Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birthday day

So, today DH gave me a gift certificate for SAS shoes.  I got this brown sandal and a black one.  Both the same style.  They are so comfortable, even when my feet swell.
After getting up at 445 to be at the band hall at 530, I was tired, so I did not get to sew as much as I wished today.  But, I did load and quilt this baby quilt.  I normally go all around the roads, but today I decided to just do an overall design.  It now needs binding, which can probably be done when I am waiting for DD. 
Homework is finally done for DD and she is in the shower.  I'm waiting on her to go to bed.
Maybe tomorrow I can work on some of the other items.  
I need to do a T-shirt quilt for a donation to the band banquet silent auction.
I need to get the taxes done.
I need to get the birthday blocks caught up.
It might be a busy weekend.

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