Friday, December 30, 2016

Final Countdown Task Two

OK, I finished the first Final Countdown Task, so now on to the second one.

Tackle all the flat surfaces

Flat surfaces are problems for me.
I never have a really clean desk.
Why?  I'm not sure.
So, here we go with the horrible messy flat surfaces.
My cutting table.
Well, I could cut on it, but I have things that need to be put away.
I really only have 3 5 projects on the table needing to be worked on.
The green in the purple container (and overflowing) is the T-shirt quilt.
The red container is the HST quilt that will be worked on right after the T-shirt quilt.
The baggie is the Stashbuster # I'll be working on soon.
The 10" squares are for a test quilt I need to cut out soon.
The yellow pile is for the FROG quilt.
The mess of other things would have a home.
I will figure out what needs to be moved and put away here. 
My pressing table just got lots of leftovers on it.
It won't take long to put where they belong.
The bag is an apron I want to get made up soon. 
The major disaster!
My desk!
I have homeschool stuff.
I have paperwork stuff.
Who knows what is actually here????
This is where I need a process to keep it cleaned off. 
My sewing area is OK.
There is only a couple of things that should be straightened.
Most of this stuff (minus the pillow) is supposed to be there. 
The scary corner.
This is all the jewelry making items that need to be fixed since DH threw to boxes down and everything went everywhere.
It is any craft things that should go in the cabinet.
I don't know that this is going to be cleaned this year.
The window seat will be cleaned off.
The quilt there needs to be mended, but it is black and I can only work on it in daylight.
I have a serger that I'd love to set up, but don't know where to set it.
The other stuff is give away and a few things that have homes.

I'm thankful we didn't put more flat surfaces into the design.
I would be in bigger trouble.

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Shelly said...

The scary corner -- that made me laugh! I, too, am glad I don't have more flat surfaces, or they'd be piled, too! Good luck!