Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Dragon Quilt

It is quilted.
I quilted orange flames in an all over design.
I won't get it bound tonight, but I will probably have a finish tomorrow if I'm lucky.
I've always been told that whatever you are doing on New Year's Eve will be what you will be doing in the New Year!
I'm sewing!
I'm happy.

Happy New Year!

2019 Final Countdown

Prairie Moon's challenge for today is:
Make Some Quilting Plans for 2020

I have lots of plans. LOL

My focus word is "simplify". You can see the post here.

I plan to use over 200 yards of fabric in 2020.

I realize that I'd like to make an equivalent of 2020 blocks in 2020 too.

My goals for 2020 are:
Improve my health by eating and drinking better
Continue organizing my studio and home
Practice digitizing
Learn new designs for Longarming
Make more items with my embroidery machine
Continue to use my Fabric Stash
Decrease Thread stash by 30 spools
Work to control paper clutter on a monthly basis
Decorate for each holiday

I am going to continue with some UFO challenges to see if I can really make a difference in reducing my UFOs
I am going to shoot for 50 UFOs completed in 2020.

I also need to focus on organization, not only in the studio but in my home.
I still have items from my parent's estate to go through.
So much organization to accomplish to make my home easier to get around in.

Monday, December 30, 2019

2019 Final Countdown

Prairie Moon's challenge for today is:
Organize projects and UFOs.
I've already done that.
I went through all my UFOs and they are mostly under the window seat.
Too many in there because I reorganized them.
I have the 12 out for APQ, so all my projects are currently organized.

2019 Clean up

This is a really long post, but it is more for me than anyone else. It is to show what I have accomplished during 2019 all in one place.

I didn't accomplish these items from my to-do list:
Jan 12 Things: Let Me Surprise You
Sep 12 things: Dragons and Stonehenge
Oct 12 things: digitize more
Jan Stashbuster #2: A Heritage Quilt
Feb Stashbuster #149: Mount Rushmore
April Stashbuster #101 Miscellaneous panels
May Stashbuster #111 Night Watch
Jul Stashbuster #42 Courthouse steps panel
Sep Stashbuster #12 Bloom
Oct Stashbuster #10 Bear from Mom's shirt
Oct Stashbuster #77 Hawaiian applique
Oct Stashbuster # 110 Mr. T
Nov Stashbuster #8 Ashley T-shirt Quilt
Dec Stashbuster#5 Adorn It
Dec Stashbuster#86 Inspirational Embroidery
Dec Stashbuster#105 Miscellaneous strip pieces
Feb GID: #10 Orphan Blocks
Mar GID: #4 Tie One On
Jun GID: Christmas Embroidery
Sep GID: Courthouse steps panel
Oct GID: Mini scrap basket
Dec GID: Hawaiian Applique
Feb APQ: Extra Miscellaneous Blocks
Jun APQ: YoYos
Oct APQ: Western Courthouse Steps
Dec APQ: #11 Red & Black Pinwheels
FAL Q4: Let Me Surprise You!
FAL Q4: Dragon
FAL Q4: Bear

I did accomplish these for December.

Jul GID: Pink Horse Quilt
4 Guild microwave bowl covers
guild charity quilts (4)
Christmas Secret Santa gifts
Christmas Kleenex covers
Jul APQ: Christmas Diagonal Kleenex covers
Coasters for Jon
My goals for 2019 - how did I do?
Improve my health - I was doing great until November and then it was a mess. I need to work more on this one.
More organized - I am more organized than I was in 2018, but I still have aways to go.
Learn more digitizing - I am better at some of the things, but I still need to learn the tablet
Work on long arm more - I quilted lots of things for the guild and QOV and myself. I want to continue with charity projects.
Learn Embroidery Machine - it still scares me, but I've learn a lot about it in 2019.
Decrease Fabric Stash - I have a net of over 400 yards, so I'd say I decreased it. I am really low on red, so if I need to buy anything this year, it will be red and true white.
Decrease Thread Stash - I used 27 spools of thread this year. Because so many of my spools are larger spools, I feel really good about this. I could still use to work on using up what I have too much of
Start Crocheting again - I've had lots of fun with this. I'm making hexagons in fabric and crocheting. No, not in the same pattern, but the same shape. :)
I love the Stashbuster UFO Random Number Challenge. I did OK this year and enjoyed looking at some of the UFOs that I didn't get done.
I didn't get these done:
Jan Stashbuster #2: A Heritage Quilt
Feb Stashbuster #149: Mount Rushmore
Mar Stashbuster #103: Miscellaneous Patriotic
Apr Stashbuster #101: Miscellaneous Panels
May Stashbuster #111: Night Watch
Jul #42 courthouse steps panel
Aug Stashbuster #54 Fall quilt
Aug Stashbuster #106 Mod Messenger Bag II
Sep Stashbuster #12 Bloom
Oct Stashbuster #Mini Scrap Basket
Oct Stashbuster #77 Hawaiian Applique
Oct Stashbuster #110 Mr T
Nov Stashbuster #8 Ashley T-shirt
Dec Stashbuster #6 Adorn It pillow
Dec Stashbuster #86 Inspirational Embroidery
Dec Stashbuster #105 Miscellaneous strip pieces

I did accomplish all of these:
Jan # 84 Just for Fun Music
Jan Stashbuster # 102 Monkey 'N Round
Feb Stashbuster #9: Baby Orphan Pieces
Feb Stashbuster #49: Easter Embroidery
Mar Stashbuster #3: 4 Patch wonderful
Mar Stashbuster #24: Woodsy Wonder
May Stashbuster #46: Cross Stitched Bears
Apr Stashbuster #43: Cozy Kitten Mystery
Jun Stashbuster #107: Mother's and Angels Embroidery
Jul Stashbuster #4 Acorn Squash Table Runner
Jun Stashbuster #7: Ann's NYE Mystery
Stashbuster #64: Food Embroidery
Aug Stashbuster #6 Animal Embroidery
May Stashbuster #11: Bird of Paradise
Sep Stashbuster #112 Music
Sep Stashbuster #39 Coloring Blocks
Much of what I worked on in 2019 was UFOs 
This is the list of UFOs I finished:
(01) Just for Fun Music
(02) Purple Project Bag
(03) Dragonfly Quilt
(04) Bread and Butter Stars
(05) Equessense T-shirt Quilt
(06) Monkey 'N Round
(07) Pixie Garden
(08) Clemens T-shirt Quilt
(09) Baby Orphan Pieces & Easter Embroidery
(10) Shamrock Mug Rug from embroidery
(11) 4 patch wonder & St Patrick's & embroidery
(12) Fall Miscellaneous blocks
(13) Woodsy Wonder #1
(14) Woodsy Wonder #2
(15) Harry Loves Alice
(16) Old Quilt
(17) Redwork baby quilt
(18) Framed 4 patches
(19) Cross Stitched pincushion
(20) Equipment baby quilt
(21) Cross Stitched bears
(22) Cozy Kitten Mystery Sampler
(23) Patriotic Miscellaneous Sampler
(24) Apr GID: Future Heirlooms Madam Mim
(25) Mahjongg
(26) Color Guard Embroidery Zippered Pouches
(27) Zippered T-shirt Pillows
(28) Acorn Squash Table runner
(29) Mother's & Angels embroidery bag
(30) Ann's 2009 NYE Mystery
(31) Animal Embroidery bags
(32) Food Embroidery
(33) Bird of Paradise
(34) Music Embroidery
(35) Coloring blocks, Texas Embroidery
(36) Fall Placemats
(37) Girl Baby Clothing Quilt
(38) Christmas Tree Skirt
(39) Baby Boy Clothing Quilt
(40) Pink Horse Quilt
(41) Christmas Diagonal Kleenex covers
Prairie Moon has a block challenge of 350 blocks each year.
I did 1999 this year.
It's a fun statistic to keep track of.
February .............. 61
May .......................97
July....................... 22
October ................ 172
November............. 181
December.............. 90

Judy at Patchwork Times has a Get it Done Challenge
I didn't get these done:
Feb 10. #78 Orphan Blocks
Mar 4. #110 Tie One On Quilt
Jun 9. #30 Christmas embroidery
Oct 8. #66 Mini Scrap Basket
Nov 5. #24 Courthouse Step panel
Dec 6. #52 Hawaiian applique Pillow

I finished these:
Jan 7. #33 Equessence T-shirt quilt
1. #36 Fall Miscellaneous Blocks
May 2. #71 Miscellaneous Patriotic blocks
Apr 11. #68 Future Heirlooms Madam Mim
3. #83 Patriotic pieces
July 12. #88 Pink Horse Quilt

She isn't doing this challenge in 2020
I quilt for charity and other people and this is what I start 2020 with:
CIL #21
CIL #22

This is what I completed in 2019:
Clemens T-shirt Quilt
QOV #22
CIL #15
CIL #16
Lana Deer Baby quilt
Beverli's quilt
QOV# 23
Guild Hospice Wall Hangings
QOV #26
CIL #17
Lana Orange quilt
CIL #18
Lana's Tree Quilt
Davis T-shirt quilt
Habitat #1
Habitat #2
CIL #19
CIL #20
Baby Girl Clothing Quilt
Baby Boy Clothing
NBAQG Bowl Covers #1
NBAQG Bowl Covers #2
NBAQG Bowl Covers #3
NBAQG Bowl Covers #4
Then, we have my quilts that I still need to quilt in 2020:
Floral quilt (hand quilting)
Hawaiian hand-quilted pillow
African large top
Dragon Quilt

These are the ones I actually finished quilting in 2020

Dragonfly quilt
Bread and Butter Stars
Equessense T-shirt quilt
Monkey 'N Around
Pixie Garden
Feb Easter UFO
Woodsy Wonder UFO # 24
4 patch wonderful
Woodsy Wonder #1
Guild Challenge table runner #1
Guild Challenge table runner #2
Guild Challenge Pillow
Woodsy Wonder #2
Tammy's Test Quilt
Old quilt
Red-work quilt
Framed 4 patch
Boy Equipment
Cross Stitched Bears
Patriotic scraps
Cozy Kitten Sampler
Marvelous May Modern Mini Mystery
Apr GID: Future Heirlooms Madam Mim
TQPM test quilt
AFewScraps test quilt
Acorn Squash Table Runner
Tutti Frutti
Ann's 2009 NYE Mystery
Food Embroidery
Wild Spin Test quilt
Texas My Texas
Apple Harvest Test Quilt
Fall Placemats
Pink Horse quilt
Blue Tree Skirt
My motivational Monday quilts were:
Motivational Monday's List I didn't complete
Dec 6. Family Tree (Applique Tree with my folk's clothing as leaves)
Aug 7. orphan blocks pillows (I did some of these, but orphan blocks never go away)
Nov 8. Vacation quilt
Sep 11. Fall Embroidery Blocks

I did complete these:
January 1. Bread and Butter Stars
February 2. Pixie Garden
March 4. Equessense T-shirt Quilt
April 3. Clemens T-shirt Quilt
May 10. Patriotic Quilt
Jun 9. Zippered bags
Jul 12. Food Embroidery blocks
Oct 5. Baby Clothing Quilt

My UFO listing got longer. Not only because I had new projects that I didn't get completed, but because I reorganized some of the parts and pieces to see if I can finish up more this year. We shall see if this organization works.

405.82 yards of fabric used in 2019

My 2019 word was FUN
My 2020 word is Simplify

I'm happy with my accomplishments in 2019. 
I'm looking forward to 2020.

2020 Focus word

My 2019 Focus word was Fun.
I have had fun this year learning new things, going to the Quilt Festival, trying new longarm quilting designs, playing around in the EQ and Generations.
I think I've been successful in having Fun this year.

My 202 Focus word is going to be "simplify".
The definition of Simplify is: 
make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.

I think this is going to pertain to my quilting and my life.
I am still working on UFOs to simplify that number again this year.
I didn't focus on UFOs as much as I have in the past, even though I did finish 41 in 2019.
I am going to simplify what I have around me.
I always work to use up a net of 200+ yards of fabric each year.
2019 was over 400 yards because I donated so much over the year.
I have a house FULL of stuff and I need to be ruthless and go through and only keep what I know I'm going to use.
I also need to remember that when I'm doing something new that I don't go overboard and buy too much stuff for the new endeavor.
I want to simplify what I eat so I can get myself back on track.
There are so many areas to simplify my life.
I'll enjoy it while I'm at it.

UFO Challenges

I'll not finish anything else for 2019, so I'm going to close this one out for the year.
When looking at the list, you might think I didn't do so well, but I accomplished so much.
I think I was involved in too many challenges and my focus was divided.
The challenges do make me look at what UFOs I have and help me choose things to work on.
This is a summary of the 2019 UFO Challenges I'm part of.

February - #10  Orphan Blocks
There will always be orphan blocks.

March - #4 Tie One On

June - #9 Christmas Embroidery

September - #5 Courthouse steps panel

October - #8 Mini Scrap Basket

December - #6 Hawaiian Applique

June - #10 yo-yos

July - #1 Christmas diagonal

It's the ones at the top. 
I couldn't get the photo to stay cropped.

August - #9 Night Watch

October - #7 Western Courthouse Steps

November - Home in the Middle

December - Red & Black Pinwheels

January -#2 A Heritage Quilt

February - #109 Mount Rushmore

April - #101 - Miscellaneous Panels

May - #111 Night Watch

July - #42 Courthouse steps panel

August - #54 Fall Quilt

August - #106 Mod Messenger Bag II

September - #12 Bloom

October - #10 Bear from Mom's shirt

October - #77 Hawaiian Applique

October - #110 Mr T

November - Ashley T-shirt quilt

December - #5 Adorn it pillow

December - #86 Inspirational Embroidery

December - #105 Misc Strip Pieces

Motivational Monday

December - Let Me Surprise You!

Finish-a-Long Q4

4. Dragon Quilt
It isn't done, but I'm quilting it and should have it finished in 2020.

5. Let Me Surprise you!

6. Bear from Mom's shirts

Right now, I am going to continue with the All People Quilt 2020 Challenge.

My guild is having a UFO challenge that I will take part in.

The Stashbuster group will be having their random number challenge and I'll continue to participate in that.
I already sent in my entry of 2 FQs to them for the challenge.

Judy over at Patchwork Times is not doing the UFO challenge this year. 
She is trying something different, Learn Something New and a color challenge.
I'm thinking about joining in on both.
I'll probably summarize in one post like I did here.

I'm not sure about the FAL quilt along. 
I'm not sure she is doing it again, or if it makes sense for me to do it this year.

Motivational Monday is just a link-up of what I'm working on, so I may or may not participate.

I figure I can add more if I want as the year goes along.

It's been fun sharing with everyone.
Have a Happy New Year!

Design Wall Monday

I'm linking to Small Quilts Doll Quilt's Design Wall Monday and Monday Makings.

I've not done much stitching on the machine this week, so not much progress.
Almost halfway in getting the rows together.

I started to put up my DD's quilt.
This is the one that just doesn't want to be made.
I take it with me and forget something.
But, I took the other one down because I couldn't finish it at this point.
I had problems with the pattern and got my mind stuck.
So, off the wall it went and this one is going up.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Final countdown

Final Countdown at Prairie Moon is
Deal with Paper Clutter
Has she seen my studio?
Apparently so.
Everything is such a mess, and paper clutter is one of my continuous problems.
I never seem to be under control in this area.

This bag has been very full and is now down to one Wal-mart bag of receipts.

I've been filing when I've been on the phone, so that has helped a lot.

These two are not all paper, but there is much in there. 

This has lots of quilting things in it and papers that need filing.
There are projects included too.
I'm really not sure what is all in there.

this pile is Tupperware lids I need to get replaced, folders of papers that need to be looked at. and who knows what else.

I also have VA paperwork that needs to be looked through.

I also have my ex-husband's tax stuff that has yet to be resolved.

So, this is one of those things I hate to do, but with the accountability of doing it with others, it is a good thing.

I'll start working on the items in the order I presented them and see how far I get.

Stash Report

It's hard to believe it is almost the end of the year.
This is the last formal 2019 stash report, but I'll probably add one on New Years Day to make the year-end properly.
I doubt I'll have much to report.
Happy New Year to All!
I added backing fabrics to the stash this week.

quilt paint create links to all our stash reports

Used this Week:
2.31 yards

Used year to Date:
405.82 yards

Stash used in December
Added this Week:
8.13 yards
12.00 yards

Added Year to Date:
89.62 yards

New Goal:
400.00 yards

Yards to the goal:
-5.82 yards

Net Used in quilts 2019
 263.40 yards

A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge:

Number of equivalent blocks:                     1999
Perimeter in inches                                  18750
Number of UFOs finished this year:                42
UFO Yardage Used                                  151.23
 Amount of yardage used in UFOs                  57%

Number of Bobbins Used this week                0
Number of Bobbins Used this year              242
Number of Spools Used this week                  0
Number of Spools Used this year                  27

Kate at Life in Pieces is doing the challenge of 15 minutes of sewing.

    Days of Stitching                                       97%
Number of Days this week                        5/7
       Number of Days this year                        351/362

    Days Organizing                                        95%
Number of Days this week                        7/7
       Number of Days this year                         345/362

Quilting is more fun than Housework has us working on scraps
I even forgot to take a photo of the coasters I did this week for DS.