Friday, January 23, 2015

Praire Moon organization Challenge

So, off I went looking at the pens and pencils in my desk area.
I have some of the "holders" my Dad used.
They are still sentimental.
I found a Kleenex in the bottom of one full of ink.
Good idea.  LOL
I replaced it. 
took pens and pencils and poured them into a basket.
Oops too many of them. 
Poured them into a bigger box and found another box full. 
I tested them all and tossed all that did not work.
 Sorted by type.
I think I might have more somewhere.
I'll have to look to see during the week.
The mess here will also need to be figured out.
I'd like to take all the "stuff" off and see what to do with it.
I've given away all the un-sharpened pencils.
There are lots in my gift closet too.
We used to give pencils for all the holidays.
My drawer is organized and I know what is in there now.

I so like this challenge and so need it.

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