Friday, July 23, 2010

summary from vacation

This is the panel for the dolphins I wanted to make DD a quilt with.  But, DD was NOT thrilled with the colors.  Yikes, she always loved bright colors.  Now it is BLUE and only blue.  LOL  So, I'll just have to work on that blue dolphin quilt.  How boring.  LOL

This is the blue dolphin fabric I found.  I am trying to figure out how to do tiny snails trails to go around the center block, and then something creative for the rest of the other panel.  I don't know that the fabric to the far left is going to work in this quilt, but I can hope.  I'll be using the black for much of the background.
One of JoMarie's friends gave me most of this fabric.  I'll use it in scrappy quilts.  The crushed walnuts are being used in pincushions.

I thought this was a fun pattern.  Hopefully I'll get to work on it this year.  I needed COC, WOW, white backgrounds.  I was running very low on them.  I also had not brought any with me, so I needed some for DH's quilt.  The Christmas panels were also given to me by one of JoMarie's friends.  Nice friends.  :)
These are more scraps from Barbara.  I found the cupcake pattern on the quilt shop run I went with JoAnn, Terry, Sabrina and Linda.  It is so cute.  The color/color hst are more that I cut while in San Pedro.
These are the books I found at all the different shops I went to.  Aren't they fun.  Most were 40% off.
This is a kit that I kept walking past in the Quilting Bee in Orange, CA.  I just had to have this kit.  It has applique on it, but I want to try it.  I hope I get to it this year too.
These came from the 40% off store that is closing.  i love Kincaid, so I will have to figure out what to do with these 2 panels.  Maybe a Christmas quilt.  I thought I could do something in the blue dolphin room that reminds DD of her horseback riding too.  LOL 
  This is a mixture of given fabrics and bought ones.  The ones on the right hand side are what I got to go with the bright dolphin fabric.  Oh well, they will be used.
These are all the trimmed hst that I've been working on all summer.  The other color/color one should have been in the photo, but it was packed elsewhere at the time.  LOL  I still have a cake pan sized box to finish trimming.  There are lots of usable pieces here.  I'll just need to figure out a pattern to use and it will be fun, because they are already made.  I am making pincushions out of the smallest ones (1" unfinished).
these are the trimmings from all those trimmed hst.  LOL  I think it is enough for a pet bed.  DD better get busy with what she is working on.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wow, Tabitha has an idea for 2010.  I think I will try this out.  Of course, I'm not at home, so that makes things a bit interesting.  But, I can try and remember the things I've accomplished so far this year.  So, does a quilt finished count as one item???  I'm thinking that might be a start if it went out of the house.  All the thing I gave to scouts to get the year finished will help too.

My quilting day with JoMarie

JoMarie and her friends are wonderful to work around.  I had loads of fun quilting with them.

These are two of the store samples JoMarie made.  Aren't they fun? They are awesome in work and one didn't even have batik in it.  :)
I love this red, white and black quilt.

A fun sampler they were all working on. The label for this one was an amazing embroidery.

She was making pillowcases for a birthday party. Lots of them.
All those triangles.
She finished this one and I love stars.  The colors are not true in this photo.  It was more blue.
My bonus pieces from the yellow and lavender quilt.  I didn't bring along the other fabric to finish this one, so I'll wait until I get home.  This will become another one of the baby quilts for Wilford Hall's high risk pregnancy unit.

Jo's Club project

I forgot to show my next border on Jo's Club  I love the effect of turning the quarter square triangles.  They are so pretty.  The next border is flying geese.  I think this is the smallest quilt with so many pieces that I've ever done.

I finally finished the applique that was supposed to go in the center of the Jo's Club quilt.  I'm not a big fan of applique.   But, for my first true applique, I'm happy with it.  Now, I need to square it up and put the other borders around it.  I'll be waiting until I get home to do that part.

Moving on

Wow, if you are tired, you should NOT trim hst.  I almost cut myself.  Well, I did, but it was just a tap on the blade.  I immediately put away the rotary cutter.  Scared me.  I'm actually seeing progress while on vacation. 
This is where we were this past weekend.  Between travelling to and from places, we spent the night in a wonderful TLF (transient lodging facility) on Travis AFB.  I had a table at a good height and trimmed hst while I read e-mail. 
My trimmed 1.5" hst are almost out of their container.  So, I bought another container for 2.5" cut hst and will be adjusting their new homes.
Tomorrow I get to go quilting with JoMarie again!  YES!!!
I need to figure out what I'm going to work on.  I need to finish the borders for Randy's quilt.  The plan right now is to use the shirting from Marianne and the blues from my stash.  I should probably cut more of my blues.  I'd love to finish it here, but I'm not sure I'll be able to find a long arm to quilt it on.  If not, finishing the top will be an accomplishment.