Friday, August 17, 2007

working on the UFO

I've been embroidering hearts on pink fabric. The fabric was picked out by DD and I decided on a filigree heart to use. I'm doing all the 10 hearts (2 to go) the same pattern, but all different colors. I like them all except for the yellow. It doesn't stand out well. That will probably be her favorite. LOL

Next up will be flowers. That will be a challenge, but the blocks are 9", so that leaves some space to work. I need 8 flowers.

The final set of blocks will be 9 patches of purple and pink fabrics. That should go quickly. I'm having some thread issues. Well, actually the thread getting caught on the spool issues, so I can't go far from the machine.

I'm hoping to finish the hearts tonight.

100% of the fabric I'm using is stash fabric. I've been placing all the fabric I had that was used in this quilt, so I'm excited to get more fabric used.

Also finished the binding on a QWL and will be getting it ready for the mail.

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