Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday accountability

I did some things this week, but also added in the fabric Tammy sent me, so I have a small reduction in stash to show. But, I didn't buy anything, it was just gifted to me. LOL
I finished the Jo's Club wall hanging.
I finished my cover for my journal, guess I need to take a photo of it.
I finally finished Randy's curtains that were promised since September.
I used backing on 2 quilts that were not mine.
Maybe next week I won't be adding any fabrics to my stash

Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(96.33) yards to go
Fabric Added This Week -- 20 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 20 yards
Fabric Used This Week --18.72 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 22.70 yards
Fabric Used this month -- -3.67 yards (all due to Tammy sending me fabric)
Net fabric used year to date: -3.67 yards

Judy is having us do the check in again this year. Accountability is a good thing!

Finished my Jo's Club Wall hanging

I actually love this little quilt. I don't do little quilts often, but this one was fun. I did my first single fold binding. I think the double is easier, but it is workable.

I've cut the baskets for the next project. Little bitty baskets. 4" finished block. Yikes! What did I get myself into?

At least this project is not going to become another UFO.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jo's club

I've been working on the Jo's Club project. This is the first project. Not a good photo, but I'll do better with the finished project. I just did an outline stitch in the light triangles. I feel it needs more quilting, but I'm not sure what that should be.

Sunday update

OK, I did finish a quilt this week. That is the NYE Mystery I've been working on. I have a couple of other things in the works, but no other finishes. It felt good to get something finished that was mine.

Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(95.05) yards to go
Fabric Added This Week -- 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 0 yards
Fabric Used This Week --4.46 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 4.95 yards
Fabric Used this month -- 4.95 yards
Net fabric used year to date: 4.95 yards

Judy is having us do the check in again this year. Accountability is a good thing!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NYE Mystery completed

As I waited for Mom and DD to get their hair cut, I finished the binding on the NYE Mystery. This is a gift needed in May/Jun time frame and it is DONE!!! I feel GREAT!

Monday, January 18, 2010

binding almost done

I have been working on the NYE mystery binding. This is a gift I need for the end of May early June, so I am ahead of the game. That is a GREAT feeling.

Tammy's tan quilt

I finished quilting Tammy's tan quilt and will deliver it today and pick up a couple more quilts. So, that will be a fun transfer.
I did quilt some last night and have the NYE mystery quilt quilted. I need to unload it and get the binding on and I'll have another UFO finished. That is exciting.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Second Christmas Quilt quilted

Woo Hoo, I finished quilting the quilt I loaded yesterday. I like this one too. But, then again, I like Christmas too.

I have one more of Tammy's to finish and then I can get these off to her. I've had them awhile because we were waiting on backing to come in. Then, Christmas came and I had not time for quilting.
It feels good to be back to quilting again. Too bad it isn't reducing my stash.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another one loaded

Well, while I listened to DH snore on the phone, I loaded the second Christmas quilt. This is another lap sized quilt, so it won't take long to quilt. The backing is blue, but I'm still going to use the red thread to do the peppermint swirl design.

I hope to finish this one tomorrow. Then, I will only have one more of Tammy's to do, 2 QOVs, Vickie's Dear Jane, my NYE mystery, & my Texas Flag quilts to quilt.

Then, right now, I have DH's curtains to finish, DH's quilt to finish (doing 4th quarter right now and will need the borders added), the ocean waves, the green quilt, and the blue & yellow quilt to finish piecing.

When I look at that list, until I get to my quilts, by stash won't decrease at all, so I'd better get busy. Once I start on my stuff, I will end up with 7 UFOs done, all larger than lap sizes. Love that idea, but it means there will be extra fabric to try and fit in the cabinets. All that UFO fabric is under the window seat in the UFO cabinet. When it leaves there, it has to find a home with the other fabric. LOL So, that is a challenge in itself, but a good one.

Slanted Stars

I have blocks coming in for a quilt in the slanted star pattern. Brights and black corners. I have 3 blocks so far. I think this is going to be a wonderful quilt. I'd never thought about doing the black points before, but I like the effect.

loaded the long arm

Finally loaded the long arm and quilted a small Christmas quilt for Tammy. That is one down and 2 of hers to go. Seems we are making progress. It felt good to quilt.

I also put a backing together for the NYE mystery quilt I finished yesterday. It is a pretty orange to go with the border -- not the same fabric, but close to the same color.
Working on DH's quilt. Still need to get the stars put together before I can assemble this one. This is the last of the quarters and then the borders need to be made.

Monday, January 11, 2010

NYE Mystery

I finally got the NYE mystery borders done and put on. I like the way this turned out. I have twice as many of the fall fabrics to do another one, but not enough of the rust colored fabric. The background is more orange than yellow in this picture. Now, I need about 4 yards of backing, and need to figure that one out. I don't have enough of any of these fabrics to use. I don't need it until later in the year, but would love to get it done sooner than later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYE mystery

I've almost got the NYE mystery quilt put together. Sewing the rows together now. Didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but some is better than nothing.

When this is done, I am working on DH's quilt and get it finished.

I am going to quilt a few small quilts this week and then on to Vicki's Dear Jane quilt.

Sunday update

Back to school week didn't let me focus as I'd like. But, I need to get my schedule going.

I made a pretty birthday block., and spinning star blocks. Not much done, but something is better than nothing.

I have lots in works and when I finally finish them, it will be a big finish.

Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(99.51) yards to go
Fabric Added This Week -- 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 0 yards
Fabric Used This Week --0.24 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 0.49 yards
Fabric Used this month -- 0.49 yards
Net fabric used year to date: 0.49 yards

Judy is having us do the check in again this year. Accountability is a good thing!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday Block

I finished a churn dash birthday block. I used the Texas Bluebonnet fabric for it. Now it will get on its way to Japan.
I really like this color combination.

Saturday Quilt Group

Well, today was supposed to be my small quilt group day. But, with 17 degrees outside, it was cancelled. Depressed me, but I understand.

So, not lots getting done here, but this is what I've got done so far.

DD has a part of a music badge completed. She used that information and did a student directed PowerPoint slide show for school.

I cut out 3 blocks and have one sewn for a slanted star quilt.

I have the birthday block cut out and ready to sew.

My list was longer than this, but with it being at home, I never get as much done.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

scrap sorting

I was sorting my scraps into their color drawers. I sort by color and then when I cut, I sort by size of squares. But, right now, I am trying to go through 2 bins of scraps. Some of these are OLD. I remember them being used in quilts 6 years or more ago. Yikes, where were they hiding? I swear the scraps multiply overnight. When I look, it appears that I have not even made a dent in this one bin. But, it must be air, right? I have decided I need to make a green and blue quilt because I have too much of both of those for one drawer, so I must need to use them up. The next scrap quilt should have lots of fun fabrics in it.
Anyway, I found blocks in there that I didn't know I had. So, that means UFOs are increasing instead of decreasing. I found some new/old hst that I can use in my ocean waves, so that is a good thing. LOL I've not been sewing, I've been organizing and trying to get my home in order.

Today became a day that I helped my son focus and get some of his home in order. He just moved and it was supposed to be a 2 week move, but instead became almost an overnight move -- about 2 days to move. Yikes. He got everything moved, but not in any sense of order. He is still sleeping on the couch because he can't get his bedroom together. That would have been my focus,

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I've been here by myself most of the day. Well, the others have been outside doing yard work and I've been inside organizing and sewing. I am so trying to figure out how to work on all these UFOs and get things done. I have so many that I truly need to figure it all out.

So, how do I work out all the things I need to do and the things I want to do? I'm not 100% sure, but I'm thinking I need to reduce time at the school and on the computer and increase the time sewing on things I want to do.

I am going to try and increase the things I do for pay on the long arm. I need to bring in some additional money and this is the way to do it. I don't want to make quilts for pay -- too much stress. But, the quilting process is something I can do. So, now I have to determine the right way to accomplish that.

Balance. That is what my goal is for 2010

Weekly update

Beginning the new year. Not sure I've accomplished anything that is finished, but I've been sewing.
Fabric usage goal (100 yards)--(99.75) yards to go
Fabric Added This Week -- 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date -- 0 yards
Fabric Used This Week --0.25 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date -- 0.25 yards
Fabric Used this month -- 0.25 yards
Net fabric used year to date: 0.25 yards

Judy is having us do the check in again this year. Accountability is a good thing!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New shelf

DH just put up my new shelf and curtain rods in my studio. I started to decorate it with my pincushions and quilting fun things. It's hard to get a good photo because of the long arm lights. Thank you, Randy!
Kim gave me the spool photo for Christmas this year and the shelf sitters last year. Aren't they fun?
I can't wait to see if Kim will sell her photos. I can just see her having a calendar with all her quilting and sewing photos.


OK, so I was looking for the fabric and the curtains I'd started for my studio. DH is putting up the shelves and curtain rods. But, I have not found them, and my back won't let me be down on the floor that long.

But, I found a pumpkin wall hanging UFO that I was doing for embroidery work and needed one more step to finish it. So, here it is. the back is not all that pretty, but I guess you don't see it anyway.
Now to figure out where I put those curtains.