Friday, May 30, 2008

Banner is done!

Have you ever worked on something and almost have it completed and do something that ruins it to the point you have to start over??? Well, that is what happened on this banner. (I'll post a photo tomorrow because it is on the pole in the car right now and I don't want to go take it out!)
I was adding some fusible to some of the letters and what happens? The pressing piece transferred fusible to the front of the banner. Oh my God! I was so sick to my stomach. Thank goodness I had extra material for the banner AND for the letters. I had to go and die cut all of them again. That is what caused me trouble with my shoulders the last time. I was not thrilled, but I got it done, after going and not taking enough fused fabric to get all the letters out. :(
But, it is finished, I have the pole, and DS put the finales. So, the kids will have a banner to carry tomorrow for the fund raiser.

I still have to get the teacher quilt done this weekend.

I got a call for the QWLs and it was good to hear from her. She was worried about me. It was nice to be able to tell her a box with 5 quilts would be on its way on Monday. That is a good feeling.
If I were smart, I would add the binding on this one and get it ready for her. I might do that tonight because I have a ride tomorrow for the fund raiser.


Kim said...

poor mel, at least you got it done :)
Did the lawn get finished????
I'm still making butterflies I think I need 45 or so for a throw ala gypsy quilter .....I think I have 20 or so done in 2 days :)

Amanda said...

Oh, what a complete bummer!! I bet there was some bad language floating around at your house. I really admire you though for starting again and making another banner, a lot of people would have made do or gone without.