Friday, January 9, 2015

Studio Organization Week 2

Prairie Moon Organization task for week two is

Work on organizing your magazines or books

I think she picked one I really need to do.
I've been wanting to tackle my bookshelf that is above my desk.
It has become hard to add anything to it.
I don't know why I keep all those binders at the top.
I don't think I've touched them since we moved in.
It is time to go through them and see if anyone else would love them.
I honestly think the only way to do this task is to do it at one time.
I was going quilting tomorrow, but the weather is nasty and I don't think it will happen.
So, maybe Saturday is the day to tackle this job.


Shelly said...

Well, even tho it looks as if you can't add another thing to it, it still looks fairly neat! I'll be glad if I can at least get my books standing upright in the shelves like yours! Good luck! That's a huge bookcase.

Farm Quilter said...

At least your shelves aren't bowed under the weight of the books!!! I need to tackle this too.