Monday, December 26, 2016

Blog Clean Up

I've taken 2016 things off the blog and combined them here for a summary.
Overall, it was a good year for UFO finishes and other things too.
2017 is going to be less on UFOs and more on changes. I have many areas in my life that need change made and 2017 will be looking, researching, evaluating and making some needed changes.

Prairie Moon Procrastination Challenge

February #1 Western Sunset
April #4 Spring Jelly Roll
July #6 Sea Quilt
September #8 Hawaiian applique
October #5 Map of Texas - Lone Star State
December #9 Christmas Squares
November #10 Mount Rushmore

January #7 2016 Band T-shirt Quilt
June#11 Race Track Quilt
May #3 Zippered Pouches
March #2 Pieced Tulips & 122. Pieced Hearts (with cats and tulips)
August #12 Patriotic Race Track (use with other patriotic UFOs)

Well, not exactly sure that I did great on this one.The western sunset will probably still get done, but I'm not sure about any of the others. I still finished 5 of them.

Sampler Society Challenge
Mar/Apr Jo's Club retreat teal and brown
May/Jun Maze or Mahjong
Jul/Aug Under the Sea

Hummingbird blocks

Jan/Feb Sun kissed table runner #1
Sep/Oct Charm Square tote bags (1)(Tammy)
Sep/Oct Charm Square tote bags (1)(Charm Party)

I finished half of them.  It was not an official challenge, but I tried to keep it going.  I plan on working on the Jo's Club one for another bed quilt for us.  It is going to be king sized, so that is not a quick project.

Stashbusters #'s challenge
#7 Applique Turtles (Not going to do this now)
#53 Fancy Fox
#6 Applique Pixie Garden
#47 Fall Panel
#8 Baby Clothing - boy
#9 Baby Clothing - girl (not going to happen this year)
#59 Frog & Flowers baby quilt
#51 2017 Band T-shirt
#47 Fall Panels

#51 Fall Table Runner
#39 Crazy Stars,
#3 Ann's 2006 NYE Mystery
#4 Dolphin Pillow
#21 Children's book - Tidings
#11 Batik and Black Split QST
#16 Bright Pinwheels (needs to be quilted)
#2 America the Beautiful Purse
#33 Color Wash by Carol
#41 Dazzle
#12 Black embroidered butterfly
#23 Children's book - Maisy
#5 Ann's Snowball
#71 Keri Bag
#10 Bee Quilt

More than half done. Some couldn't be finished and others are still in process.  So, I am happy with this challenge. I'll be doing it again. Baby Clothing quilts are on the top of my list of 2017.  They NEED to be done.

OMG List

August 12. Wall hangings - patriotic (use with other patriotic UFOs)
October 10. Sunkissed table runner #2
DONE January 5. Christmas Tree Applique
DONE February 2. Buffalo Tote
DONE March 9. Kim's pillow
DONE April 8. Olivia Baby Quilt
DONE May 3. Casserole Cover
DONE July 11. Tulip Trio Pillow
DONE September 4. Chinese Coin Strips
DONE June 7. Girl Scout drawn patriotic wall hanging
DONE November 6. Eric Carle Quilt
DONE December 1. Black & Bright Table Runner

This is the one i did the best on. I only didn't finish 2 of the 12. Sunkissed is applique and it is still being worked on.
The wall hanging could be done, but I have other things I want to work on.

All People Quilt
April 1. Misc Fall Blocks (Gypsy Wife)
July 4. Purple Triangle in a Square
September 12. Christmas Panels
October 8. QBS Challenge
November 9. Green & Brown Woven Border (use with Gypsy Wife)
December 11. Christmas HST blocks

January 2. Pink Strip Quilt
February 5. Green and Purple 9 patch
June 10. Batman Pillow
March 3. Tulips & cats & Cat Swap
May 7. Misc Dark Blocks
August 6. Misc patriotic pillow

This is the one is about half done and half worked on. I doubt I get any of them done, except for Gypsy Wife.

Prairie Moon Organization Challenge
Jan 4: Deal with paper clutter
Jan 11: Clean off computer files
Jan 18: Choose an old UFO to work on
Jan 25: Work on your books and magazines
Feb 1: Organize something that is bothering you
Feb 8: Clean out your sewing box
Feb 15: Eradicate a pile
Feb 18: Clean out a drawer or clean off a shelf
Feb 29: Clean up the floor in your sewing room
Mar 8: Clean up the area around your sewing machine
Mar 14: Organize your thread
May 22: Clean off your cutting table
May 28: Chose something you want to organize
Apr 5: Work on your scraps
Apr 12: Clean off a shelf or clean out a drawer
Apr 18: Revisit a previous task that you still need to work on.
Apr 26: Pick one thing you've been procrastinating on organizing and do it.
May 2: Work on a UFO
May 18: Revisit a previous task you're still not done with.
May 23: Clean out a drawer
May 7: clean up major work areas
May 14: Clean up the area around your sewing machine or give your sewing machine a good cleaning
May 21: Clean up your notions
May 28: Eradicate a pile
Jul 19: Pick a project to use some of your scraps in.
Jul 26: Work on organizing your scraps
Aug 8: Change your rotary cutter blade and/or clean off and back up your computer files
Aug 22: Clean up the floor area in your sewing room
Oct 3: Put away stray fabric
Oct 25: choose an area to reset, redesign, reboot, or overhaul
Nov : Spend 30 minutes putting things away
Dec 5: Clean out a drawer
Dec 12: Pick a WIP to finish
Dec 19: Clean up your crafermath

This is one I hope we do again next year. I know that it helped me gain control over things. But, things like my thread are totally out of control again. The accountability has been wonderful!

UFO completions
(1)  Crazy Star Table Topper
(2)  Heart door hanger (1 of 6 hearts)
(3)  Bee Quilt
(4)  Test Quilt
(5)  Pink & White Strips
(6)  Applique Christmas Tree

(7)  Ann's NYE Mystery
(8)  Hayes Corner - (Lynne) 
(9)  Independence Squares (Lynne)
(10) Jacob's ladder (Lynne) 
(11) Green and Purple 9 patch
(12) Buffalo Tote   

(13) Kim pillow & string blocks
(14) Fall Table Runner 
(15) String Easter Egg   
(16) Creativity Mug Rug Challenge
(17) Dolphin Pillow 
(18) Sunkissed table-runner

(19) Tidings
(20) Batik & Black QST (left from Batik 9 patches)
(21) Band T-shirt Quilt
(22) Olivia    
(23) Bright Pinwheels  
(24) Coasters 

(25) Casserole Cover  
(21) pre quilted baby quilt
(22) coasters 
(23) America the Beautiful purse

(24) Color Wash by Carol
(25) Batman Pillow
(26) Gift card holder 
(27) Dazzle
(28) Race Track 

(29) Tulip Pillow Cover  
(30) snowman potholder
(31) Christmas Tree 
(32) Black Butterfly
(33) Basket block  
(34) Zippered Pouches 
(35) Cup mug rugs 
(36) Maisy Baby Quilt  
(37) Special Reach pillows  
(38) Tulip/Cat/Heart/orphan block quilt 
(39) Zippered Purse

(40) Maple Leaf 

(41) Chinese Coins 
(42) Ann's Snowball
(43) Charm Square tote bag
(44) Kerri Bag/Tablet cover
(45) Tablet Cover   

(41) Charm Party Tote
(42) Misc Dark Blue quilt
(43) Patriotic Pillow 
(44) Patriotic quilt

(45) Eric Carle baby quilt  

(46) Ann's 2009 Mystery
(47) Bright and black tablerunner
(48) Jon Grandad pillow 
(49) Ashley Grandad pillow<

Quilts to quilt for others

QOV #10 (this one might get done this year if I get busy)

Lana Tree Wall Hanging
Lana 30's
Lana 2nd 30's
QOV #1
QOV #2
Lana's Brown
Samm's Modern Quilt
Lu's Southwestern quilt
QOV #3
QOV #4
QOV #5
Memory Quilt
Jared's T-shirt Quilt
QOV #6
QOV #7
QOV #8
Lana brown tumbler quilt
Lana's gray crosses
Kailey T-shirt quilt>
QOV #9br>

My Quilts to quilt

Floral quilt (hand quilting)
Hawaiian hand quilted pillow
Test Quilt (This one is ready to load)

Test Quilt
Bee Quilt
Crazy Star table mat
Heart door hanger
pink an white strips (quiltbug NYD Mystery)
Applique Christmas Tree
NYE Mystery
Fall Table topper
String Easter egg table runner
Outside the Window test quilt
Sunkissed Table Runner
Band T-shirt quilt
Olivia Baby Quilt
Bright Pinwheel Baby quilt
Race Track (Patriotic)
Pieced Tulips, Tulips & Cats
Maple Leaf
Chinese Coins
Misc Dark blocks
GS quilt
Patriotic quilt 88. Patriotic stars
Eric Carle Baby Quilt
Ann's Mystery star quilt (Lorena custom quilting it)
Bright and Black Table Runner
Mystery Quilt

350 block challenge
January ............... 67
February............... 51
March................... 32
April...................... 62
May....................... 19
June...................... 45
July...................... 128
November................ 2

2016 goals
1. I will fling the things I don't want anymore. I did lots of flinging this year!

2. I will improve on my health. I'm down 35 lbs and eating better.
3. I will use/give away a net of 200 yards of fabric this year.  I went over this goal
4. I will finish 60 UFOs this year -- 6 to go I finished 58 UFOs this year. I doubt I'll get any more done.

January finishes - 6
February finishes - 3
March finishes - 6
April finishes - 6
May finishes - 4
June finishes - 5
July - 11
August - 1
September - 6
October - 5
November - 1
December -4

5. I will learn how to digitize using Embird Generations. I know how, but need to practice lots more

6. I will learn how to use my featherweight. I didn't even try this one.
7. I will be able to walk behind the long Arm. As sad as it sounds, I did get it so I could walk behind and then I came into lots of batting and it is now behind the long arm. I need to use it up and/or get it out of there.

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