Sunday, August 19, 2007

one more step

Didn't work on the UFO all that much today because it was a family day.

I did get the pieces sewn together, after DD decided which ones went where. LOL

As I was getting ready to sew it to the center, I found I was 8 inches off. How did I do that? What didn't I measure right???? So, I ended up using the leftover from the 9 patches and cut them 4.5" and sewing to top and bottom of the sides. Looks OK.

I do believe I need to add more to the top and bottom. I'm trying to determine if I just want to do little 9 patches, or if I want to do piano keys or what.
I want it to be large enough that it is easy for DD (8 years old on Friday) to make the bed.
So, decisions, decisions.
Might not get back to it until Tuesday because tomorrow is supposed to be Splashtown -- if it doesn't rain.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Just put a simple border on it. DD will be able to make it easily as the row robin part is centered on the bed...good job.