I needed to make it into something. 
I have some 4.5" squares and 6.5" squares to the mix.  Here is one grouping of units.  I think it will be cute when it is done. 
Here is my sewing piles. 
Here is the bag after some sewing and cutting. 
Some of the larger squares.

More larger squares. 
Non-stabilized squares. 
A pile of stabilized squares. 
The tub that still needs to cut. 
worked with the small quilt group.  Lana put the binding on her red quilt. 
This brown border will go on this other quilt of Lana's. 
I worked on my nine-patch and QST quilt.  I didn't get a photo of mine.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Quilting on going

I made a pass and a half.
I decided I need to go to sleep instead of finishing this.

Red Moon Rising

This is Lana's quilt that I am ready to load and quilt.  I need some quilting time.  Been dealing with legal stuff and so much other stuff this week that I've not been able to sew.  So, I designed the quilt I posted earlier tonight and now I think I will try and get this at least loaded.  I'd love to get it quilted tonight.

T-shirt design

OK, this is the design DD likes for the band T-shirts.  I have 4 black T-shirts, one white and one yellow.  
It will be 58 x 82 because of the size of the designs on the shirts.  15" is the largest of the designs.  I had it with more yellow, but I like the blue better too.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pink Stilettos

DD is having fun making these, even though they are pink, her least favorite colors.  LOL

design wall

OK, so it isn't in a quilt format yet.  I have these 7 T-shirts I need to make into a quilt for a band banquet silent auction.  They are all black but 2 of them. :(  School colors are blue and gold.  I need to figure out what I want to do with these and make it happen.  Maybe I can add in more blue?
Check the other sites out with Judy.

More stilettos

DD having fun with these.  If she were trying to sell them, what would you pay?

Eagle Scout wall hanging done

Here it is, the Eagle Scout wall hanging is finished.  I'm excited about it and love the way it came out.

The label is OK too.  Thank you, Vicki for digitizing this for me.  Now, when am I going to learn how to do that?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

stash report

I actually sewed a little this week. Woo Hoo. Made some birthday blocks, but they don't count until it is all done.
Added year to date.        - 79.5
Added this week                0.0
Used this week                  .54
Used year to date          103.92

I can only count the one pillow this week.  I will have the wall hanging done by the time next week is here. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

UFO #3 of Sampler Society

This is the LBT UFO.  It had another border that was too much work.  I don't like my fabric choices on this one.  It is too scrappy for me.  I had some extra orphan 9 patches and used them instead.  I do think it needs a small border and then a larger one, maybe floral print.  It will talk to me sometime.
This is my next UFO in the Sampler Society UFO Challenge.  I finished the second one early, so I started this one early.  It will go on the back burner until I get the band t shirt quilt done.

DD is making me more of these.  I asked for a purple one and she made that and 2 others.  She is experimenting on how many beads, their shapes, etc.  I think she is having fun.

Happy Easter Everyone!  The Lord is Risen.

Stiletto making

I asked DD to make some stilettos for sewing.  
These are supposed to help with pushing that last bit of fabric through without losing seam allowance.
They are made with turkey basters.  
The hardest part is closing the loop at the top.  
DD had fun making these.

Quilting done

I finished the quilting on it.  Stitched in the ditch around the brown.  I dis stars in the border.  I did loops in the white of the eagle background.
Now to bind it.


The top of the wording is more aligned.  :)
I'm quilting it now.  I hope it can be done by Monday.

Eagle Wall hanging

So, I unstitched the saying and restitched it in.  I am not sure I like the way it went back in, so I might need to do some adjustments.  These fitsy things are not what I love.

Thank you

I thank my friend, Lorena, for stitching this out for me.  I could not get my machine to cooperate and I needed to finish this during the weekend..  Lorena of a Thread of Scarlet saved me.  I can now work to get the wall hanging finished and delivered before the Eagle Scout ceremony.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


So, you say, what is it with all the baggies?  Well, I am working on my third UFO for the Sampler Society and wanted to go through my extra blocks to see if there were any that I could use for the UFO.  Would be a good time to use UFOs to complete another UFO, right?  Well in going through things I organized them by size.  In doing that I replaced this many bags with 5 bags.  Better organized and maybe I'll be able to find blocks that will go better with each other.  If I had bags with blocks already sorted, then I left them together.  No real sewing done today.  I just worked on embroidery that did not go real well.  I don't understand why I had the problem, but I did with my transferring of files.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pillow finished

So, when I was looking for the eagle embroidery in my UFO cabinet, I found these blocks.  There were actually 5 of them, but I only used 3 of them.
They were pretty and I decided to make a pillow out of them.  I found some green in my stash that went and I'd just bought some pillow forms.
The pillow form was smaller than the pillow size, so I added the flange like border around it.  
This will go into my DD's silent auction during the band banquet.
I could do this without having to see too well.

Eagle wall hanging

My finished top, or I thought it was.  Apparently I had embroidered the Boy Scout oath on the last one, and didn't do that thing time.  
so, I will unstitch it and embroider the oath and add it back in.

Design Wall Monday

Judy has us post our design wall.  This is finally something different from the past. That is a good thing.

Lower left will become a pillow.  This is a set of blocks from a UFO and I can't even remember which one it was going to be.

The one on the right is the Let's Blame Trudy.  I have so many leftover blocks that I think I am going to see if I have others that will work here.  I might need to make more flying geese to make it all fit.  We shall see.

The eagle is for a boy scout eagle award.  I have one side of a border (very thin) to do and then all around it.  It should be done today, or at least the top.

Wall hanging

I've had this embroidery for awhile.  I am using it for the wall hanging for an eagle scout.  If you notice the fabric in the lower left, that will be the outside border.  I think I'm going to put a thin brown strip before the border.
Felt good to make progress on this.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stash Report

I actually sewed a little this week. Woo Hoo. Made some birthday blocks, but they don't count until it is all done.
Added year to date.         79.5
Added this week                0.0
Used this week                  3.54
Used year to date          103.93

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Taxes done

Finally got the taxes done.  I vow to get better organized earlier, but it doesn't seem to happen.
They are done.
DS has to give me education expenses and his will be done.
My Mom, well that is another story.  Hers need more information and I don't have it, so I will need to find it or ask for an extension.
Tomorrow I hope to file their paperwork and do some more cleaning and maybe even load this big quilt.
I have an emergency quilt coming in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday.  That will need a quick turn around.

My birthday block

2 - 4 1/s” x 8 ½”
1 – 4 ½” x 4 ½”
1 – 5 x 5
2 – 5 x 5
1 – 5 x5
2 – 2 ½” x 4 ½”

4 – 2 ½” x 2 1/2”
The cut out fabric looks like this.  I normally lay them out to see their placement.
Make Half Square Triangles (hst).  I drew a diagonal line on the Green.  Sew on both sides of the line. 
Cut on the drawn line. 
Trim to 4.5"
You will one use one of each pair.  Save the others for another project.  There are other ways to make hst and if this bothers you to have leftovers, then use one of the other ways.
Next make flying geese.
Draw a line on the 2 1/2" squares.  Lay on the background fabric as shown.
Make 2 flying geese. 
Trim the sewn line to 1/4" I keep the waste hst and sew off on them.  Then, I use them in other projects. 
This is what it looks like half done 
Lay thee other square as pictured and sew on the line.  Trim as above.  
This is your finished flying geese 
Make sure to lay them out and sew the pieces together.
I sewed the flying geese to the flower print first.
I then sewed the hst to the one part just finished.
Next was the flying geese part to the background part.
I sewed those two new parts together and then to the background piece.
Next I sewed the hst and background together.
Finally, sew that piece to the rest of the block.  
You have your final block.
This is for my Sampler Society birthday block quilt that each of us is picking a block that is posted on our birthday.  I've not had time to do any others, but want to make all of them.  I love all the blocks I've seen.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Working away

I have the binding ready to sew down on the baby road quilt.
I pulled out the next UFO that I have on my Sampler Society listing.  
This is "Let's Blame Trudy"
I didn't get the rest of it made, so I'm debating on following the pattern or just doing my own thing.  
I think I will probably follow the pattern.  I just found it on my hard drive.

I also have the eagle pressed and playing with an idea of how to frame it. I had those two pieces laying on the table.  I like the blues and browns. I will probably do new strips so they match, but I think that is the plan.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eagle scout wall hanging

A friend has a son getting his Eagle scout award next month.  
I'd done a wall hanging for her other son and she wants one for her youngest.  
So, I knew I had leftover eagles already stitched out.  
I asked DH which one to use and he picked this one.
This is the beginning of a quilt UFO that I decided I was not going to do.  
So, it will become a wall hanging and the other 3 will be used in something else.
This should not take very long, so I'll work on it first.

Birthday day

So, today DH gave me a gift certificate for SAS shoes.  I got this brown sandal and a black one.  Both the same style.  They are so comfortable, even when my feet swell.
After getting up at 445 to be at the band hall at 530, I was tired, so I did not get to sew as much as I wished today.  But, I did load and quilt this baby quilt.  I normally go all around the roads, but today I decided to just do an overall design.  It now needs binding, which can probably be done when I am waiting for DD. 
Homework is finally done for DD and she is in the shower.  I'm waiting on her to go to bed.
Maybe tomorrow I can work on some of the other items.  
I need to do a T-shirt quilt for a donation to the band banquet silent auction.
I need to get the taxes done.
I need to get the birthday blocks caught up.
It might be a busy weekend.