Saturday, May 10, 2008

May sewing group

We had another lady with us today. Woo Hoo, Ina was a fun addition to our small group. We had a blast all day long.

I had a few projects I wanted to work on and wouldn't you know, I didn't have all that I needed for them. :(

My list was:
1. Precious Moments top (4 patches done, need inner border)
2. Ocean Waves -- a couple more blocks (didn't evn touch this one)
done 3. Pink and Brown 9 patches
done 4. Pink snowballing horses
done 5. Birthday block
6. Borders on Carolina Crossroads (need to rethink the borders)

I did work on the split 9 patch birthday block and finished it without a problem, so that was my completion for the day.

I tried to put borders on Carolina Crossroads, but it didn't work out. I didn't like it at all. I think it needs a thin red border first. Of course, the one time I don't bring any red fabrics with me, I need them. LOL We shall see what happens when I try the red. Hoping it works and I can get it quilted this week.

I started on the precious moments quilt top and got all the 4 patches made, but didn't have the right color to put on the inner border. So, that went back in the bag until I find the right color of pink for the inner border. I found one, but don't know that I have enough to do the border.

Next, I worked on doing the snowballs for the horses. I got them done. I then started on the 9 patches for the horse quilt for Ashley. I did the purple ones last week for First Friday. I got them done, and started to use the horseshoe fabric for the setting squares. I had some pink, but need to see if I want to use another pink instead of the confetti pink. I want to add the girls name and 2008 to the center square. That shouldn't be too difficult. Here is the layout. Need to determine if I want to add another row with more 9 patches to finish it out. I think I will end up doing that.

Lana showed us her watermelon quilt that she started at First Friday. Isn't it pretty? She also work on her block of the month in pinks and browns. I like this one too.

Wanda worked on a couple of things and had issues with the stuff she brought, so this is the only photo I got of her black and white strip quilt. I forget the name of this block.

Ina, our newest member, started the day off with her sewing machine not working. Her husband brought her featherweight, so she had a slow start, but she made 2 baby tops . They are more blue than the photo shows. Aren't they bright and beautiful? I think her grandson will LOVE them! She worked on her block of the month for this month, a very detailed block.

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