Monday, December 19, 2016

Prairie Moon Creativity Challenges

Jan 7: Doodle
Jan 14: Make your initial out of something
Jan 21: Write down random words you hear
Jan 28: Color in your coloring book
Feb 4: Illustrate an object 4 different ways
Feb 11: Create a smash book
Feb 25: Go back and work more on some of your previous challenges
Mar 3: Read some poetry
Mar 10: Illustrate a passage from a poem
Mar 17:Add more doodling to the beginning doodle, or add color to it
24 Mar: Make a mini quilt
31 Mar: Color with crayons
7 Apr:  Set yourself up for being more creative
15 Apr: Divide a page into small sections and make daily drawings in the sections

I really didn't do well on this one.  I thought I would, but I guess I might have been too busy to stop and play.

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