Thursday, January 15, 2015

Prairie Moon Challenge

The new challenge at Prairie Moon is change your rotary cutter blade or replace the needle in the sewing machine.
Great idea. I’m never sure why I wait so long on the rotary blades, but I do. 
I didn't replace it, but I went ahead and sharpened it. 
I bought a True-cut sharpener and it works as long as there isn't a chip in the blade.
It cuts much better now.
I also took the second challenge and changed my needle in my main sewing machine. 
I’m really good at changing the long arm needle after most projects (unless they are really small quilts without much quilting on them), but the sewing machine has to yell at me to get me to change the needle.
Last week's challenge was to go through the book shelf. 
 I started mine.  
I did not get through all the magazines, but if you look in the top shelf on the left side, I am ready to put the magazines in that I want.  
My daughter says it looks creepy because there aren't any books on it. LOL
I passed the beginner books on to a new quilter.
I took the remainder to the library.
I don't belong to a guild, so I thought that was the next best thing.

The week before was to find your oldest UFO and I decided to organize my UFOs.
They are all in the cabinet under the window seat, which is always piled with stuff.
I appreciate these challenges.
It has me doing other things too.
I went through a drawer that has stationary and cards in it.
I found a thank you note to my DS (32 years old) the year my DD (15 years old) was born.
So, I have cleaned out that drawer with all the cards and stationary.
I don't have a before photo.
You couldn't even get in the drawer.  LOL
I would like to organize the cards better, but that is another day.
I kept out the Valentines cards.

Organizing is catching!

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Shelly said...

It is contagious to other areas! Thank goodness!