Saturday, January 31, 2015

UFO Plan for February

So, I have two UFO numbers on stashbusters.
#64 is a Fall Quilt 
#2 is an alphabet quilt.
The Sampler Society is using up the leftovers from this bug jar quilt.
I don't have a photo of the pieces right now, and the background has to be something different.
A Lovely Year of Finishes will be my Christmas quilt from the Sampler Society.
I just started this one last year, so it is a new UFO.
I know this was a January UFO from stashbusters, but I really want to finish it and it is so close. 
This is my leader/ender UFO that is going to DH's hunting buddy's wife who is going through chemo.

That is a set of 6 planned quilts for February.
But, they are all easily finished.

What did I do in January?

In the past, I've been  one to just delete and update for the beginning of each month.
I'm going to try and just post it so I have a record.

Stockings (6)
Camouflage bags
Whimsical Garden Quilt
Whimsical Garden Quilt
Whimsical Garden Quilt
Whimsical Garden Quilt
Bug Jar Quilt
Postage Stamp Quilt
Butterfly needlepoint pillow
Walker bag

So those are my completions.
It's been a good month.
I'm close on a number of quilts, so maybe February will be extra special.

Slow day

My day started slow and never sped up.
But I did work on the table runner DD designed
I have 2/3 of the blocks embroidered.
It will go fast tomorrow.
I'm sewing the border together 
Have the borders to put sew together and put on.
I'll bind it in gold. 
Pineapple blossom gets worked on as a leader ender.
There will be more blocks before the borders are completed.
I think to make it larger, I'll make some 9 patches for the border.

UFO Challenge gift

So, anyone that follows my blog knows I am a joiner of UFO Challenges.
Karlene group Mom at Sampler Society Yahoo Group made this for the top winners.
I'm blessed and excited that I have a wall to hang it and can see it as I type.

It is so pretty.

350 Block Program

At Prairie Moon they are doing a 350 block challenge.  So far this month, I have 66 blocks made.  If i did a project that didn't have a certain number of blocks, I counted it as 1.

Friday, January 30, 2015

My progress last night

The center is together.
I'm cutting and sewing that outside border.
One more strip set and I'll have extra. 
While sewing the chicken quilt, I'm working on the pineapple blossom.
This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern over at Quiltville.
She has lots of wonderful patterns and great instructions.

DS had my desk and I was sewing, so I just now got to posting these.

I will have the top finished this month.
I don't know if I will have the quilting done this month or not.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stashbuster UFO numbers & Sampler Society

February numbers have been announced.
#2 & 64
That equates to ABC Quilt & Fall Quilt.
I need to find them in the UFO Cabinet
So, I open the UFO cabinet and this is what happened.
Only one item fell out. 
After I quickly found the two items.
They happened to be fairly close to the front, thank you!
I put the stuff back and this is how it looks.
My ABC Quilt is this pretty alphabet panel that I cut apart and never did anything with.
I don't have any green in the bag, but I think I would like to use both green and blue.
The Fall quilt is one that is just a jumble of blocks.
I think this was actually a quilt that was not put together very well and was donated to me.
Then, some of the blocks are swap blocks.
So, we will see if I can put them all together into a cohesive fall quilt.

If left to me, neither of these would be in my current to do list.

The Sampler Society UFO challenge gives us two months to work on it.
I finished one of the Bug jar quilts.
I still have bug fabric left.
I might not make it into another bug jar quilt, but I will use the bug fabrics for something.
I knew I had too many bug fabrics to make just one quilt.
I went ahead and did a random number generator to figure out when I'd be working on my 6 UFOs that I selected.
Check out the side bar to see when I do what.

organizing update

Well, this drawer is done.
I've put the things that should not have been here where they belong.
My stamps are in an envelope.
Maybe now I will find the 1 cent stamps I need them.
Check out Prairie Moon

A find

OK, I know why this is in my desk drawer.
It makes a noise -- bird call, something call?
We got it in the redwoods in CA a few years ago.
DD was small and she would make this noise all day long.
It disappeared from sight, and landed in my drawer.
I didn't remember it was there.  LOL
I wonder what she will do now that she is 15?

Prairie Moon Organization

Prairie Moon's organization for this week is Clean out one drawer.

Well, I have enough of them.  They probably most need cleaning out.  I did clean one out because of the pens and pencil challenge.  I did clean out the greeting card drawer because of the mess and not being able to close it.  My thread drawers are OK, and they get touched often.  I just cleaned out the stacking drawer set that holds the embroidery thread I use mostly.  So, which drawer do I tackle?

I think I'm going to continue to work around the desk area and see if I can gain some control over things here.  This drawer is not really a quilting related drawer, but it has all the necessary things in it, stamps, batteries, etc.  It is a mess, and if I can get it done and get my 2014 files out of the bottom drawer, I would have my file cabinet cleaned out top and inside.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Well, I have been doing things. 
I've just not been doing LOTS.  LOL
On the organizing this spot to my left, I've gone through things.
I reduced the trays from 3 to one.
It holds all that I need.
I did organize the bobbins in cute little containers I already had.
That white box to the left has embroidery threads in it.
I organized them and took all the loose bobbins and they are in a baggie inside the bottom drawer.
My pens, pencils are organized by type an sitting ready to use.
They seem like too much, but I like having them out and available.
I cleaned off the little drawers from all the extra papers and such.
It feels more calm with it all straightened out.
For my sewing, I've been working on this chicken quilt.
I have all the center pieces cut and ready to sew together.
The open spot is the block I'm working on now.
I think the checkerboard needs to have one more round for the border
I think I'll bind it in gold. 
I am using the pineapple blossom as the leader ender project.

Hope everyone is safe and enjoying the week.

Monday, January 26, 2015


So, I finished something with a deadline.
I need to quilt it for me, but for the testing purpose, I'm done.
I decided to work on the chicken quilt and see if I liked what I thought I'd do.
The eggs are small, so I put a checkerboard around them.
There will be a checkerboard as a border too.
The chicken blocks were 10 inches.
So, I added to them with gold. 
In the process, I did one more pineapple block.
I like both.

15 Minutes Spiff Up Week 3

Bonnie's assignment is:

Straighten up that fat quarter collection. 

Humm, this is one that doesn't really fit for me.  I don't really have a FQ collection.
I do have a few that I used on the book shelf to help the books stand up after I got rid of so many books.

So, what can I subsitute?  What if I organize the section to the left of my computer?
This has been bothering me, so now is the time to fix that problem.

Test quilt top done

I'm excited.
I finished the test quilt top.
Of course, I can't show you what it is, but this is the backing.
I found this fabric on the day I spent my Christmas gift card.
I'm redoing our family room in a western theme, so this is PERFECT.

Design Wall MOnday

So, I have one design wall, my curtains and an auxiliary design wall.
They all have something on them.
I'm also working on the testing quilt for TQPM that I can't show.
My auxiliary design wall has my Christmas sampler and other blocks on it.
I think I have the arrangement close to what I want.
Now I just need to figure out how it all goes together. 
I also have a family tree to figure out what to do with.
My curtains have my pineapple blossom that is a leader ender project.
I have my long term bonus hst project.
I have leftover blocks that are waiting. 
My real design wall has my chicken quilt.
Sorry abut the shadow this morning.
I'm going to use the red chicken wire and the COW to make checkerboard around the eggs.
None of these would take a long time, but band is taking over this week.
I doubt I get many of them done this week.
Time will tell.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Great weekend

I'm ready to put the testing quilt together.  It won't be long and I'll be able to send in my report and get back to my chicken quilt.
As I press, I've been pressing open bonus hst.  Next will be to trim them to size.
I've also been playing with the chicken quilt idea.
I think I found fabric that is close to the background fabric on my eggs.  That will make it look better.
I think I'll be using the red chicken wire for the checkerboard around the eggs.
I'm excited to get to that one.

Stash Report Week 4

Used this Week:                         1.41 yards
Used year to Date:                  180.82 yards
Used this Month:                    180.82 yards
Added this Week:                           4.50 yards
Added Year to Date:                       4.50 yards
Goal:                                         200 yards
Yards to goal:                          19.18 yards
Net for 2015:                           180.82 yards 

check out the other posts on Judy's site.

I didn't get lots done. 
I'm waiting on backing for some and some are taking longer than expected.

A couple of other fun facts are:

Prairie Moon is doing a 350 blocks challenge this year:
Number of equivalent blocks:               66

Perimeter in inches                           1706
Number of UFOs finished this year:       13

I enjoy keeping track of things to make me aware that I'm getting things done.
Thanks for everyone's encouragement and challenges.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Testing pattern

OK, so I can't show you the testing pattern I'm working on.
It is paper piecing and it always takes me longer to get into how to make my brain work.
I think I have it about half done and I am finally feeling I know what to do.  LOL
Can't wait until I can show you this pattern.
I LOVE it!

I've been working on the bonus squares of the pineapple blossom when I'm pressing between steps.
I think I have an idea for how to add a little extra to that quilt.  It will not be large, so I'd like to make it a little larger.

I keep changing what I'm doing with the chicken quilt.  I need to have this finished by the end of the month, which is the end of the week.

walker bag

Hoping to get Mom to use her walker more, we decided to make some walker bags
I did this one for February and need to find more for other holidays.

I've been working on a test quilt and can't show any photos, so the blog is lacking.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Praire Moon organization Challenge

So, off I went looking at the pens and pencils in my desk area.
I have some of the "holders" my Dad used.
They are still sentimental.
I found a Kleenex in the bottom of one full of ink.
Good idea.  LOL
I replaced it. 
took pens and pencils and poured them into a basket.
Oops too many of them. 
Poured them into a bigger box and found another box full. 
I tested them all and tossed all that did not work.
 Sorted by type.
I think I might have more somewhere.
I'll have to look to see during the week.
The mess here will also need to be figured out.
I'd like to take all the "stuff" off and see what to do with it.
I've given away all the un-sharpened pencils.
There are lots in my gift closet too.
We used to give pencils for all the holidays.
My drawer is organized and I know what is in there now.

I so like this challenge and so need it.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prairie Moon Organization

OK, it's Thursday, so we have another organization task from Prairie Moon. 

Organize your marking pens and pencils

Oh my, that is going to take some time and ability to go look at everything.

I just looked in my desk drawer and on the desk top.
This is what I see.
I know I other stashes of pens and pencils.
I'll show the after once I figure it all out.
I really love pens and should probably reduce the clutter or organize better.
I've not even looked at the applique pencils.
Good thing to make sure they work and can be used.

Butterfly Needlepoint

This was done maybe 20 years ago?
I was into butterflies and needlework.
DD saw it in the UFO cabinet when she was helping me and wanted a pillow.
I think the pillow form is a bit too big.
Might go get a smaller one.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Goal Status

I thought I'd take a moment and get myself on track for my goals this year.  In order to do that, I need to evaluate how I've done so far.

1. I would like to fling the things I don't want anymore. 
I have gone through my book shelf and donated 2/3 of the books to the library.  They are in the library, so no going back now.  The books I kept I really wanted to keep.
I've gone through fabric that was less loved than other fabric and it is donated.  It is our of my house, so it is really gone.
I have started going through clothing, including doing it with DD's closet, and we have donated 3 trash bags of clothing this year.
We cleaned out the top shelf that holds all the water bottles and containers.  We sent half of them to the donation box.
Overall, I think we have taken a great step to decluttering our home.

2. I want to treat myself and my family better.
I'm exercising more, I'm working at balancing the areas of my life.  I'm working at not getting worked up as quickly.  We are having more family time.  I would like this to improve, but have taken some positive steps.

3. I would like to use/give away a net of 200 yards of fabric this year. 
I know I'm going to make this goal, maybe in the first 2 months of the year.  I gave so much away that this is an easy goal to meet.  I'm sure I will need to revise it to 300 yards.

4. I want to finish 50 UFOs this year.
January finishes are at 12 for now, with a week to go.
I plan to keep track on how many each month.

5. I want to learn how to digitize using Embird
I've not done anything on this but buy a cheap set of lessons.  I'm hoping that will help me get started.

6. I want to be able to see out of the window by long Arm
I have one box that won't be going back up there.  This is a long term goal, maybe more than one year.

I would say I've been fairly on task so far this month.  I plan to keep going to see how I'm doing each month.

Binding done

The binding is on.
I need to stitch out the label and attach it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bug Jar quilt is quilted

It is quilted.
I was trying to determine what I wanted to bind it in.
I didn't like the brown binding.
I thought of bug fabric, and that would use some of the UFO up.
I could use scrappy binding.
I could use blue binding.
Haven't decided yet. 
I hope to bind it tomorrow or in the evenings while watching TV with DH.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Batting Challenge

So, I'm inspired to take more action in my studio.
My challenge to myself is to organize and use more of my batting pieces.
This mess is behind my cutting table.
It is larger sizes of batting.
I can't throw it away.
I do piece it for smaller quilts.
It was overflowing and pushing the top of the table.
I've made progress.  Wish I had a before photo. 
The bins on the left are filled with smaller pieces of batting
This is what I used in Randy's draft filler socks.
It needs to have some projects done with it.
I'm just not sure what they are.
If the pieces are 5" wide, I do make coasters out of them.
It's all a process.
There is a window behind those cases.
My goal will be to figure out how to use up things to be able to see out of the window.
I don't know that it will happen this year, but it is a goal.

My Whimsical Garden Pillow #4

The last block from My Whimsical Garden is used in a pillow.
The colors are purple more than this shiny bluish color.
That completes UFO #8 on the special drawing from my Stashbuster Yahoo group.

Now to find that backing for the bug quilt.

My Whimsical Garden pillow #3

I really like this one.
It's bright and cheery.
Too bad I don't have a place for it in my home.

Design Wall Monday

So, I am looking for bug fabric for the back of this baby quilt.

I couldn't sleep last night, so I finished the applique on the pillow tops.
I need to just finish the quilting on the pillows.
I need to sew the back of the pillows to the front and be done.

Hoping tomorrow will have a totally different piece on the design wall.

I think I am going to do the chicken blocks for the stashbuster challenge.
I can't seem to find the other piece in the UFO cabinet without taking it all out.
the purpose is to finish UFOs, so I don't think the item really matters.

Check out the other design walls at Judy's site.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bug Jar stop finished

So, I did the embroidery this morning and sewed the top together.
I might have liked wider borders, but I didn't have any more of my background (wall ) fabric.
So, a 2.5" border was all I could do.
I now need to find a backing and get it quilted.
Maybe that will be done tomorrow.
Oh, DD said there was too much space on the bottom row.
We decided those lady bugs needed to be out of the jar.
I think I will do some type of swirl quilting.

I'm excited

I embroidered this little piece to put into the quilt.
Thank you, Vicki for digitizing this.
I WILL learn to digitize this year!  I am gonna do it!
Now, after Girl Scouts, I can finish this top.


So, I have a table runner to make for a TQPM pattern I'm testing.
The print is for the backing.
I think I'm leaning towards a "Western" theme with only browns for the top.
I thought I had a brown rope fabric, but might have used it up.
Maybe I'll look for that on Tuesday when I go shopping with my Christmas gift certificate.