Monday, January 26, 2015

Design Wall MOnday

So, I have one design wall, my curtains and an auxiliary design wall.
They all have something on them.
I'm also working on the testing quilt for TQPM that I can't show.
My auxiliary design wall has my Christmas sampler and other blocks on it.
I think I have the arrangement close to what I want.
Now I just need to figure out how it all goes together. 
I also have a family tree to figure out what to do with.
My curtains have my pineapple blossom that is a leader ender project.
I have my long term bonus hst project.
I have leftover blocks that are waiting. 
My real design wall has my chicken quilt.
Sorry abut the shadow this morning.
I'm going to use the red chicken wire and the COW to make checkerboard around the eggs.
None of these would take a long time, but band is taking over this week.
I doubt I get many of them done this week.
Time will tell.


Ramona said...

Love your curtain design wall! :D We quilters will use anything, won't we?? Your blocks look great.

Kaja said...

Three good looking projects :-)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed looking around a few of your posts. I think I've been here a few times, but not for quite a while. I just clicked over when I saw your comment on Shelley's blog.