Friday, December 30, 2016

Final Countdown update

My final countdown post from before is here.
the way it was yesterday 
Look how pretty it is today.
I found some fabrics that were completely away from their color.
Who knows, maybe DD helped me and just stuck them somewhere.
But they are  now with their own colors,.
I see that I have too many blues, whites, purples, batiks and novelties.
I'll need to see about using some of those colorways when I'm doing new things this year.


Shelly said...

It looks so pretty!
I discovered that I have a LOT of blue, so a blue quilt is in my near future, so I can use a lot of it up!

compusword said...

What a great turnout for your effort! I am excited for you to sew based on using up a color group. Some of my most fun quilts I've made were when I sewed to use up a color.
Looking forward to hearing what your first color will be.
Let's get scrappy, Liz