Friday, August 31, 2007

QWL returned

I played with a postcard, but didn't finish it.
I did get a QWL returned from the lady doing the binding. I didn't have one ready for her. Guess I need to make sure to get at least one finished this weekend so I have it for her next week. It is nice to have some help on the bindings. I've not been doing much this week. Maybe it is just getting back into the swing of things and doctors appointments. I do hope to quilt more this weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

DD quilt top done

Well, I did finish doing the final border on the UFO for DD. Not done much sewing with it being the first week of school and having doctors appointments.
But, now I need to finish quilting a QWL and a QOV before I start on the round robin.
I really need to do some piecing too.
How do I get all these things going?????

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday DD

Happy 8th Birthday to DD today. Here is the hug given to "brother" for his present. He's not too sure about how hard she is hugging. LOL
Quilting was on hold. Did load a QWL, but didn't do any quilting.
Karate was fun with the birthday spankings.
Tomorrow is the birthday party.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

LIttle sewing

Today was a day to run around. DD had a dentist appointment and then we had to eat. I still had this horrendous headache that made using a rotary cutter not a good idea. So, I napped.

I did get the binding sewn on a QOV that I will start working on tomorrow.

I have the batting for the QWL cut and things ready to load on the long arm. I think this is goign to be a quick meander to get it done and the quilt ready to bind. I think I can get 2-3 more in the box before sending it on. I need to do that soon.

I did get 2 of the 5 shelves of fabric loaded tonight. So, I am making progress.

Tomorrow is DD's birthday, so I doubt I'll get much done in the sewing arena.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, did I get any quilting done today? Nope, not anything. I did get to make a birthday crown for DD. You know, she is turning 8 on Friday and NEEDED a crown. LOL

So, she picked out the fabric and I had to make a crown for the birthday girl to wear.

Here she is. LOL wearing her crown.

Here is the soon to be birthday girl with her flowers from Miss Kim. DD is ready for her Karate lesson and wants to carry her flowers with her everywhere she goes. LOL

Thanks, Miss Kim.

Her she is as a glittered up girl ready to go to dinner. She came out of the bathroom all glittery. It wouldn't come off -- only in the shower and we were hungry. LOL

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

QOV quilted

I finished quilting the Baptist Fan on a QOV.
Not perfect, but better than the first time I used the templates. :)
I know what I need to do. I just don't like the idea of having to stop at almost every point to make sure it lines up.
Makes me wonder if using the rulers would be easier???

Monday, August 20, 2007

UFO on hold

UFO is on hold because of a day at Splashtown. Oh my, I like roller coasters, but I think I'm too old for this. LOL There was only 1 that I'd not do again, because it got my back. Most were on tubes and it was fun. DD and I both liked the one in the dark the best. LOL

I came home and to do something quilty, I tried the Baptist Fans again. I am getting better, but boy it is taking me lots of time to do it. I have to stop at one point to make sure it will line up right. :( So, this is NOT a quick pattern.

I'm about half way done on a QOV, so maybe I can get that done tomorrow. We are home tomorrow because DH has a dentist appointment.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

one more step

Didn't work on the UFO all that much today because it was a family day.

I did get the pieces sewn together, after DD decided which ones went where. LOL

As I was getting ready to sew it to the center, I found I was 8 inches off. How did I do that? What didn't I measure right???? So, I ended up using the leftover from the 9 patches and cut them 4.5" and sewing to top and bottom of the sides. Looks OK.

I do believe I need to add more to the top and bottom. I'm trying to determine if I just want to do little 9 patches, or if I want to do piano keys or what.
I want it to be large enough that it is easy for DD (8 years old on Friday) to make the bed.
So, decisions, decisions.
Might not get back to it until Tuesday because tomorrow is supposed to be Splashtown -- if it doesn't rain.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The UFO work continues

Well, I had hoped to get this all done today, but it wasn't a great day for me. I do have all the blocks made. Had to piece some of the background of the flowers, but it is OK. Decided to use only one heart pattern and one flower pattern, so it wasn't so bad.
Had a headache all day, so I'm hoping I haven't made a bit mistake somewhere.
DD picked out all the thread for the flowers.
Yep, the yellow heart and yellow flower are her favorites. LOL
Maybe I can get it together tomorrow sometime.

Friday, August 17, 2007

working on the UFO

I've been embroidering hearts on pink fabric. The fabric was picked out by DD and I decided on a filigree heart to use. I'm doing all the 10 hearts (2 to go) the same pattern, but all different colors. I like them all except for the yellow. It doesn't stand out well. That will probably be her favorite. LOL

Next up will be flowers. That will be a challenge, but the blocks are 9", so that leaves some space to work. I need 8 flowers.

The final set of blocks will be 9 patches of purple and pink fabrics. That should go quickly. I'm having some thread issues. Well, actually the thread getting caught on the spool issues, so I can't go far from the machine.

I'm hoping to finish the hearts tonight.

100% of the fabric I'm using is stash fabric. I've been placing all the fabric I had that was used in this quilt, so I'm excited to get more fabric used.

Also finished the binding on a QWL and will be getting it ready for the mail.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

UFO progress

I thought I'd share the progress on my daughter's round robin. This was started long ago and worked on by some talented folks. Then, Renee did the butterfly and heart embroider on the large white areas at an internet retreat in Lancaster, PA in 2006 (?). It has been sitting since.
Next was when I decided that I needed to finish this. DD decides she wants it for a quilt for her bed. Oh my, that means I need to add to it. Since it was a round robin, I had to continue on that thought.
First, I added lime green to border it and add a few easy inches.
Next I needed something more interesting. So, I started embroidering (with my new Innovis 4000D) butterflies on white. Now to put it together. She picked out butterfly fabric to use as spacers.
Don't look too close to the second photo because the butterflies are upside down. Oh my, frog stitching time here.
I got the two butterfly borders on top and bottom. Except for a final frame when the sides are done, this will fit her bed length.
Next will be the sides. I need 18 inches on both sides for the drop. DD wants it on pink background and have flowers and hearts embroidered on the blocks.
My current idea is to use pink and purple 9-inch 9-patches and offset them with designs on pink that have flowers and hearts on them. Now to see if I have enough flowers and hearts to use.
Until next time.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This is the BOM I created directions for and then I left the group. Long sad story, so not getting into it here. LOL

Anyway, I decided I wanted to use the leftovers from the snowballs on the blocks to add to the quilt. So, I used Bonnie Hunter's leader/ender process and made pinwheels out of them. I had the right number to do the center cornerstones. The other ones were not the same size, so I decided to put them on point with the white, since the white was the background fabric. When I did that, I had enough to use them as cornerstones for the outside. Decided it needed a different color. Wish I'd changed and red in the center and blue on the outside, but ..... next time. LOL

Now, I'm going to get it quilted and send to Qatar to a friend that is there.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Well, I noticed that I didn't come here to post as much as I should. My quilting has mostly been lots of machine quilting for the Quilts with Love group for deployed soldiers.
I'm doing 2 of the QOVs a month, and have the 30 QWLs to finish up.
Mysteries seem to be my focus for new projects. Had 3 going at once. This is QOV mystery. I'll be donating this to the QOV group.