Friday, May 30, 2008

Banner is done!

Have you ever worked on something and almost have it completed and do something that ruins it to the point you have to start over??? Well, that is what happened on this banner. (I'll post a photo tomorrow because it is on the pole in the car right now and I don't want to go take it out!)
I was adding some fusible to some of the letters and what happens? The pressing piece transferred fusible to the front of the banner. Oh my God! I was so sick to my stomach. Thank goodness I had extra material for the banner AND for the letters. I had to go and die cut all of them again. That is what caused me trouble with my shoulders the last time. I was not thrilled, but I got it done, after going and not taking enough fused fabric to get all the letters out. :(
But, it is finished, I have the pole, and DS put the finales. So, the kids will have a banner to carry tomorrow for the fund raiser.

I still have to get the teacher quilt done this weekend.

I got a call for the QWLs and it was good to hear from her. She was worried about me. It was nice to be able to tell her a box with 5 quilts would be on its way on Monday. That is a good feeling.
If I were smart, I would add the binding on this one and get it ready for her. I might do that tonight because I have a ride tomorrow for the fund raiser.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teacher quilt top is done!!!

Wow, I thought I sewed fast, but not on this one. This is a kit I bought at the Honey Bee Quilt Store during the shop hop. I bought it because DD's teacher loves pink and green. I was having issues with the pinks and greens I had in my stash. I had some, but didn't like what I had to put together. So, when I saw this one, I just had to get it for her. I always dislike buying kits because you are NEVER sure if you have the right amount of fabrics or not. But, I have to compliment this shop on the generous amount of fabrics needed to make this quilt. I have some leftover, and might just make the teacher a purse. ???

I did find the backing fabric, so now my task is to put the backing together and get the quilt on the long arm quilted and this one loaded and quilted. What pattern should I use to quilt it? Ideas?

Finally got a photo

This quilt has been completed since last week, but I didn't get the photo. I delivered it today.

Lots of quilting on it. Seemed that it needed something.

Now, I'm off to hem a pair of pants and a dress for my Mom. I'll do that while she is in for her eye appointment.

Monday, May 26, 2008

still plugging away

I am STILL working on that silly teacher quilt. Not sure why it is taking me so long, but might be that it is on point and I always mess up, so I am going back and forth to the design wall to make sure I've got it right. I still had to rip out 2 setting triangles. LOL

I think it is going to be pretty. I even found a backing fabric in my stash. That makes me happy. Hoping I can finish it up in the next day or two. The final 3 rows should go together quickly.
I might have enough fabric left to make a pillow case or maybe a tote bag. Since these are DD's teacher's favorite colors, a tote might be fun.
I also made 2 ocean waves while doing the leader/ender for each seam I sewed. Another one is cut out and ready to use.
I'm cutting off Mom's dress and slacks. She is so short that nothing is short enough on her. So, I will work on them tomorrow at her doctors appointment. I need to get something quilted tomorrow so I can have something to work on at DD's eye appointment.

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Today is a day that we are spending with family, remembering those who've helped to keep our wonderful country free.

about half way there

Well, I have all the units made and up on the design wall. Now I'm sewing the rows together.
In between as leader/enders, I am doing an ocean waves block. I'm trying for at least one a month. I know, it is going to take forever, step at a time. I have 11 done and the number 12 is being assembled. These are from all my leftover hst and 2.5" off white/white squares. Truly a scrappy quilt. I'm trying to not have duplicate fabrics in each block. Lots of fun, LOL

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday stash report

My Stash report for the week to keep up with Judy is as follows:

Fabric usage goal --100 yards {81.01 to go}
Fabric Added This Week -0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 39.68
Fabric Used This Week - 3.62 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 58.67 yards
Fabric Used this Month 24.92 yards
Net year to date: 18.99 yards USED this year!!!
So, what did I work on this week?

I worked on lots of things, but only accomplished the baby quilt . I've got more of the teacher quilt done and the banner needs a little work to be complete. So, not lots accomplished, but better than nothing.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

teacher quilt

Well, even with the horseback riding and working on the horse group banner, I got another round done on the teacher quilt. I still need to sew it all together, but the pieces are made. One more round to go with the setting triangles. I think the backing and binding is going to be a bright pink.

Friday, May 23, 2008

more teacher quilt

Well, DH is finally home.

I got some sewing done. Here is the next row laid out on the teacher quilt. The next 2 rows are more pink. I think it is going to be OK
I've figured out the setting triangles and will be able to get to that tomorrow. There are 2 more sets of blocks to do for this quilt. I have the next set cut and started to sew, but needed to head out to do family things.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

QWL #26 done

I've not had lots of time to quilt, so these last 5 have been delayed. I have this one done, #26,. I quilted flowers in it. I have #27 ready to load. My thumb is hurting, so I'm not sure I'll be able to pin tonight. I have room for 1 or 2 in the box and would like to get it mailed soon.
This is is the center squares for the teacher quilt. More 9-patches. LOL.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mail call

Look what I got in the mail today. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL???? I love this group that makes purses for each other. I have loved all the ones I've received. This is just perfect. Now, I want a quilt made out of those colors. LOL

Oh, I got the precious moments quilted today and the binding on ready to be sewn down. Maybe at Karate tomorrow night.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Precious Moments

Well, I had hoped to get this done yesterday, laid plans. I was depressed and didn't do ANYTHING all day long.

But, I got Precious Moments put together today. Had issues with the inner border, but got it figured out. Now, I need to find the backing and get it quilted, bound and out of here.
Isn't this Kittie cute? DD isn't too bad either. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stash Report

I've had a better week. Yeah!!!

My Stash report for the week to keep up with Judy is as follows:

Fabric usage goal --100 yards {84.63 to go}

Fabric Added This Week -0 yards

Fabric Added Year to Date - 39.68

Fabric Used This Week - 12.57 yards

Fabric Used Year to Date - 55.05yards

Fabric Used this Month 21.3 yards

Net year to date: 15.37 yards USED this year!!!

So, what did I work on this week?

I finished the wedding quilt and got it mailed to California.

I finished the Girl Scout Quilt for our Service Unit Director.

I finally got the Heartstrings quilt quilted AND bound today. This is going to a church for a priest that is very ill.
DH is out of town again next week so, maybe I'll have a good week again. LOL DS was here -- watching over Mom -- and he kept DD busy. So, it was help. LOL
I'm excited about all the progress. Can't wait to see what everyone else is up to. I might even be able to join in on the quiltathon. I was going to try the quilt an hour a day, but am behind. Maybe I can catch up some on that one. :)

Fun day

Here is the quilt and the new owner. She was surprised and had NO idea about this gift. I think she likes it.

DD and me at the bridging ceremony. I have a Junior girl scout in my household now.
Our troop that were there at the bridging ceremony. We have a couple more that were not able to attend.

I did get to put binding on the heartstrings quilt while we travelled to the scout event. DH drove and took us out and about, so it was a fun time to accomplish something. I'm glad I quilted it this morning.

I also made the backing for another UFO. This is for a QOV, so I hope to get it quilted soon. I'd like to have it with me to work on as time allows.

Scout quilt done

WEll, the binding is sewn down, the hanging sleeve is attached and the label is on.

The quilt is done.Just in time for a presentation this afternoon.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

slowly but surely

Doesn't DD look good on Roscoe? This horse is headstrong. But, DD shows him who's boss!

I have a good friend, Vicki, that designed a label for the girl scout quilt for me. I have it ready to sew on. The binding is sewn down. The hanging sleeve is half way sewn down. So, it will be done by tomorrow. Yeah!!!

I also cleaned up the sewing area a bit. Not 100%, but better than it was.

I got the backing together on the string quilt and it is loaded on the long arm. I am using leftover pieces of batting, so I had to zig-zag them together for this quilt. That is done and they are waiting for me to quilt. This is one of my UFOs, so that will be a great one to get finished.

I have the red for the inner border picked out for Carolina Crossroads. The border on this quilt is giving me fits.

I picked out the backing for a soldier quilt, so that is ready to piece together.

I found the inner border for the Precious Moments baby quilt, and hope to get working on that one too.

I actually feel like I'm making progress. I also cleaned up my desk and it is actually wood under there. LOL Now to figure out which pens and pencils actually still work. I don't know how I collect so many, but I do.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Girl Scout Top done

They just wanted a wall-hanging, so the center is complete. I did the Chinese coins, and boy it it difficult to get a mitered type of corner. LOL I had to lay it out to make sure I got them right. But, it is done. Now to figure out what I'm going to do for backing and quilting. All of this is just from scraps. Amazing that I've not even made a dent. LOL Too bad it isn't a true UFO. I had some slanted star squares started, but not really for this type of quilt. LOL

I'm thinking about the binding to be in pink?

I might get to work on it tonight, but won't have any time tomorrow with my busy day from 0800 to 1800. I might be just too worn out to do much. LOL

Thursday is a bit better, but I really wanted to have the binding ready to sew down for the eye appointment on Thursday. Maybe I'll just have to make time tonight to quilt it.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wedding quilt is done

I finished the binding on the wedding quilt and put the label on it. Ready to mail it off to California.

I got the center of the Girl Scout quilt done. I like the half blocks to finish off the slanted stars on the edge. Now I need to figure out the inner border. I'm doing piano keys for the outer border, but want to add in some pink to the inner border. Now to find the right one. What about the backing???? What am I going to bind it in???? So many questions that have to be answered quickly. I need this done by Friday.

My sewing room is a mess. It amazes me how messy it is to do a scrappy quilt. :( But, I'll try and get it picked up before the evening is over.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sunday stash report

I decided to post early with it being Mother's Day tomorrow. Wishing all the Moms and Grandmas a Happy Mother's day!

I sewed lots on Saturday, but didn't finish much this week, though my one major finish put me over in the usage and I'm now on the right side! I did get the tulip quilt bound and ready to mail off. I finished one 9 inch birthday block. Remember, Judy reminds us we still have the rest of the year. Thanks for reminding us what needs to be focused on.

Fabric usage goal --100 yards
Fabric Added This Week -0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 39.68
Fabric Used This Week - 7.02 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 42.48 yards
Fabric Used this Month 8.74 yards
Net year to date: - 2.80 yards used this year!!! Yeah!!! I'm back in the negative (used)

I feel good to have accomplished something this week. DH is gone next week, and that could be a good or bad thing when it comes to quilting. It all depends on the 8 year old. LOL

May sewing group

We had another lady with us today. Woo Hoo, Ina was a fun addition to our small group. We had a blast all day long.

I had a few projects I wanted to work on and wouldn't you know, I didn't have all that I needed for them. :(

My list was:
1. Precious Moments top (4 patches done, need inner border)
2. Ocean Waves -- a couple more blocks (didn't evn touch this one)
done 3. Pink and Brown 9 patches
done 4. Pink snowballing horses
done 5. Birthday block
6. Borders on Carolina Crossroads (need to rethink the borders)

I did work on the split 9 patch birthday block and finished it without a problem, so that was my completion for the day.

I tried to put borders on Carolina Crossroads, but it didn't work out. I didn't like it at all. I think it needs a thin red border first. Of course, the one time I don't bring any red fabrics with me, I need them. LOL We shall see what happens when I try the red. Hoping it works and I can get it quilted this week.

I started on the precious moments quilt top and got all the 4 patches made, but didn't have the right color to put on the inner border. So, that went back in the bag until I find the right color of pink for the inner border. I found one, but don't know that I have enough to do the border.

Next, I worked on doing the snowballs for the horses. I got them done. I then started on the 9 patches for the horse quilt for Ashley. I did the purple ones last week for First Friday. I got them done, and started to use the horseshoe fabric for the setting squares. I had some pink, but need to see if I want to use another pink instead of the confetti pink. I want to add the girls name and 2008 to the center square. That shouldn't be too difficult. Here is the layout. Need to determine if I want to add another row with more 9 patches to finish it out. I think I will end up doing that.

Lana showed us her watermelon quilt that she started at First Friday. Isn't it pretty? She also work on her block of the month in pinks and browns. I like this one too.

Wanda worked on a couple of things and had issues with the stuff she brought, so this is the only photo I got of her black and white strip quilt. I forget the name of this block.

Ina, our newest member, started the day off with her sewing machine not working. Her husband brought her featherweight, so she had a slow start, but she made 2 baby tops . They are more blue than the photo shows. Aren't they bright and beautiful? I think her grandson will LOVE them! She worked on her block of the month for this month, a very detailed block.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Working away

Well, I did work on some of the quilting earlier in the week and got two quilts to the binding stage. I have managed to finish the tulip quilt. When it gets out of the washer and dryer, I'll post a photo.

I now have the binding on the wedding quilt to work on.

This is my sewing Saturday, so I need to figure out what I'm going to be working on.
I'm thinking I need to get the baby quilt that I have for hire to the top stage. I'm using a panel - precious moments - so that should not be too bad.

I think my list is something like this:
1. Precious Moments top
2. Ocean Waves -- a couple more blocks
3. Pink and Brown 9 patches
4. Pink snowballing horses
5. Birthday block
6. Borders on Carolina Crossroads

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Interesting link

Sunday Check In

I sewed lots on Friday, but finishes aren't there. We are close on some, so hopefully next week will have more stash out the door. Remember, Judy reminds us we still have the rest of the year. Thanks for reminding us what needs to be focused on.

Fabric Added This Week -0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 39.68
Fabric Used This Week - 1.71 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 35.46 yards
Fabric Used this Month 1.71 yards
Net year to date: - 4.22 yards added I'm still in the negative, and I really want to use 100 yards

I did these prayer squares for the church. Not complicated, but takes me time to focus and do. LOL
I do have the wedding quilt ready to quilt, the string quilt ready to quilt and the tulip quilt ready to bind. That one will put me in the usage instead of added column, so I need to focus and get these quilts quilted!!!

My problem is too many projects started. LOL It's that quilters ADD issue. I look around the room and I just have way too many things going on. If I'd finish things I'd be happier and less cluttered.

I am also trying to get my house in order. I seem to be piling things and it is getting to me. Now I have piles of things that need to go to the goodwill. That is my project next week for the house -- get all the goodwill stuff out and delivered!

It's funny that when you actually do a scrap quilt from your scraps, it does not feel or look like you used anything. LOL It seems to add air to the scrap drawers and you have trouble getting anything new in there. LOL So, maybe I need to focus and get some yardage out and make a quilt from my yardage?

Good luck to everyone else that has quilting issues (even if they are fun) and I hope you meet your goals this month.

Friday, May 2, 2008

First Friday

My first time to the Seventh Heaven's First Friday day was wonderful. Wanda picked me up around 8 am and we went to breakfast and then arrived at the Quilt shop right when they were opening.

I had ten projects. Of course, I didn't work on the one that I really needed to get done, but I did have fun.

1. I did finish putting the borders on the heartstring quilt top. I now will need a backing and quilt it. This has been an on-going project for awhile and is one of my UFOs.

2. I finished 4 prayer squares for my church from the other strings I had. This is a completed UFO, so that is WONDERFUL!!

3. I made 40 9-patches in green and purple for the horse quilt.

4. I snowballed the horses in purple -- all 12 of them.

5. I got the binding machine sewn on the tulip quilt. When we go anywhere this weekend, I'll take it along.

What I got started.

6. I got one border on the wedding quilt and the other border cut out.

What I didn't get done

7. 40 9-patches in pink and brown for the second horse quilt.

8. Snowballing the horses in pink -- 12 of them.

9. Putting the border on the Carolina Crossroads.

10. Baby quilt for pay.

But, I'm happy with what I did get done, and I had a blast. It was well worth the time away.

DD and DH had a great evening. They went to the chiropractor together, went to Mr Gatti's for dinner and game playing and then swimming. They were watching TV when I got home.

I'm hoping May continues the way it started.

I'll post photos later when things are completed.