Friday, August 24, 2012

DD turned 13 today

I never understand why a photo that has been cropped and rotated won't rotate.  If anyone has the secret, please let me know.  :(
DD is now officially a teen.  She wanted a purse to carry things in at school, especially books.  So, I had a test model and this is what I made last night.  Using some string blocks in her colors -- blue and teal and aqua --this has 4 pockets on the inside and two pockets on the outside that have the magnetic snaps on them.  It was lots of thicknesses to sew through, but she loves it.  Used one UFO string block and made the rest out of my scrap drawers.  Had to pull one fabric from the cabinet for the inside lining, so nothing bought.  That's a good project. 

Why was it over a month from the last post?

We went on a family vacation.  DH retired after 42 years of civil service and his dream vacation was to go to Hawaii.  We visited 2 islands.  This is the beach where we were most of the time.  You could see this view from most of the cabins at Bellows AFS on Oahu, HI.

 Wiamea Waterfalls required a hike in to see it.  But it was wonderful to swim in and beautiful to watch.
What happens in Hawaii when it has rained a bit?  BEAUTIFUL rainbows.

I tried to load more, but the computer upchucked, so I'll stop and maybe try again later.
21 days in paradise means loads of photos.

A long time UFO done

Kim sent this to me.  WE were both doing the Let's Blame Trudy quilt with Jean MaDan and Kim got further than I did.  :)  She sent it to me to finish off and give to charity.  So, I finally did it.  We think this was 2006?  It is going to a man with ALS to raffle off.