Monday, January 5, 2015

Bug Jars

So yesterday, the quilt looked like this.
DD got to moving jars around and this is what it looks like now.
I don't guarantee that she won'r rearrange the jars again.
I'm debating with myself on how many jars should be in the quilt.
I don't like the ones where they are all the same size and lined up in rows.
So, I have a feeling there will be some blue space between these jars.
If I have enough material, maybe I'll do another row.
I don't have a pattern for this, especially since the two patterns I did have made strange jars.
I have created my own jar and a design of shelves of my own.
I do have lots more bug fabrics.
I know this is going to be at least two quilts, but I don't have much of this background.

I did more cleaning today than expected because our washer was giving us an error message.
But, I did put away some fabrics.
I did play around with a design for my super hero quilt.

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