Friday, June 29, 2012


Not been working on much lately.  Earaches are the pits.  But, it is better and I got borders on a small baby quilt and started borders on another quilt. 

This tesselation quilt is lots of walking back and forth from the design wall and I get bored.  LOL  So, it is taking too much time.  Everyone seems to like the green batik I did for the border.  I ended up completing the flower into the border.  I can see that some of my placement of fabrics could have been better, but it is what it is and I'm not changing it now. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grand Canyon trip

We've been on vacation.  This is DD and i at the Grand Canyon.  :)

 I think DD is getting tired of all the photos.  LOL  She is not so happy to have her picture taken.
DH has been looking at harley Davidson Bikes.  Here he is trying one out.  We stopped at lots of locations to just see and get a T-shirt for him.

The three of us at the Grand Canyon. 

there is a river down there.

Home and working on the tesselation quilt

Thank goodness I have a design wall.  This would have been VERY difficult to do without a place to put it.
It is basically 5 3" squares.  4 are aligned in a 4 patch and the 5th is cut into four 1.5" squares.  I pressed them in half and the put them where they needed to go to make the pieces interlock.  I probably could adjust some of the colors, but I'm not going to.  LOL
Next step is to snowball the points.
I am not sure what the outside border is going to be yet.  I might go with an earthly batik, since most of these are batiks.
This UFO has been around at least 8 years, maybe more.  :(

Thursday, June 7, 2012

San Francisco, CA

Yesterday we went to visit Aunti Elizabeth.  She's 94 and she sang and danced for us.  She was telling DD that she should do all that she could to be proud of her talents.  Build memories.!!!!

Well, we have had a busy day. We walked the Golden Gate Bridge. I was told It was only 1 mile across, but actually, it is 1.7 miles across. Then you have to walk back. LOL

After we had clam chowder in a bread bowl on the Pier, we drove down the Lombard street.  At least we didn't walk it.  I love all the flowers they plant there.

After that we went to Muir Woods to see the redwoods.  Boy they are beautiful!

 I am so tired from walking so very much. I have not eaten that much today, so maybe this is a good thing. LOL

I am still working on the hand quilting of a small wall hanging.  I do not think I will enjoy doing this very long.  Not my idea of fun.  But, it keeps the mind off of the husband's driving in San Francisco.

I found this link for a quilt along at Beginner's Quilt Along and thought I'd share it with you.  There is an iron give away too.  :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunny California

Ever have a day that should be absolutely wonderful that ends up causing you great strife?  Well today is that day for me. 
Got up and was going to get to go sewing with my old sewing group. But, the billeting (military hotel) mixed up reservations and we had to move out of the unit into another place and back into the unit tomorrow. What sense is that?????
Then I started the laundry and would you believe we forgot it?
Anyway, by the time we figured out what was happening and I went to figure out where I was supposed to be to sew, my phone went haywire on me and I could just NOT go. I am stressed out and it is not going away. So, please pray that I get out of this stress and we can get on with a wonderful vacation.
WE got half way across town before we remembered the laundry.  So, we are back over here waiting for it to dry.  Thank goodness no one wanted our stuff.  LOL
So, I thought I'd check in and vent a little while DD and DH went swimming.  I was too frustrated to be around anyone.  LOL

Anyway, before I left Texas, I did a few things.  This is a baby quilt for a soldier's baby that will never get to know his father.  I'm so pleased I had this one almost done and could finish is up.  It isn't a UFO, thank goodness, but it is now with a new baby.
DH and I have been blessed with a wonderful family that helped up get to Hawaii at a reduced cost.  So, for less than 2 tickets at regular price, we got 4 tickets. When we go to Hawaii in July, we will have more money to spend on fun things. So, this is the quilt I'll be finishing up in June.  I am thinking I will add a gold border to it and hopefully find some pretty border fabric to add.  If not a great print, then I think I will put a quick block in the border to continue the pattern.

This one was for DD's wonderful band director.  I found this panel and then saw something like it at a quilt shop.  I forgot that they had different sized borders, but I used the same size.  It is not a large quilt, but she loved it.  I loved making it.  Don't you just love the way the first pink border adds dimension?  It was done and delivered in time, so I was thrilled.

I brought a hand quilting project with me.  I need to find more needles in case something breaks when we are in the car.  I need something to do while we are on this long trip home.