Friday, December 9, 2016


I was thinking about 2017.

I do want to still work on my UFOs.

I'm getting a little burned out by only working on the UFOs and just minor new starts.

So far, I know I'll join in on:
1. Stashbusters UFO Challenge
2. Sampler Society 1 New, 1 Done Challenge
(I will be getting this baby clothing UFO finished in 2017 and we will all be working on the 2017 Sampler Society Sampler project)
3. OMG (if they are continuing it)
(This one allows me to move forward on any project I wish)

I don't know that I'll join as many things as I did in 2016.
I loved the process, but find that at times I am not able to keep up.
On the other hand, DD will be in college and I'll not have all her activities, so who knows what is going to happen with me.

I was wondering if anyone that actually reads my blog would be interested in doing a challenge to make a quilt out of one of your books you have on hand. 
I was thinking making it a 2 month challenge - pick a project and have 2 months to at least get it to the flimsy stage.
What are your thoughts on that?


Judy Gautier said...

I'm up for your challenge! Will it have to be a book, or can it be a single pattern?

Meloney said...

I think it could also be a single pattern. I just want to use some of these wonderful books/patterns.