Saturday, January 17, 2015

15 Minute challenge

If you look at the Institches red link to the right, you will go to Bonnie's blog.  Her challenge this week is to Tackle your cutting space.  I did this a few weeks ago, but don't know how it gets to be such a mess.  Maybe I've been cutting on it?  I won't have to take it all apart to get those dust bunnies, but I do need to clean it up some.


i had bug jar fabrics to work with that are now with the other bug fabric.
I had extra rulers and rotary cutters that are in their homes.
I had trash that needed taken out.
I had pieces of paper with the measurements for the Bug Jar Quilt blocks.
I dusted the back side of the area.

I Left out the black fabric I'm using for the My Whimsical Garden pillows.
I only have one rotary cutter out.
My rulers are put away.
I found the ornament that I need to make a small bag for.
My white bag is there still to hold the small cut off pieces that go into dog beds.

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Bonnie said...

Yea for the clean up. It looks like it was pretty easy. Mine cutting table was such a disaster. Luckily, it looks wonderful now! Thanks for posting the button. I was tickled to figure out how to make one! Next week should be a fairly easy one since I've been gone most of the week!