Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final Countdown

Go over to Prairie Moon and follow along with her Final Countdown.

Today is to

Get your fabric stash under control

I don't have lots of fabric laying around, but some of the stacks could use attention.
This is my stash.

That bag if T-shirt leftovers is being cut into t-shirt yarn as I am cutting other things.

My Jo's Club fabrics are in containers by themselves and need no help.
It looks like my top shelf will be OK.
The Christmas fabric is too much.
I need to make something with it and that will give me the room I need.

The white, blue, red and green fabrics need to be organized and stacked better.  
Looks like that bottom shelf needs some help.

I hope to be able to get this accomplished today, since it isn't so much.

Now, my scraps, which I consider part of my fabric stash, is always overflowing.
Since I have been focused on my UFOs, this seems to be growing out of control.

Some folks don't like the way this area looks.
I like having my scraps sorted this way.

I actually like that I have drawers for cut pieces.
No, I don't like to pre-cut pieces anymore.
I found I don't use them like I thought I would.
But, there are times I cut more than I need and this is great place to keep the extras.
I made a complete quilt out of 2.5" squares and didn't have to cut anything.

I have the drawers color coded and it works.
DD made me labels for them.

I am now using that floral drawer (it's open and overflowing).
It was fine until I opened it and it expanded.
But, Pat Sloan is doing a BOM this solstice and I'm joining in.
I'll be using my scrap florals and a light green background.
We've made 2 blocks so far.
That should help a little to reduce the fabric in that drawer, at least a little.

I think this will be an on-going project
When I use a certain color, I'll go through and refold it to make it fit a bit better.
If I have not used a color during the week, then I'll pick one and spend 30 minutes folding the fabric to help it fit better.

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Shelly said...

It's a good plan! I've found that just going back through and refolding after I've riffled through it all looking for something makes a huge difference. I think I just need to do that more often than once a year!