Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

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Hope your 2017 is the best ever.

Book It

OK, this is just the first time I've ever done anything like this, so I hope it works.
I think I put this in the Linkz things, but here it goes again.
What are you using for January?
I'm using Borders, Bindings & Edges by Sally Collins
My Quilty Fun needs to be finished
I want to add something to this quilt to make it rectangular and then add a border to it.
Hoping this book helps me.
What are you doing?

Final Countdown #3

Prairie Moon's final final countdown is 

Get committed

I finished organizing the main fabric stash.
I will need to work on the scraps, but will do them as I am using them.

I'm still cleaning up surfaces.
I have the desk to deal with.
That might take awhile to make it happen

I still have the scary corner to deal with.
I'll need to enlist DD to help me get that stuff together.
The window seat won't be that bad, so maybe I'll tackle that next.

My 2017 goal are talked about here.
My word for the year is CHANGE.
So many ways to implement that and I'll talk about them as I go along.

There are so many things that I want to work towards.
Like Shelly, I want to work on those UFOs.
I would really like to be in the double digits, but I don't know that that is going to happen.
I have too many things going right now.
If I focus, I will be closer than I am this year, and that will be a good thing.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Progress on Challenge #2

Flat surfaces challenge
Yikes I have too many flat surfaces.
This is going to be a long term challenge for me.
I found all these empty thread spools and other things.
I don't know why I'm saving them.
Does anyone have a craft that they use empty spools for?
Everything is in their homes.
I only have 4 projects left out.
All surfaces dusted and clean.
I have fully cut out apron and matching fabrics.
It says QBS Mystery, so I wonder if they did this at a retreat and friends sent it to me???? 
Why an apron and matching material????
It was almost cut out, so it is one of my UFOs
My corner of diffuser and tools is contained.
This was the dustiest of the whole room
I still need to work on the ledge and get it dusted and arranged.
I ran out of steam.
Tomorrow is another day.

Final Countdown Task Two

OK, I finished the first Final Countdown Task, so now on to the second one.

Tackle all the flat surfaces

Flat surfaces are problems for me.
I never have a really clean desk.
Why?  I'm not sure.
So, here we go with the horrible messy flat surfaces.
My cutting table.
Well, I could cut on it, but I have things that need to be put away.
I really only have 3 5 projects on the table needing to be worked on.
The green in the purple container (and overflowing) is the T-shirt quilt.
The red container is the HST quilt that will be worked on right after the T-shirt quilt.
The baggie is the Stashbuster # I'll be working on soon.
The 10" squares are for a test quilt I need to cut out soon.
The yellow pile is for the FROG quilt.
The mess of other things would have a home.
I will figure out what needs to be moved and put away here. 
My pressing table just got lots of leftovers on it.
It won't take long to put where they belong.
The bag is an apron I want to get made up soon. 
The major disaster!
My desk!
I have homeschool stuff.
I have paperwork stuff.
Who knows what is actually here????
This is where I need a process to keep it cleaned off. 
My sewing area is OK.
There is only a couple of things that should be straightened.
Most of this stuff (minus the pillow) is supposed to be there. 
The scary corner.
This is all the jewelry making items that need to be fixed since DH threw to boxes down and everything went everywhere.
It is any craft things that should go in the cabinet.
I don't know that this is going to be cleaned this year.
The window seat will be cleaned off.
The quilt there needs to be mended, but it is black and I can only work on it in daylight.
I have a serger that I'd love to set up, but don't know where to set it.
The other stuff is give away and a few things that have homes.

I'm thankful we didn't put more flat surfaces into the design.
I would be in bigger trouble.

Final Countdown update

My final countdown post from before is here.
the way it was yesterday 
Look how pretty it is today.
I found some fabrics that were completely away from their color.
Who knows, maybe DD helped me and just stuck them somewhere.
But they are  now with their own colors,.
I see that I have too many blues, whites, purples, batiks and novelties.
I'll need to see about using some of those colorways when I'm doing new things this year.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

January Stashbuster #'s game

Well, we have the Stashbuster #'s pulled.

The low number is #11 -- Baxter's T-shirt Quilt.
It is on the design wall right now, so this is awesome.
The high number is #83 -- Jo's Club Blue.
This is one of mine for July L.'s challenge.
I don't know what number she is going to pick or exactly how that is going to work.
I'll probably adjust to have them both be this #83 quilt. 
I've closed out my 2016 UFO file and am now onto 2017.
I have a quilt that I think will be loaded today, but it was not a 2016 UFO.
It won't be done this year, so I've added it to my list.

Final Countdown

Go over to Prairie Moon and follow along with her Final Countdown.

Today is to

Get your fabric stash under control

I don't have lots of fabric laying around, but some of the stacks could use attention.
This is my stash.

That bag if T-shirt leftovers is being cut into t-shirt yarn as I am cutting other things.

My Jo's Club fabrics are in containers by themselves and need no help.
It looks like my top shelf will be OK.
The Christmas fabric is too much.
I need to make something with it and that will give me the room I need.

The white, blue, red and green fabrics need to be organized and stacked better.  
Looks like that bottom shelf needs some help.

I hope to be able to get this accomplished today, since it isn't so much.

Now, my scraps, which I consider part of my fabric stash, is always overflowing.
Since I have been focused on my UFOs, this seems to be growing out of control.

Some folks don't like the way this area looks.
I like having my scraps sorted this way.

I actually like that I have drawers for cut pieces.
No, I don't like to pre-cut pieces anymore.
I found I don't use them like I thought I would.
But, there are times I cut more than I need and this is great place to keep the extras.
I made a complete quilt out of 2.5" squares and didn't have to cut anything.

I have the drawers color coded and it works.
DD made me labels for them.

I am now using that floral drawer (it's open and overflowing).
It was fine until I opened it and it expanded.
But, Pat Sloan is doing a BOM this solstice and I'm joining in.
I'll be using my scrap florals and a light green background.
We've made 2 blocks so far.
That should help a little to reduce the fabric in that drawer, at least a little.

I think this will be an on-going project
When I use a certain color, I'll go through and refold it to make it fit a bit better.
If I have not used a color during the week, then I'll pick one and spend 30 minutes folding the fabric to help it fit better.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2017 UFO Listing

I won't be finishing any moe UFOs this year. If I get to finish anything, it will be the test quilt or a QOV.  So, my list is 161 items. I just went through the cabinet and around the studio. I believe these are all I know of at this point. I was hoping to get below the 99 point this year, so I have lots of work to do. Some are small and some are larger.

1.                   2017 Band T-shirt Quilt
2.                   Animal Applique
3.                   Ann’s 2009 NYE Mystery
4.                   Applique Pixie Garden
5.                   Applique turtles toy
6.                   Ashley FQs
7.                   Ashley’s Art block (use it in the t-shirt quilt)
8.                   Baby clothing quilt – boy 
9.                   Baby clothing quilt –girl
10.                Basic Building Blocks
11.                Baxter T-shirt quilt
12.                Blue and beige misc
13.                Borachio
14.                Bow Ties
15.                Bread & Butter Flag
16.                Buffalo panels (used a few, but more left)
17.                Bug Jar Quilt
18.                Bull’s-eye – 30’s
19.                Car Organizer
20.                Cat Swap blocks
21.                Cherry Apron
22.                Chicken makings
23.                Chicken strips leftover from making a purse
24.                Children’s book – Woodsy Wonders
25.                Chili Powder quilt
26.                Christmas -  Nature gift
27.                Christmas Diagonal
28.                Christmas hst
29.                Christmas Panel – Winter’s Evening
30.                Christmas panels (3)
31.                Christmas squares – 26 alphabet squares
32.                Christmas squares (from Carol)
33.                Christmas Stockings (1)
34.                Christmas sweatshirt project
35.                Christmas Tree Ornament – Crazy patchwork
36.                Christmas tree skirt – blue
37.                Coaster squares
38.                Color guard pillow
39.                Copper and teal quilt
40.                Courthouse step panels
41.                Cozy Days Quilt
42.                Cozy kitten mystery blocks
43.                Crazy heart paper pieced
44.                Daisy Banner
45.                Day Lilly
46.                Double Wedding Ring
47.                Dragon fly baby quilt
48.                Elvis Quilt
49.                Embroidery blocks
50.                Equessense T-shirt Quilt
51.                Extra 4 patches and 9 patches
52.                Fall border
53.                Fall Gypsy Wife
54.                Fall orange quilt
55.                Fall panel
56.                Fall Panels
57.                Fall Quilt
58.                Fall Square Quilt
59.                Fall Yellow & Brown top
60.                Fancy Fox
61.                Feathered Star pieces
62.                Fish Bowl
63.                Floral & Blue square in a square
64.                Flower Shop Quilt
65.                Fluffy Pillow
66.                Framed 4 patch (from Carol)
67.                Frog & flowers baby quilt
68.                Fused
69.                Future Heirlooms
70.                GMFG
71.                Gypsy Wife 2
72.                Halloween quilt
73.                Hawaiian appliqué
74.                Hawaiian appliqué (quiltsmart)
75.                Hawaiian Quilt – fabrics from vacation
76.                Heart ornaments
77.                Heart Struck Runner
78.                Heating pads
79.                Home in the Middle
80.                Hooty Patooty Owl
81.                Horse Barn
82.                HST wedding quilt
83.                Hummingbird blocks
84.                Imperfect Squares (29)
85.                Jo’s Club blue
86.                Jo’s Club red
87.                Jo’s club retreat teal and brown
88.                John Deere pillow
89.                Landscape
90.                Leader /Ender 2.5”, 1.5”, 1” scrappy
91.                Liberty blocks
92.                Madam Mim
93.                Mahjongg
94.                Map of Texas – Lone Star State
95.                Maze or Mahjongg
96.                Midnight Snowflake Wall Hanging
97.                Mini Scrap baskets
98.                Mira - Red Hat purse
99.                Misc Fall Blocks (Gypsy Rose) Green & Brown woven border
100.            Misc panels
101.            Miscellaneous Pieces
102.            Modern Maze
103.            Monkey ‘N Round
104.            Mount Rushmore
105.            Mr  P Quilt
106.            Noel Wall Hanging
107.            Office going away squares
108.            Orphan blocks
109.            Paper pieced block
110.            Paris
111.            Pat Sloan I love to quilt BOM
112.            Patches for Randy’s quilt
113.            Patriotic Crumbs (leftovers)
114.            Patriotic GMFG
115.            Patriotic panel (Lorena gave me)
116.            Patriotic Stars
117.            Peacock
118.            Pink & Green Quilt Panel
119.            Pink & Purple 9 patches
120.            Pink & Purple QAYG for bag
121.            Pink Horse Quilt
122.            Pixie Garden
123.            Pretty in Pink
124.            Purple and brown Baby Quilt
125.            Purple Triangle in a Square (leftovers from 54-40 or fight)
126.            QBS Mystery Quilt 2006 
127.            Quilt Smart butterflies
128.            Quilter wall hanging panel
129.            Quilty Fun Sampler
130.            Red and Black pinwheels odd sized (4)
131.            Rob Peter
132.            Row By Row
133.            Rudolph
134.            Sampler Society BDB 2014
135.            Sea Quilt
136.            Shirting Half Square Triangle or Quarter Square Triangle quilt
137.            Shy Little Kitten panel
138.            Simply Woven
139.            Spring Jelly Roll
140.            Stars & stripes
141.            Stegosaurus
142.            String blocks
143.            Sun kissed table runner #2
144.            Sunset/ Dragon leftovers
145.            Teal and blue BDB
146.            Texas
147.            Tie One On
148.            Tie Quilt
149.            Tinker Bell
150.            Tree – genealogy
151.            Triple Irish Chain
152.            T-shirt quilt – random from Carol
153.            T-shirt quilt - Randy’s
154.            T-shirt Yarn
155.            Under the Sea Quilt
156.            Western Courthouse Steps
157.            Western Sunset
158.            Whimsy Playground
159.            Wool ornaments
160.            Yellow and Blue Birthday Blocks
161.            Yo yos