Friday, December 30, 2016

Progress on Challenge #2

Flat surfaces challenge
Yikes I have too many flat surfaces.
This is going to be a long term challenge for me.
I found all these empty thread spools and other things.
I don't know why I'm saving them.
Does anyone have a craft that they use empty spools for?
Everything is in their homes.
I only have 4 projects left out.
All surfaces dusted and clean.
I have fully cut out apron and matching fabrics.
It says QBS Mystery, so I wonder if they did this at a retreat and friends sent it to me???? 
Why an apron and matching material????
It was almost cut out, so it is one of my UFOs
My corner of diffuser and tools is contained.
This was the dustiest of the whole room
I still need to work on the ledge and get it dusted and arranged.
I ran out of steam.
Tomorrow is another day.

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