Saturday, January 3, 2015

After a morning of cleaning

So, I have another 10 lbs of fabric, or 30 yards of fabric ready to go to Tammy.

So this started out as just pull the bins with the extra fabric and put in a bag for Tammy.
What it ended up being was cleaning up the front side under the long arm.
To the far right are the fabrics on bolts.
I've made a list of them so I remember they are there.
The big long covered items are the battings -- one for Tammy and one for me.
The next bin is the dog bed fillers.
I really want to find something else to use them for or make more dog beds.
But, all my dog bed material is now out of here.
The far left in the black and clear drawer is the muslin.
On top of it in the blue bin is my doll collection & some long arm projects.

I found a Clifford pillow that I'll finish up.
I need to make a batting cover for the lumpy inside.

I also found a challenge that Lorena gave me on quilting a feather.
I think I will try it later this week.

Overall, I never thought I'd get this far in the cleaning under there.
It is dusted and things are covered to keep the lint off them.
I'm happy happy happy.

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