Thursday, August 16, 2007

UFO progress

I thought I'd share the progress on my daughter's round robin. This was started long ago and worked on by some talented folks. Then, Renee did the butterfly and heart embroider on the large white areas at an internet retreat in Lancaster, PA in 2006 (?). It has been sitting since.
Next was when I decided that I needed to finish this. DD decides she wants it for a quilt for her bed. Oh my, that means I need to add to it. Since it was a round robin, I had to continue on that thought.
First, I added lime green to border it and add a few easy inches.
Next I needed something more interesting. So, I started embroidering (with my new Innovis 4000D) butterflies on white. Now to put it together. She picked out butterfly fabric to use as spacers.
Don't look too close to the second photo because the butterflies are upside down. Oh my, frog stitching time here.
I got the two butterfly borders on top and bottom. Except for a final frame when the sides are done, this will fit her bed length.
Next will be the sides. I need 18 inches on both sides for the drop. DD wants it on pink background and have flowers and hearts embroidered on the blocks.
My current idea is to use pink and purple 9-inch 9-patches and offset them with designs on pink that have flowers and hearts on them. Now to see if I have enough flowers and hearts to use.
Until next time.....

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