Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home and working on the tesselation quilt

Thank goodness I have a design wall.  This would have been VERY difficult to do without a place to put it.
It is basically 5 3" squares.  4 are aligned in a 4 patch and the 5th is cut into four 1.5" squares.  I pressed them in half and the put them where they needed to go to make the pieces interlock.  I probably could adjust some of the colors, but I'm not going to.  LOL
Next step is to snowball the points.
I am not sure what the outside border is going to be yet.  I might go with an earthly batik, since most of these are batiks.
This UFO has been around at least 8 years, maybe more.  :(


Marge Gordon said...

Love it and welcome home!

Ruth Ann said...

Love the batik stars. Your Grand Canyon pictures are wonderful. I'm amazed each time I see it.