Monday, April 28, 2014


I hate it when my computer is having troubles.  I was off line all weekend. :(
so, I finished quilting this red quilt for Lana. 
I'm working on the band T-shirt quilt and have added the stabilizer to the back of all the shirts.  I couldn't get my design off the computer to allow me to fix that.  So, I have to get it printed off and then be able use either just the front or both front and back.  I'll have to play around with it. 
So, while I was playing around with the stabilizer, I decided I needed to work on that baby clothing quilt again.  This is the bag with all the cut 2.5" squares.  I still have loads to cut.  But, I needed to make it into something. 
I have some 4.5" squares and 6.5" squares to the mix.  Here is one grouping of units.  I think it will be cute when it is done. 
Here is my sewing piles. 
Here is the bag after some sewing and cutting. 
Some of the larger squares.

More larger squares. 
Non-stabilized squares. 
A pile of stabilized squares. 
The tub that still needs to cut. 
worked with the small quilt group.  Lana put the binding on her red quilt. 
This brown border will go on this other quilt of Lana's. 
I worked on my nine-patch and QST quilt.  I didn't get a photo of mine.

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