Thursday, January 29, 2015

Prairie Moon Organization

Prairie Moon's organization for this week is Clean out one drawer.

Well, I have enough of them.  They probably most need cleaning out.  I did clean one out because of the pens and pencil challenge.  I did clean out the greeting card drawer because of the mess and not being able to close it.  My thread drawers are OK, and they get touched often.  I just cleaned out the stacking drawer set that holds the embroidery thread I use mostly.  So, which drawer do I tackle?

I think I'm going to continue to work around the desk area and see if I can gain some control over things here.  This drawer is not really a quilting related drawer, but it has all the necessary things in it, stamps, batteries, etc.  It is a mess, and if I can get it done and get my 2014 files out of the bottom drawer, I would have my file cabinet cleaned out top and inside.


Shelly said...

That drawer looks oh-so-familiar! I have so many more than just one to get organized.

Anonymous said...

At my house, that would be a neat drawer. LOL